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Rules Monitor
This rules page is considered accurate as of the last vote in the Hall of Sitters on 23 December 2018.

Transfer Characters

A transfer character is a character that was created on a different Wheel of Time roleplaying site but has decided to move permanently to the Grey Tower.

When a character is transferred, they will maintain their previously established ranks (up to Aes Sedai, Asha'man, or Gaidin) but any titles, positions or other special considerations will be revoked. This includes Blademaster status as our requirements are quite different from other roleplaying societies.

In order for a character to be eligible for transfer, the site they are transferring from must be compatible with the Grey Tower world. This means the character must be able to conceivably travel from its prior location to the Grey Tower in-character. Furthermore, because we have non-canonical Ajahs, transfer characters are welcome to change Ajahs when they come to the Grey Tower.

Multiple Characters

Most players find that controlling one character is enough at the Grey Tower. However, after playing a character for a time, some players feel a need for something new to try in terms of roleplaying.

In order to be approved for multiple characters, a player must be in good standing in the community, must have shown good character development in existing characters, and must have maintained a steady level of activity with all existing characters. The final decision on such matters shall remain with the appropriate MoNSTer.

Retired Characters

If you have previously retired a character from the Grey Tower, you are welcome to bring them back from retirement, pending approval from the appropriate MoNSTer.

When a character returns from retirement, they retain their base rank, and generally also retain their recorded OP stats, Weapon Skills, Talents, and Masteries. However, since systems have changed, some Talents/Masteries may no longer exist, or have been shifted and will need to be changed. Also note that a character with an exceptionally high OP strength may need to re-justify the strength for approval by the current Triumvirate.

The Grey Tower has changed a lot over the years, both in-character and out-of-character. On rare occasions, some details about a character or character's history may not fit anymore. Admin will be happy to discuss this with you to find a way to make it work if possible. We appreciate your understanding as we work hard to keep the Grey Tower's storytelling environment the best it can be.


If you would like to write for a Wolfkin character, this is a decision that needs to be made at the time you create the character, and requires the approval of the relevant MoNSTer. This choice is permanent. It is not required that the character knows they are Wolfkin in-character at the start, but you as the writer must have made the decision out-of-character.

Otherwise, Wolfkin characters generally control their own destiny and development. However, if they wish to be able to access the Wolf Dream (Tel’aran’rhiod) they will need to increase their Dreamwalking capabilities (through Talents) the same as anyone else would.