Jerid Walker

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Jerid Walker
Created by Jack
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Indigo Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
  • Angel
  • Beric
  • Cade Walker
Nationality Andoran
Weapon Skills
  • Dagger ✦✦✦
  • Polearm ✦
OP Strength 7.9
Affinities Spirit, Fire, Water, Earth, Air

Jerid Walker is an Andoran Indigo Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Jerid is like most Andorans, slender and tall, standing at 5'9," with a moderate, if slightly tanned complexion. Chestnut hair that falls to the nape of his neck, forest green eyes with gold flecks. Youthful appearance, around his early or mid thirties, he is fairly striking in appearance. A few faded scars crisscross his chest and back, all of them healed with time from old battles. For the most part he is hard to read, his face mostly devoid of emotion, though there are times when a spark of mischief sparks in his eye. Is either dressed in Dedicated black, or more earthen toned colors when away from the Tower. He walks gracefully and silently, and with purpose.

Jerid is much unchanged from when he left. He is still a slender man at just under six feet, very much an Andoran in heritage. His skin is tanned from the decade that he has been gone, the experience of years of traveling the Westlands.

His gold-green eyes are hard, the gold flecks in his forest green eyes like embers ready to spark. His brown hair is only dotted by a few grey hairs. He looks like a man barely into his thirties, his face almost untouched by an Asha'man's ageless look.

The most distinguished traits aside from Jerid's eyes and somber look are two missing fingertips on his left hand. A fingertip from his ring finger and a part of his pinky are missing from rescue mission for a Green Sitter.


Jerid has always considered himself an orphan even if both his folk are still alive and in Ebou Dar or Tear or the Light knows where at. He ran away at five years old when it became clear they wanted him to become just like them, merchants, so he decided to take off on his own. Jerid lost them in the city of Caemlyn when they passed through from their home in Whitebrook, a town on the northern border of Andor. He considers it to be the best and worst thing to happen in his life.

Living on the streets with only a few marks and the clothes on your back is hard, even if it is Caemlyn. Yet Jerid was always told he had quick hands and even quicker feet, and he had the gift an ideal memory and good hearing, so it helped in his career as a thief. Not that it was always so easy; in first years he barely made enough to survive. When Jerid was seven he had the misfortune of picking the wrong purse and soon found himself in the grasps of an even better footpad, Tomas al'Dor. Jerid had either two choices, be turned over to the law or take the offer and become his apprentice.

He took the latter and hasn't looked back since.

Years later Jerid would reflect on his choice and see it as a blessing. By ten, Tomas would be dead and gone, leaving him with nothing but the tools of his trade and a set of daggers. By then Jerid had come to be compenent for his age, and his balance on the roof tops was exellent. By that age that he decided to leave Caemlyn, many people with a lighter purse than before. He always did want to see the world.

As Wheel turns, so does the life of a thief.

At the age of nineteen he would have been nine years in the city of Ebou Dar, living on the streets and picking pockets. By that time he had come to use a narrow bladed Ebou Dari longsword to some skill, but preferred his knives more than any other weapon. Jerid's skill improved as the years passed, though he hides much of his past as well. There is a part that he doesn't reflect on, and perhaps was responsible for dimming the mischievous part of his soul. That is perhaps the reason he wears the ring on his finger.

It was at the age of nineteen that Jerid came to realize he was different from others. It was in his last year in the city that he discovered his gift, or more to the point his curse as he considered it. A few days before someone he had been close to was kidnapped by a rival. The thief took it upon himself to exact her on one night, when he thought himself prepared. Slipping into the home of this man one night, Jerid thought to slit his throat and rescue his dear one but found a surprise in his target waiting for him, and slit his dear's throat before firing a crossbow.

It was at that moment the spark fanned and Jerid touched the True Soruce.

As the crossbow bolt came flying towards Jerid, he inadvertently channeled a flow of Fire and formed a bolt of fire to come from his direction, just as he dodged the bolt. The fire hit his target and the man was dead before he could grasp what had happened. Anger had Jerid by that time, and he was unaware of what was happening. All he knew was that a few sparks of fire caught the tapestries on the wall aflame and he was running. Come morning the building was nothing more than a blackened husk and no survivors to account for. None knew what had happened save Jerid, and not even he was completely sure.

It was at that point that Jerid was given directions to head to one place where he might find sanctuary: the Grey Tower. Ever since that point, Jerid has considered it a curse, something he can't live without but loathes very much. It was six months later that he found his way to the Grey Tower, seeking sanctuary. Perhaps even peace he will never truly know.

The years since arriving at the Tower changed Jerid greatly. Years of marriage, rearing children, family and friends and the loss of a son have tempered him greatly. While he is still a Dedicated, his path is leading him closer to reaching the cord that he has long denied himself despite his refusal to admit it.

Returning from a long absence from the Tower, Jerid is more reserved and cautious. While the spark of mischief and adventure still dwell in his blood, Jerid has learned from experience to think before acting.

Despite his stubborn attitude and gruff demeanor, however, he is loyal and open to those close to him, and surprises people in a sudden change of attitude and the fact that he has a sense of humor, however dry or dark it might be at times.

For Jerid, the return to duty means one thing: A sense of purpose.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man of the Indigo Ajah (21 April 2008)
  • Master of Soldiers (19 July 2008)
  • Keeper of the Archives (18 December 2009)
  • Sitter of the Indigo Ajah (29 September 2012)
  • First Seeker of the Indigo Ajah