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List of Talents

Talent Descriptions

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Aligning the Matrix

The ability to make metals stronger. At the highest levels, the user can create Power-wrought weapons, which is a long, arduous process usually requiring multiple people (a blacksmith, his/her assistants, and a channeler)

Cloud Dancing

The ability to control and change the weather. A Talent that runs especially strong in the Atha'an Miere.


The ability to influence another person's mind and actions, ranging from a subtle nudge to total subjugation of the victim’s autonomy. Non-Black Ajah channelers are unlikely to be granted more than two points in this Talent.

Creating Ter'angreal

The ability to create ter'angreal.

Dark One's Own Luck



Earth Singing

Ability to control and manipulate the earth, such as forming dynamic shapes from boulders or causing earthquakes.



The ability to heal injuries and ailments of the body and mind.


The ability to change what people see or hear. This term covers many weaves- Mask of Mirrors, Mirror of Mists, invisibility, etc.

Listening to the Wind

Making Cuendillar

The ability to turn objects to Heartstone.

Pattern Reading


Aids the growth and health of plants.

Reading Residues

The ability to read and interpret the residue of old weaves. The greater the Talent, the longer the time span, and the greater the ability to duplicate even completely unknown weaves. Anyone can sense and interpret the residue of a weave they already know for a very short time after it was created.


The ability to cause internal injuries to the body and mind. Closely related to Healing. Must have points in Healing to obtain this Talent. Non-black Ajah characters are unlikely to be granted more than two points in this Talent.


The ability to view a distant location through a reflected surface. Glass mirrors are ideal but any reflected surface will work, though the image will be distorted. The channeler must have a degree of familiarity in order to Scry a location. The larger the location the more power required to Scry and the more difficult to maintain the image. Completely open locations are impossible for all but the most adept Scryers. Weaves cannot be tied off and images last only as long as the channeller holds them. Scrying is detectable by anyone in the area that is being Scryed - for non-channelers it is a slight feeling of being watched, for channelers it is the sense of the Power being used.


Stretching Shields

The ability to create shields that stretch indefinitely rather than break, no matter how strong the channeler being contained. Typically an ability of weak channelers.

Ter'angreal Affinity

The ability to identify ter'angreal, angreal, and sa'angreal, and to sense what a ter'angreal does and/or how to activate it


Travelling is the art of using the One Power to transport over vast distances in an instantaneous manner. This Talent was lost and forgotten since the Breaking until the Indigo Ajah of the Grey Tower rediscovered it. It remains a carefully guarded secret by the Grey Tower despite its near ubiquitous use. If you do not have Talent in Traveling, this is what you can do depending on your channeling strength: 1.5 = can create weave but it won’t open. 3 = Can open a one-person Gateway, but it’s exhausting 5 = Can open a normal Gateway / Skim 6+ = Can open larger Gateways, Skim with multiple people, create multiple smaller Gateways, and maintain or tie off Gateways.


A Ward is a weave that wraps around a given area that does a particular thing when triggered. They are usually used to protect a thing within the area - for instance, to keep out Shadowspawn, or to keep outsiders from hearing what is said within.