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Rules Monitor
This rules page is considered accurate as of the last vote in the Hall of Sitters on 23 December 2018.

In total, there are six ranks that a character may progress through. The first three ranks are as follows:

  1. Novices, Soldiers, Drin
  2. Accepted, Dedicated, Ji'val
  3. Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin

A character at a given rank will have that corresponding title (i.e. a female channeller at Rank Two would be an Accepted).

To be raised from one rank to the next, a character must complete the following:

  1. Complete five (5) items from the list below.
  2. Submit for approval.
  3. Receive approval from the relevant MoNSTer (Note: a MoNSTer cannot approve themselves; a different MoNSTer must approve the raising).

Restrictions and specifications on #1 above:

  • Warders-in-Training (i.e. Drin and Ji'val) must have two (2) battle-related items; channellers must have two (2) channelling-related items.
    • This could be earning Talent/Weapon Skill points, earning a channelling or battle-oriented Mastery, or just straight up channelling/fighting with nothing gained but character development.
  • Accepted / Dedicated must have at least one Ajah choice-related item.
  • Each box on the raising request form must have a link to a unique raising requirement (i.e. the same link cannot be used to fulfil more than one requirement).
  • At least one item must be an interactive roleplaying thread (i.e. not a fanfic or a class)
  • All items must be a minimum of 1,000 words / 200 words per post, and all roleplaying threads or classes must be completed.
  • One Power Strength and Affinities must be finalised before being raised to full rank.
  • Taken as a whole, these items should show development of your character's skills, growing maturity, and depth.

List of items:

  • Write a thread, class, or fanfiction where you earn Talent points.
  • Write a thread, class, or fanfiction where you earn Weapon Skill points.
  • Earn a Mastery
  • Write a general roleplaying thread
  • Write a fanfic
  • Participate in an MRP (Major Roleplay)
    • Clarification: every five (5) posts of 200 words or more counts as a fulfilled requirement.
  • Take a class (active or archived)
  • Write a new class
  • Teach a current class, with two (2) passing students
  • Other items, as agreed upon with your MoNSTer

Writing a raising test, such as the Three Arches, is now an optional requirement.

Exceptions to these rules may be approved by the MoNSTers at their discretion.

Character Titles

Beyond the first three ranks are an additional three, helpfully called Rank Four, Rank Five, and Rank Six. These are not attached to specific titles, but reaching these ranks open the door for that character to earn certain IC titles. Advancement beyond Rank Three is a simple continuation of the raising requirement system as listed above.

In order to be eligible to hold a title, a character must fulfill the following:

  • The character has had consistent IC activity in the three (3) months prior to starting their term in office.
  • They have at least obtained the rank required to hold the title in question
    • Rank Four is required to become a Gaidin Counsellor, a Sitter of the Hall, or a Head of Ajah.
    • Rank Five is required to become the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, Master/Mistress of Training, Keeper of the Archives, Keeper of the Chronicles, or Gaidin Captain.
    • Rank Six is required to become the Amyrlin Seat, the M'Hael, or the Master/Mistress of Arms.

This is intended to guarantee that a) the players who get these positions are dedicated to the Grey Tower community and b) their characters actually make sense in the position.

Notes on IC titles:

  • IC titles will rotate in six (6) month terms (this process is described below)
  • You may not hold more than one of the Rank Six titles (Amyrlin Seat, M'Hael, Master of Arms) concurrently
  • You may hold more than one IC title concurrently so long as no waitlist exists
  • IC titles may be revoked if the holder is absent from the site for four (4) weeks, regardless of reason.

A Note on In-Character MoNSTers

Be aware that these titles traditionally require roleplaying with newcomers, and therefore you must be able and willing to write in-character welcome threads and penances.

How to Get an IC Title

  • Email Admin with your interest in the position and your proof that you are eligible.
  • If there is a waitlist when the current holder's term is up:
    • The next person on the list will get the title if they are still interested.
  • If there isn't a waitlist when the current holder's term is up:
    • The current holder can keep the title if they so desire, or it can revert back to an NPC.
  • If there is currently an NPC in the role:
    • The new holder's term can start immediately.
  • If there is currently a player occupying the role, but they have other IC titles:
    • The new holder's term can begin immediately.

Waitlists shall be administered by a Librarian.