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The Grey Ajah
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The Grey Ajah of the Grey Tower is decdicated to politics and meditation. They favour harmony and concensus above all else, and are often conflict mediators or ambassadors. It was one of the seven founding Ajahs of the Grey Tower.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the Grey Ajah?
Welcome to the Grey Ajah. Here the Tower's mediators seek harmony, consensus and justice. Within the Tower we study law and custom but many of us are out working in the world, using the arts of negotiation, mediation and diplomacy to promote peace and mutually beneficial relationships between the nations. When the Last Battle comes, every land must be united to defeat the Shadow.
Why should I choose the Grey Ajah?
If you have a desire to create lasting peace. To cement relationships between peoples and nations, kings and commoners. If you seek peace above everything, harmony within everything, then the Grey is for you. Mediation and negotiation are our bread and butter, and no one is greater at it. Diplomacy opens doors that even the most powerful weaves cannot open. Not only to we weave the Power, but also weave words to achieve our goals. A house divided cannot stand and it is the the Grey Ajah that seals all together.


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Tower Leadership

Greys that have gone on to have major roles in the Grey Tower's leadership include:

  • Leanna Rothan, the 6th Amyrlin Seat; the 5th Keeper of the Chronicles; and the 3rd Mistress of Novices
  • Elyscia Mordel, the 11th Amyrlin Seat and the 15th Mistress of Novices
  • Kiryn Chaimere, the 8th M'Hael and the 10th Master of Soldiers