Isabel Trimak

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Isabel Trimak
Isabel Trimak
Iza-belle try-mack
Created by Dan
Full name Isabel Merille Trimak
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Hama Valoner
Weapon Skills
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Throwing Dagger ✦
OP Strength 8.0
Affinities Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Isabel Merille Trimak was a Hama Valoner White Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Isabel is 5'8, and of slim build. She is failry muscular in a sleek way, and has nearly no bulk. She has scars on her stomach from an attempt on her life. She has shoulder length, platinum blond hair, and resembles her grandmother, Serrah Trimak Sedai's mother greatly. She also has the steel grey eyes of her late father, Riven Trimak.


Once upon a time, I was a young girl by the name of Isabel Merille Trimak, daughter of Serrah and Riven Trimak, and sister of Matrim Trimak. But people change with the seasons, and the years. I am not that girl any longer. It all started on a dark day many years ago, a day prophesized by a Foreteller who's voice was never heard.

I remember my parents spending much time in the office when I was about ten years old. Leaving me in the delicate hands of a woman named Rhiana, along with my twin brother Matrim. , Rhiana was a kind woman. Our caretaker and teacher, wise and loving, she watched over us during many long nights as our parents did their duties demanded by their positions. Cradled us durning dark frightening nights plagued by nightmares, and made us smile during many long rainy days. I miss her nearly as much as I miss my mother, and brother.

One day, my parents sent Matrim and I, along with Rhiana and a student of my mothers. Caien I believe her name was. Sent us far away to the Towers Borderland Citadel, along with a few guards. In fear of something dangerous to the Grey Tower. But the danger was not the possible events that may or may not have happened upon my old home, but a danger much closer to us.

The guards were Shadow sworn. Dark minded men, with sinister intent meant for the innocent in their care. I remember very little of that night, when they struck for their dark master. I remember one of the men falling, forever to lay in the dirt, soon after they took me. I remember the fear the other man felt from not getting my brother along with me. Fear that drove us many miles south until both his mind, then body collapsed from exhaustion. It was fear that drove the man to barely bind my wrists. It was fear that made them both fail to find the blade within the sleeve of my dress. It was fear that drove him to a foolish slumber, and fear that guided my hands to my blade, and to the back of his neck. As one of my uncles once told me, in a discussion nearly forgotten, to sever a man's spine is to ruin him in life completely. I never knew though, that it would kill him, and stain my innocent soul forever.

I did not know where to run, where to hide, so I followed the direction of the sun's birth. Surviving on leaves and berries, and water from shallow streams, I survived for a few days as I ran. Until one day I ran into a boy. I looked so dirty, so lonely, yet he looked into my eyes, and smiled. That one smile made me cry, not in sadness, but in knowledge that there was hope for me yet.

I remember taking a step back, and falling down in a dirty pile of leaves. Staining my dress further, ruining it. And also getting my long hair sticky with mud and leaves, making me look more humble then I have ever been. The boy though walked over to me, offered me his hand, and asked "May I help you, my lady?"

I may have been really young, yet I knew I felt love for this boy. It was the kind of deep, passionate love that is destined for a very lucky few in life. And from the look in his eyes, he saw through the dirt and grime to something that spoke to his soul.

He lead me to his home, smiling shyly, and stealing hidden glances when he though I was not looking. I told him in truth all that has happened within the last week, leaving out nothing. Accepting it all, and showing a bright understanding for one so young, he led me to a large house, surrounded by many plentiful fields of corn. He led me to the foyer of the house itself, and led me to his personal caretaker, who helped me get cleaned and dressed in a spare dress left by my charming hero's elder sister after she married and left.

Once cleaned, and dressed, the caretaker led me downstairs back to the foyer, where my young hero was speaking to the Lord of the house, his father. Pleading with him, but never backing down and begging. Watching them for several minutes, my love for the youth grew, for he showed a strength I have never seen before, a passion for the right and good.

In the end, he had his father agree to take me in, as his son's assistant, if I was willing. He had told him only enough to satisfy the elder man's curiosity, which made me feel relieved that I could at least remain hidden from potential danger until I could reach one of my uncles, or parents.

I agreed to help, for room and board, and for the chance to remain at the boy's side for many years.

After several years of learning, growing, and becoming a lady, my hero proposed to me. On the sixth anniversary of our meeting, in the same season we both turned sixteen years of age. I said yes, and became a lady in a merchant's house. Enjoying a full year of bliss, prosperity, and peace. On our first anniversary, I became pregnant with child. A child who would become third in line for the high seat of a successful merchant's house, who had also earned the honor of becoming a noble house in Andor. That is, would have been third in line if not for a rival, jealous house.

On a dark, stormy night, we were attacked. They quietly snuck through the corn fields and quietly killed off one guard after another, who had grown soft due to peace full times in the area. The Dragon sworn may have been running amok through some countries, and Cairhien may have had some problems again with the Aiel, but our land had remained safe for years until that night.

Luckily for me, my husband and his mother, we were spared from the initial assault. While they stormed upstairs to the family's rooms, we were in the basement playing and learning some very special music. One thing I had learned at a young age was this. My father was a very strong Asha'man, and my mother was a strong Aes Sedai. She was also a strong dreamer, what ever that meant.

My husband's mother had a special trick she had. From a young age she learned to play the harp, as I did. But as she grew older, she knew how to play music a special to make others feel what she wanted them to feel. What I realized after so long, learning in secret from her, along with her beloved son, my husband, beside me, is this. She is able to touch what they call the One Power while she plays this way. The same part of the creators gift my mother and all Aes Sedai are able to embrace. While we play, we feel the music within our souls, making us feel small, yet at peace. And while we pluck the strings on our harp, we can help others feel the same deep inner peace and happiness. There has even been a time where I heard her play close to two workers who were arguing. The song was sad, and mournful. They both began to cry and hug each other. Both thinking of lost loved ones.

We three could hear the commotion upstairs, so we stopped playing and hid in the storage room for wines and other special drinks. I will never know if it was due to the heavy steps of hired mercenaries, or the Creator's hand trying to help us, but a stone wall collapsed revealing a tunnel. Leading to what sounded like a small stream.

We hurriedly crawled through the tunnel, reaching to a small underground river like we had heard. Hearing shouts from behind we followed this river for a bit, before finding a safe way up far enough from the family grounds. Lucky for me, I was but a few months pregnant, and did not have an overly large belly.

Once we were under the night sky again, what we saw broke our hearts. Our home was beginning to burn, the winds carrying the crackle of burning wood, and screams of dieing people.

Knowing there was nothing we could do, and in thanks to my husbands calm mind, we ran towards a near by neighbor to warn them, and seek potential help. Lucky them, they were not home. Lucky us, they had horses sleeping in their stables.

We saddled them, left a few coins, and fled. We ran far to the west, to Jarra, in Ghealdan. Where a business partner, and close friend of the family resided, in hopes of finding shelter and some safety. But half way there, my husband's mother's horse broke a leg in the middle of the night.

Wanting her only remaining family to remain alive, she used her own special persuasion to send us off running, leaving her behind. Making us believe that she will meet us there. Sadly though, the weave had other plans.

A few days after leaving my husbands mother behind, the worse we could have ever imagined happened, we were caught resting in the woods during the day. We though we would really make it, until I saw the point of an arrow stick out from my beloveds stomach. They rushed out of the woods then, grabbing him and hitting him often. Breaking him bone by bone, while they made him watch then tear of all I was wearing, and... Hurting me.

After a while, when they were done playing, and making us suffer, they thrust a sword into my stomach, while my husband watched. I did not feel so much physical pain, as feel my soul tear apart. I remember seeing the world go dark, as they killed my husband. I remember his head rolling to my feet. I remember dieing.

I also remember opening my eyes, seeing the sun bring life to the world for one last moment before the night took over. I remember laying down on a cold table surrounded by strange men and women. There were bright candles all around, and a large scar on my nearly flat stomach. I screamed in rage and pain as I remembered my loss. Screamed while they coolly looked upon me, judging me. And in the end, accepting me.

It has been two years since then. Two years since that horrible loss. I wish to see my family, before I avenge my husband and child.

My body is a weapon, this I understand. Now to go home and make my gift one as well.

Career History

  • Novice (2008)
  • Accepted (6 June 2008)
  • Council of Youth (1 November 2008)
  • Aes Sedai of the White Ajah (28 November 2008)
  • Mistress of Education (12 December 2008)
  • Sitter of the White Ajah (3 March 2009)