Indigo Ajah

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The Indigo Ajah
IndigoAjahRibbon.png Talents and *'angreal IndigoAjahRibbon.png

The Indigo Ajah of the Grey Tower is devoted to the study of Talents and objects of the One Power. It was one of the seven founding Ajahs of the Grey Tower, replacing the Red Ajah from the White Tower, whose guiding philosophy did not fit the purpose of a Tower full of male channellers.


Indigos have been known to study everything from the expression of Talents, to rediscovering lost Talents, as well as finding new ones. The members of the Ajah also study and often create objects of the Power. The Indigo Ajah is responsible for maintaining the Grey Tower's Vaults, and studying various angreal and sa'angreal. Most Aes Sedai and Asha'man who study objects of the One Power are members of the Ajah.


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Tower Leadership

Indigos that have gone on to have major roles in the Grey Tower's leadership include: