Jasin Amell

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Jasin Amell
Jasin Amell
Created by Elan
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Jaren Marle
Nationality Altaran

Jasin Amell is an Altaran Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


You can take a man out of the Rahad, but taking the Rahad out of a man might take more than even a channeller’s lifetime, and Jasin is definitely no channeller. He may have learnt to read and he may be able to afford to feed himself properly and wear nice clothes; he may have gained a skim of sophistication over his years in the Grey Tower, but anyone who shares his background can immediately tell where he comes from.

He’s of average height, lithe, built for speed and dexterity more than raw power. He wears his long, dark brown hair tied back if there’s any possibility of having to fight, which means most of the time. His eyes are a warm shade of dark brown and always alert and on the lookout for anything that might be a threat.

He’s generally friendly until given cause not to be, and if he doesn’t trust easily, it’s nothing personal against anybody, it’s just the way he learnt to survive. He has few close friends, even in the Warder Yards, though he makes a point of getting along with others and not antagonising anybody unnecessarily. But towards those that he considers his friends, he is loyal and devoted almost to a fault.


Orphaned at a young age, Jasin doesn’t remember much of his parents. Instead, it was his older sister Jenna who raised him and his little sister Julietta. Jenna tried to raise them ‘right’, but in the Rahad it’s difficult not to turn to crime to get food on the table, and Jasin became an accomplished pickpocket while still a young child.

An unfortunate growth spurt in his early teens made that more difficult, though; he never grew exceptionally tall, but even average height left him at a disadvantage and the smaller Julietta was soon better at the task. So it was that Jasin had to look to other ways of contributing to the little family’s survival. He learnt to fight, with daggers and a sword he’d stolen off a drunken lordling along with his other valuables, and he became reasonably good at it.

At the age of fifteen, some twist of fate led him to rescue what he took to be a lone girl from a gang of ruffians. As it turned out, Esme was a girl alright, but she was hardly alone; he’d walked straight into a trap with Esme as the bait. Since he’d ruined the operation, the gang’s leader said, he now owed them and he was more or less forced to join them until such a time as they considered the debt paid. His skill with the sword made him the one person in the gang who could, with a change of clothes, conceivably impersonate a nobleman, and so he became the bait for their next operation.

The ‘drunken nobleman lost in the Rahad’ act turned out a success, but it was only so many times they could pull it off before word spread and his face became too widely known. Taking the act out of the Rahad was Esme’s idea: Jasin would go to a tavern and find a suitably inebriated mark and pick a fight, and when they’d come out for a duel, the others would join in and relieve the mark of his valuables. It worked twice; on the third time, the mark easily dispatched Jasin’s friends and was about to finish Jasin himself off when somebody intervened.

It turned out that the mark he’d picked was a Gaidin of the Grey Tower; his Aes Sedai had been nearby investigating rumours of a Wilder posing as an Aes Sedai, but she’d been alerted by the fight. She made her Warder spare Jasin’s life so that they could question him, and when they found out how young he was, they offered him the choice to come to the Grey Tower to train and do something useful with his life instead of getting himself killed trying to con the wrong people again. It was not exactly an offer he could refuse, especially after the Aes Sedai promised to see that his sisters could be relocated to Hama Valon as well.

Though Jasin learnt weapon skills quickly, due to his youth and background it took a couple of years as a Drin before he was raised to Ji’val. During that time he met and befriended a Soldier named Jaren Marle; though Jaren was much older, the two became close, and when Jasin earned his fancloth cloak, he declined all other offers to bond until Jaren had gained his Dragon pin and could bond a Warder.

Career History

  • Drin (11 June 2018, off-camera)
  • Ji'val (11 June 2018, off-camera)
  • Gaidin (11 June 2018)