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Rules Monitor
This rules page is considered accurate as of the last vote in the Hall of Sitters on 23 December 2018.

The Grey Tower is owned by no one person.

The Female Channeller Representative, Male Channeller Representative, and Non-Channeller Representative are collectively called the Triumvirate and are the leaders of the site. These roles were called the Amyrlin Seat, M'Hael, and Master/Mistress of Arms in previous iterations of the Grey Tower. Other administrative positions include the Librarians, the MoNSTers, the Tamyrlin, and the Master/Mistress of Keys.

Explanation of Admin Roles

The Triumvirate are the community leaders and legal owners of the Grey Tower. There should always be three at the rank, one of each path (i.e. Aes Sedai and female channellers; Asha'man and male channellers; and Gaidin and non-channellers). In the event that no-one is interested or eligible for a vacant position, the remainder will make do only until someone else can be added, with a Librarian/Librarians temporarily assuming the vacant role(s).

The duties of the Triumvirate are:

  • To ensure the Grey Tower continues running smoothly on all levels
  • To respect the will of the Hall of Sitters, and by extension, the Grey Tower et al
  • To be responsible for, and the final voice on, matters of out-of-character discipline
  • To assist their fellow Triumvirate if one requires assistance or is on Shara
  • To be responsible for starting and closing topics in the Hall, as well as creating forms and tallying / announcing the vote results. Furthermore, they are expected to participate constructively in the discussions.
  • To oversee and run the award nominations and results
  • To keep in close contact with their fellow Triumvirate
  • To keep in close contact with the Librarians and MoNSTers

In addition:

  • The Male Channeller Representative must process One Power Strength and Affinity requests, Talent applications, and Mastery applications from all male channeller characters.
  • The Female Channeller Representative must process One Power Strength and Affinity requests, Talent applications, and Mastery application from all female channeller characters.
  • The Non-Channeller Representative must process Talent applications and Mastery applications from all non-channeller characters, as well as Weapon Skill applications from all characters.

If there is any ambiguity about which member of the Triumvirate should be administering a specific character, the Triumvirate are responsible for determining who should look after them in conjunction with the MoNSTers.

Librarians are in charge of Wiki (i.e. the Library) maintenance. This position is not bound to any particular path. In the event of issues with the Triumvirate, a Librarian will be asked to fill in for the one who is absent / cannot be consulted. There should never be fewer than one (1) or more than three (3) Librarians.

The duties of the Librarians are:

  • To add new characters to the wiki
  • To add submitted fanfics and roleplaying transcripts to the wiki (excepting raising tests)
  • To add submitted artwork to the wiki
  • To process submitted profile and biography changes, including awards
  • To update the wiki to reflect members' raisings
  • Ensure the Tower Roster reflects active membership
  • To represent the best interest of the Grey Tower in the Hall of Sitters
  • To fill in for the Triumvirate if one or all are absent

If there are multiple Librarians, they may agree amongst themselves to divide some of the above duties between themselves. So long as this is publicly stated, no-one should be called to task for failing to follow a duty they have ceded control or oversight over.

MoNSTers are named as a nod to site tradition. They are in charge of welcoming new characters, the mentor systems and raisings. This includes processing applications, assigning mentors, answering questions, and processing and grading raising apps, as well as making sure newcomers have the resources they need to achieve their roleplaying goals. There should never be fewer than two (2) MoNSTers.

The duties of the MoNSTers are:

  • To process new character applications within four days of receiving them
  • To process NPC and PSC applications
  • To facilitate roleplay opportunities for new characters
  • To read and approve raising tests for submission to the wiki
  • To be the first point of contact when newcomers have questions or concerns. You will also need to ensure that they have the resources and information they need to achieve their writing and raising goals.
  • To assist or step in, as necessary, with classes

If there are multiple MoNSTers, the duties divide based on number. If there are two, one will cover channellers and the others will cover non-channellers. If there are three, they will divide by female channelers, male channellers, and non-channellers.

Note: a person cannot be hold more than one of the aforementioned positions (Triumvirate; Librarian; MoNSTer).

Master/Mistress of Keys: This position only exists if the current Triumvirate lacks the ability to keep the Grey Tower's online presence running smoothly on a purely technical side. This title can be held concurrently with another admin role, or have no other admin role at all. Whoever holds this title will have complete access to the site, and is therefore appointed directly by the Triumvirate.

Tamyrlin: This position only exists if no-one in the current Triumvirate can afford to have their card on file with the Grey Tower's hosting company. The person who holds this position does not need admin forum access, but they do need to be consulted if legal issues come up. Whoever holds this title will have hosting access, and is therefore appointed directly by the Triumvirate.

Eligibility for Admin Roles

For the Triumvirate

  • Must have prior administrative experience within the Grey Tower.
  • Must have a full rank character in the path they'll be looking after, and this character must have been raised in the traditional way.
  • Must have maintained an active IC/OOC presence on the site for a minimum of six (6) months.
  • Must be in good standing with the current Triumvirate (see below).

For Librarian / MoNSTer

  • Must have at least one full rank character
  • Must have maintained an active IC/OOC presence on the site for a minimum of three (3) months.
  • Must be in good administrative standing with no current/persistent concerns about their presence on the site or their ability to cooperate with the existing team.
    • Example of problematic behaviour include: having been asked to step down in the past and made no effort to resolve the issue; is a notorious gossip; has habitually caused trouble in some way, etc.

Nomination Process

  • If eligible, a person can nominate themselves or be nominated when a position opens.
  • A person who has been nominated cannot then nominate the person who nominated them.
  • Seconding a nomination is no longer required, as it was in the past.
  • Nominations and voting timeframes will be four (4) days each, unless it seems necessary to extend.

Good Standing with the Triumvirate

The Triumvirate work in close proximity. As the site has evolved, we have found that constant and respectful communication is essential. While new/differing opinions are absolutely necessary and welcome to develop and grow, chronic conflict and/or distrust in the very top tier of the site has an extremely negative trickle-down effect on everyone else. We are not looking to create an old cronies society, but we do want to be sure that we will work well with whoever is joining our numbers, for the sake of the entire site.

In order to exercise the right to say "No" to a nominee, the Triumvirate must be able and willing to clearly outline why we are not comfortable working with them. This will be communicated privately to the nominee in question.

Any concerns about nominees should be sent to the Admin email address.

Admin Activity Requirements

  • It is expected that any member of the administration shall not disappear for more than fourteen (14) days without prior, public notice. Doing so will result in a warning.
  • It is expected that all members of the administration shall participate in votes in the Hall of Sitters, even if to Abstain. Missing two consecutive votes will result in a warning.
  • It is expected that all members of the administration will be consistently present and accountable in both their administrative duties as well as in an in-character/writing capacity. If either admin duties or roleplaying are noticeably or prohibitively light for more than one month, a warning shall be issued.
  • It is expected that all members of the administration be available to all members of the Grey Tower via reasonable means of communication, such as by email or private message, to answer questions, offer advice, or organise roleplaying, barring unforeseen emergencies, posted Shara, or by arrangement with the Triumvirate for special circumstances.
    • It is expected that replies to communications shall not take longer than seven days.
    • It is expected that replies to roleplaying threads should not take more than fourteen days.
    • It is further expected that you are clear about when and if you can participate in roleplaying and then make good on your promises, or that if you cannot, you assist in arrangements for someone else to do so.
  • It is expected that a member of the administration shall not take more than six weeks (cumulatively) of Shara over the course of the calendar year, excepting the winter holiday (December 1st to January 2nd). To do so will result in removal.
  • Three warnings within a year (365 days) will result in removal.

Members of the Grey Tower who are trying to contact or maintain a thread with a member of the administration and have not heard from said writer inside the aforementioned timeframes are asked to please make another member of the administration aware. There will be no repercussions upon the person bringing forward the issue and they shall remain anonymous. The Triumvirate will determine on a case-by-case basis if a warning is necessary.

Warnings shall be administered by the Triumvirate, unless the warning is to be administered to a member of the Triumvirate, then a Librarian shall consult with the other two members of the Triumvirate. If a warning is to be issued to the entire Triumvirate, all non-Triumvirate members of Admin shall administer judgement instead.