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Created by Leala (player)
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Indigo Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Aiel
OP Strength 7.8
Affinities Fire, Earth, Spirit, Air, Water

Jhanic is an Aiel Indigo Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


At his core, Jhanic wants to serve a purpose to the people around him, whether that's through protection or some other means, therefore, he is always searching for some way in which he can be helpful to anyone. This has helped him and driven him forward through his life. It helped him through his training in the Grey Tower, away from his home. It was also useful during his time when he returned to the Three-Fold Land, training other men to channel. He is always willing to learn something new, and perhaps to try to improve on it as well. He is still entrenched in the ways of the Aiel, but he understands that his purpose exends within and also beyond them. He has a knack for noticing details that others may miss, and relishes in examining new things from different angles.

Taller than most men west of the Dragon Wall at 6'4", and with a jagged scar on the right side of his face, he cuts an intimidating figure at first glance. The scar is old and puckered, starting from his right temple, tracing his jaw line, and ending before his chin. He has deep-set blue eyes, and dark red hair. Though sometimes occasions call for the formal black of the Asha'man, he is almost always seen in his cadin'sor. He wears the sword and dragon pin, along with the cord that denotes his Ajah, especially when he is in Hama Valon. He understands that others may still see Aiel as a threat, so he is sure to see that his rank is known. Although he can channel, and has been for years, he still carries his spears and buckler at all times.


Jhanic was born into the Serai sept of the Tomanelle clan of the Aiel in the Three-Fold Land. His upbringing was a rather normal one, for an Aiel child. He began to show interest in the spear as he grew up, watching in wonder as warriors returned from fighting Sight-Blinder or protecting their clan from those that had blood oaths against the Tomanelle. He was rather quiet for a child and seemed to stay out of trouble more than a child his age usually would. The adults started to take notice, however, when he first ran into trouble with a friend of his. The two of them began to fight, and the squabble ended with his friend, Rhen on the ground with a black eye and a bloody nose. The other boy explained that Jhanic had downed him rather quickly, without much time for him to react. Jhanic explained that Rhen had hit him rather hard with a stick, and that he had only reacted to a threat, rather than play along out of instinct.

Jhanic and Rhen stayed friends as they grew up, Rhen exaggerating the fight over the years. While most of it wasn't true by the time they turned sixteen, what did remain true was that Jhanic had likely thought his attack out, but didn't step back enough to realize that it was his friend who had hit him. When the time came for them to choose a society to join, Jhanic knew exactly which one would gain his membership. He joined the Thunder Walkers. While he knew they were a good fit, Rhen wasn't quite sure. He ended up joining the Thunder Walkers shortly after his friend. Jhanic and Rhen functioned well as spear brothers, just as they had near brothers in their youth. As they settled into the ranks, Jhanic took notice that Rhen seemed to follow his lead more often than not, so he took up for his friend and helped him when needed, but in a way that would not bring toh to his friend. This normally held up well, except for the fight in which he received his most prominent scar, fighting off a Shaido spear who had tried to ambush Rhen. After the fight, his face was covered in blood, and the Wise Ones admonished him for not covering the wound fast enough.

For ten years, the two continued this way, until they crossed the Spine of the World into the wetlands. There were rumors of the Car'a'carn and the world in turmoil. At one point, their clan bumped into a group of wetlander men in black coats who took an interest in Jhanic's spears. One of them very blatantly picked it up and announced that it had been touched by the One Power. He asked Jhanic who had done it to his spears, calling the process "Aligning the Matrix", but he had no answers. He explained that he took very good care of his spears, washed them and sharpened them often, especially when he needed to calm his mind and concentrate on problems. This made the black-coated men pause. They looked at each other, then mumbled at each other for a moment or two. Jhanic and Rhen traded glances as they spoke. Turning back to Jhanic, they began walking him through how to seize Saidin, how to use the Voice, but it did not work unless he was alone and with his spears. The men determined that Jhanic could channel, and that he needed to be trained, especially since he seemed to have a block against distractions. They were very careful to mention just how lucky he had been to be channeling after the taint had been cleansed from Saidin, and offered to take him with them to the Grey Tower.

Before he answered, Jhanic studied his spear. He did feel different when he was washing it sometimes. As he was wrestling problems, it seemed like he was wrestling and controlling something other than his mind, but still something within his soul. Even though the taint had been cleansed, he was unaware of any men in the Aiel that channeled. These men seemed to know what they were talking about as well. He then looked to Rhen. After so long as spear brothers, they communicated rather fine without words. His friend was giving him his blessing to leave.

Jhanic bid farewell to his clan, ignoring any protests which were quickly shot down at the revelation that he could channel. The Asha'man took him through a gateway to the Grey Tower that they explained was a place where men and women learned how to use the One Power in harmony and cooperation. As they elaborated the purpose and function of the Tower and the Ajahs, Jhanic knew that this had been the right decision.

His time as a soldier of the Grey Tower was frustrating at first, as he adjusted to life in the wetlands. His contemporaries had to adjust to him as well, but he did his best to adhere to rules and learn as much as he could. He made friends where he could, including someone from a culture as isolated as his, a young man from the Atha'an Miere. When he became a Dedicated, he retrieved his spears from the Asha'man who had brought him to the Tower and began to work with them again, this time knowing what he was doing. When the time came for him to become an Asha'man, he chose the Indigo Ajah and began studying the One Power even deeper. He became the Master of Soldiers and oversaw young men go through the training that he had. After a new administration was instated, he returned to his studies, and was contacted by the Wise Ones in his clan.

Jhanic spent years teaching young Aielmen how to channel, the first of which was the son of Rhen, his near brother. Now, instead of going off to fight Sightblinder in the Blight, men came to them for training. His first student asked the Wise Ones to take him on as an apprentice, and they relented, sending him into Rhuidean to pass through the rings. For Jhanic, they sent him off to the glass columns. His time in the Three-Fold Land was ending, and he would need all the knowledge of his people when he went back. He passed through the glass columns and came back with a dragon on his arm, ready for the next phase of his life. Rhen's son returned and became an apprentice to the Wise Ones. With this task done, he returned to the Grey Tower, promising to contact his clan again.

Career History

  • Soldier (28 January 2016)
  • Dedicated (23 April 2016)
  • Asha'man of the Indigo Ajah (13 June 2016)
  • Master of Soldiers (28 June 2016)