Joaynna Daleb

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Joaynna Daleb
Full name Joaynna al'Jay Daleb
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Melabrid Daleb
Bondmate(s) Melabrid Daleb
Nationality The Two Rivers (Deven Ride)

Joaynna al'Jay Daleb (born Joaynna al'Jay) is a Manetheren Blue Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Joaynna stands 5'5" tall. She is slim and has long, light brown hair that falls to the middle of her back. She has a light complexion and sparkling, deep blue eyes. She always has a smile for everyone.


Joaynna al'Jay was born in the Two Rivers, in Deven Ride, on a farm where she lived until she came to the Grey Tower. When she was nine years old, her sister, who was seventeen at the time, was taken away by a visiting Aes Sedai to be trained at the White Tower. Joaynna's mother was very bitter about losing her oldest daughter, and disliked all Aes Sedai as a result.

When Joaynna was fifteen, she began to get fevers and faint seemingly for no reason just as her sister had. Her mother refused to believe that her second daughter could also channel. However, the fevers and bouts of fainting got progressively worse with time. One time,when the village wisdom couldn't help Joaynna, a strange woman requested to see her. Her mother consented although the woman was a stranger because she was desperate and frightened for her daughter's life. Joaynna's mother didn't realize it until later, but the woman was an Aes Sedai. She healed Joaynna, and a few days later, when she was completely well again, the Aes Sedai told her that she was able to channel and needed to be taken to be trained at once. Her mother was absolutely adamant about not letting her go, but she had little choice as Joaynna would die if she remained in Deven Ride.

That night, Joaynna and the Aes Sedai left for the Grey Tower.

When they reached the marketplace outside of the magnificent Grey Tower, the Aes Sedai introduced Joaynna to a newly-raised Aes Sedai, a tall woman with emerald eyes, dark hair, and a bright smile named Kahlan. The other Aes Sedai disappeared into the Tower, leaving Joaynna staring in awe at the building before her, and Kahlan to show her around.

Kahlan introduced Joaynna to many of her friends at the Grey Tower. Before long, the farmgirl from the Two Rivers felt welcome and comfortable in her new surroundings. She and Kahlan spent more and more time together, and Kahlan helped her through the toughest times of her training. It wasn’t long before they were best friends, each calling the other her adopted sister.

Joaynna also hadn’t been at the Tower long before she met Melabrid Daleb. He had arrived only a few days before her to train to be an Asha’man. A chance meeting sparked a friendship, a promising, and soon a romance. They were an unlikely match: she the daughter of a farmer, he a Tairen lord. Yet it wasn’t long before they realized they were in love. They were bonded as soon as they were fully raised, and are now happily married.

When the Grey Tower fell, Joaynna and Melabrid stayed to rebuild. Among those who left were Kahlan and her Warder, Kobol, another dear friend of both of them. The partings were painful, but necessary. Joaynna started once again as the Head of the Blue Ajah at the new Grey Tower with her husband, the M'Hael, by her side and her memories of her friends in her heart. More recently, Joaynna has been raised to the Amyrlin Seat.

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai
  • Amyrlin Seat