Haxia do Catalan a'Coralle

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Haxia do Catalan a'Coralle
Haxia do Catalan a'Coralle
Created by Bridget
Portrayed by Holland Roden
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Murandian
OP Strength 4.0
Affinities Fire, Water/Earth, Spirit, Air

Haxia do Catalan a'Coralle is a Murandian Novice of the Grey Tower.



Haxia is precocious, but still no more than a selfish child. At only seventeen years of age, she is certain that she deserves the world. Haxia is of noble birth and wealth, and it shows in her inflated sense of self worth. Often Haxia thinks herself to be the victim, denied the love and affection that she believes she deserves from her family and friends. She is dramatic in her quest for love and acceptance, as she is in most things. On good days, Haxia is mild mannered and sweet, with a cutting sense of humor and a quick smile. She does her best to be positive and friendly, and more often chooses to negotiate than to fight. She is adaptable, and has adjusted to life at the Grey Tower better than she had expected to. However, Haxia is still young, and is prone to wild swings of emotion. She can shift from anger to tears in a moment, and is often ashamed of her emotional outbursts.

Of all the activities in the world, Haxia’s favorite thing to do is to win. She is competitive to the extreme, and has lost a not insignificant portion of her family’s wealth gambling with other young nobles. While cards are perhaps not her forte, Haxia is developing a savvy political mind, and is often able to gain the upper hand in political machinations when she keeps her wits and emotions in check. While Haxia has a quick mind and a good deal of intelligence where people are concerned when she is not blinded by her ego, she is not one for book learning. She loves the outdoors, and would rather be outside on horseback.

Haxia is loyal to a fault; willing to do almost anything for her family and friends. She would sacrifice herself without question for her father, and takes her duty to her family very seriously. It makes it that much worse that her family has, in her eyes, all but renounced her by sending her away to the Tower.


In contrast with her often mischievous and manipulative nature, Haxia looks sweet. Her red hair and hazel eyes are common for a Murandian, but are often enough for her to stand out in a crowd at the Grey Tower. Her face is oval, with a strong jawline and defined cheekbones. Her lips are plush, and often accentuated with pastes and powders, for Haxia has a deft hand with makeup.

She is a short woman and used to dressing to accentuate her figure and hide her height. Haxia, once dressed at the height of Murandian fashion, has no love for her new uniform, and cajoled another novice to make very necessary modifications as soon as she entered the Grey Tower. Haxia has a great love of her hair, and is always inventing new braids and buns in an effort to make the standards of dress at the Grey Tower a little more bearable.


Haxia was born a scion of the do Catalan a'Coralles, only a few deaths away from the Murandian throne. Her childhood as the second daughter of the family was a charmed one, for all that she was raised by a succession of nannies. She was never without a new dress or a new pony, and was always in the company of other children. Haxia spent much of her time in Lugard at the family home, and in the company of other noble children. But her summers were always spent in the countryside on the do Catalan a’Coralle lands, where she spent much of her time perched on a pony, trailing behind her older brother.

Her idyllic childhood shattered when her mother died giving birth to her third child. Haxia’s new brother survived, but the loss of her mother pushed her father away from the family and further into politics. Haxia, now a young girl, resented the lack of attention from her beloved papa. He still had time for her older brother, Cedric, to whom he was teaching to manage the family holdings and Murandian politics. But Haxia was given away to the hands of a governess, and returned to the family manor near Mindea only once more in her life.

Haxia quickly became more and more spoiled as she was pulled further into court life. Nothing would do but the most recent fashions, and she had no time for those outside the most wealthy and powerful of the nobility. She quickly became as adept at politics as a young girl could be, and soon realized that her new skills were perhaps a powerful way to capture her papa’s attention and love once more. At only fifteen years of age, she maneuvered her peers and created a passionate love affair between her brother and a wealthy daughter of another noble family. It was an advantageous match, and her papa praised Cedric to no end, but took no notice of her. It enraged her, for it was clear that her papa did not care enough to see her hand in carefully arranging the marriage.

It was enough to convince her to take more drastic action, and Haxia began to scheme to arrange an even better match for herself. For surely a marriage into a prominent family would impress her father. And Haxia did much better than she could have imagined; the nephew of the current king of Murandy. Rhys was older, handsome, and rich, and had been the target of many a scheming mama. But it was Haxia who won, with charm and skill. But her papa was not pleased, and sequestered her away in the family home soon after the engagement. He would give Haxia no reason, and she was left wondering what she had done wrong- had he planned a different marriage for her? Haxia had never been so angry in her life.

What was already a terrible visit was soon made worse by the dreams. Every night, she found herself in strange landscapes. Sometimes she wandered the family home in Lugard, her clothes flickering strangely all the while. And sometimes she found herself chased by monstrous creatures. Every night she woke up screaming and shaking, until she avoided sleep as much as she could.

And then the worst dream came. Trollocs came to the manor, and none of her hiding spots saved her. When she woke, it was with a wound seeping blood into the sheets. Her maids, already unnerved by her night terrors, were panicked, and dragged her papa out of bed. The next day, Haxia found herself on the road to the Grey Tower, to see if the Aes Sedai witches could remove her curse.

Career History

  • Novice (18 September 2015)