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Rules Monitor
This rules page is considered accurate as of the last vote in the Hall of Sitters on 23 December 2018.

Each member will have an associated account name which they should use for all communications, public and private (e.g. forum account name, emails to Admin), with the Grey Tower.

The Grey Tower has a list of rules when it comes to account names:

  • We prefer real first names for these, however name-like pseudonyms are acceptable.
  • No numbers or decorative effects are allowed in names.
  • Titles or improper names like 'thedragonreborn' are not allowed.
  • Please use appropriate spelling and capitalisation (i.e. don't create an all lowercase name).

You may be asked to change your account name if it is deemed inappropriate, poorly-fitting with the theme of the Grey Tower, or could otherwise cause confusion (e.g. a character shares the same name as your account name).

Each member is only allowed one account name. Anyone found to be running multiple accounts, whether with malicious intent or otherwise, will be asked to remove all but one account at the very least. We retain the right to remove any player's account if they are found to be running multiple accounts, including their only remaining account.

You may not use major names from the Wheel of Time for your character name. House names (e.g. Damodred, Trakand) may be used. Also, if you create an inappropriate name, you will be asked to change it.