Haeden Ives

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Haeden Ives
Haeden Ives
Hay-dehn Eye-vse
Created by Bella
Portrayed by Aaron Taylor Johnson
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Liaran din Chelai Morning Star
Nationality Hama Valoner
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✧✧✧✧✧✧✧
  • Unarmed ✦✦

Haeden Ives is an Hama Valoner Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Haeden grew up to be the perfect blend of his parents, and having had to live under the two very large shadows they cast--even after death--it seemed only fitting that he did. His facial features very strongly favor his father, before the burns that brought him to be known as the Reaper of the Yards. But like all of her children, his eyes strongly favor his mother in shape but with the green of Caden Ives. When it becomes necessary that he afford a frightening look, his scowl is most assuredly from his father while the icier appearances are his mother’s. His blonde hair is kept long and generally tied back from his face.

Physically, he is tall and broad-shouldered, lean but muscular in the way of the Yards. He is a true child of the Tower and grew up with swords in his hand, wooden and then metal, and everything about him from his physique to his personality has been honed by them. He is most frequently somber in his temperament, but is capable of moments of warmth or laughter when the occasion calls for it. He relaxes most with the men and women of the Yard, though has yet to find many outside of his Gaidin and Gaidar comrades that can incite such feeling in him, aside from his still-living family. And some lightness has returned to him with the return to life of his mother.


Being the son of Miahala and Caden, Haeden Ives might be referenced as the child of the Tower's beauty and beast when inquiring about him. Yet its not only this that make people talk about him, since even from when he was in the womb, he has been involved in his parent's battle against the Dark One's minions. While Miahala Ives was captured by the Black Ajah and tortured, Haeden was there and served as the shadowsworn interrogator's leeway in order to make the Captain General talk. Yet Haeden's mother did not give in, even though the idea came to her that she might have to kill herself and her unborn in order to keep the Shadow from learning what she knew about the Light's measures against the Dark One's oppression.

Once Haeden was set upon this earth, it was not without great turmoil. Being too early, and his mother's uterus weakened after a life more than a century long, previous difficulties at the birth of Haeden's closest siblings and over-all weakened state remaining just months after her kidnapping and torture, she nearly perished in birth-bed if she had not been able to draw strength from her Warder-Husband--who arrived in the nick of time from a journey to the Blight. Haeden's father gave up his High Seat in the House of Ives in order to reach Miahala in time.

Yet even after this, Haeden's life did not have the blessing of remaining uneventful for long. By the age of three, he was taken from the Ives Apartments by Riven Trimak, who had turned from fighting the Shadow at every turn to joining its ranks. Trimak the Traitor worked for a White Ajah Asha'man newly returned to the Tower--one Lycos al'Seraphim Asha'man. The reason why Haeden was kidnapped was that this shadowsworn needed him both to make the Master of Arms and the Captain General abandon their roles during the oncoming White Cloak siege, which Lycos had orchestrated from the shadows. Not only this, but he would use Haeden as a component in a ritual that would restore through rebirth his body from a terminal illness that raked him.

Another component of this Ritual, namely Lysira 'Mouse' Viathene, was freed from Lycos' ritual chamber by Lucan din Nicander Riven Sail and was enabled to take the child from there in her flight. Mouse carried Haeden to his father, who had been bent on the search while his wife sacrificed her maternal emotions in order to stand against the White Cloaks.

The siege was lifted and Lycos al'Seraphim defeated. During the final battle, Caden Ives exacted justice for the kidnapping of their son by running Riven Trimak through with his blade in an act prophesied by the Amyrlin Seat. Prophecy did not show mercy that night, even less to Haeden's father, who still remembered the Traitor's smile.

The years to follow would be kinder to the child. He would grow up with a mother and father who loved him dearly and raised him to be strong and dedicated. He was fascinated by the Warder Yards, and wholly unaware that his parents were different than anyone else.

Everything changed when he was but eleven years old. His mother died, murdered, and his father could not live without the woman who had held him to this realm despite his long-ago desires to not be. Caden Ives rode into the Blight, and to his death, with his bride in his arms. Thus Haeden Ives was made an orphan, but no child of the Tower would ever truly be orphaned. His half-aunt, Sadira Sedai, took him in and raised him. She acted as mother and father, and together, they grieved and healed from the loss of their mother.

Few in the Tower did not care for the boy, who proved to follow his father more than his mother. Despite his growing rage over his father's abandonment and the death of his mother, he took up the sword and signed the Drin book. He fought his way forward, following in the path of a man he spent many years resenting.

It was not easy, but he was stubborn. He came to find the Yards his family and he grew hard, but skilled, among them. No one ever tempted him for a bond, so he became part of the fighting force that stayed in the Tower or attended unbonded channelers. He often aided his half-sister in her missions through out the world, and spent many hours helping to train later generations of Gaidin.

Yet now the life he was sure of has been turned on its ear once more. His mother, the legendary Miahala Sha'hal Sedai, has returned from the dead. Nothing, yet everything, has changed for him. Only the Light knows where life for Haeden will go next.


Career History

  • Drin (10 December 2015, off-camera)
  • Ji'val (10 December 2015, off-camera)
  • Gaidin (10 December 2015)