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This rules page is considered accurate as of the last vote in the Hall of Sitters on 23 December 2018.
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Any channeller can be taught any weave and (depending on strength) can even be reasonably successful with it, but some are born with the capability to use certain weaves far more proficiently and easily than others. These are Talents, and they are inborn gifts; no-one can be taught to this level of understanding. They are intrinsically gifted and simply need practice and study to refine their skills. Separately, there are also Talents that are rare and not channeller specific, such as Dreamwalking and Sniffing.

Earning a Talent

The first point in any Talent is the discovery of the raw skill, with subsequent points showing their honing and growing strength in it. In order to obtain or improve upon a Talent, a character must complete any of the following:

  • A fanfic
  • A roleplaying thread
  • A class

Talents are approved by the appropriate member of the Triumvirate. (Note: a member of the Triumvirate cannot approve themselves; a different Triumvirate must approve the Talent request). Each item must meet the minimum word count requirement for the point you are applying for.

Lastly, remember that Talents are permanent and meant to be special. Be sure that you want this Talent, or if perhaps your goals would be served just as well by a Weave Mastery or regular knowledge of the weave.

Talent Point Limits by Rank

  • Rank One: Four (4).
  • Rank Two: Eight (8).
  • Rank Three and above: No limit, but the appropriate member of the Triumvirate will consider current Talents against future requests.

Strength in Talents

  • 1 point (600 words): You have just discovered this Talent.
  • 2 points (800 words): You've begun to explore the practical application and theory of this Talent.
  • 3 points (1,100 words): You have a solid, conscious grasp of how to use your Talent.
  • 4 points (1,500 words): You proactively experiment with your Talent's uses to increase your understanding.
  • 5 points (2,000 words): There are few, if any, who match your practical and theoretical expertise with this Talent.