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The Green Ajah
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The Green Ajah of the Grey Tower is devoted to preparing for the Last Battle, and fighting the Shadow wherever it is presently wreaking havoc in the world.

Born amid the blood and fire of the Trolloc Wars of the Third Age, the Green Ajah stands forever prepared, awaiting Tarmon Gai'don: the Final Battle. Our purpose is to look to the future. Our present prepares for that by fighting the Shadow wherever it might be found. Our past is how we learn to do this and it is how we grow.

The Last Battle looms ever closer and we, the sworn members of the Green Ajah, stand ready to fight for the Light, for what we believe in, and for what we love. We fight the Shadow with our every breath, in every way possible, including in the support of our fellow Ajahs and our comrades-in-arms, those of the Warder Yards. Our abilities make us powerful, our loyalty and our devotion makes us strong. No matter what comes, we stand ready.

Gai. Keresai. Ji. Mael. In battle, for honor, find glory, keep hope...

Please find solace and safety among our Halls. Visit as you like, so long as you come in peace and walk with the Light.

The Green Ajah welcomes you.


The Greens are known as the "Battle Ajah" and they have earned that reputation. They aim to master the art of warfare by means of the One Power and battle weaves, to physical arms and non-channeling combat. The study of battle tactics on both the large and small scales are encouraged, as well as thorough knowledge of the Shadow, its history, and all of the spawn that a Green may encounter out in the world.


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Current Leadership

Mia Darrow, the Captain-General

The current Captain-General, Head of the Green Ajah, is Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow.

Tower Leadership

Greens that have gone on to have major roles in the Grey Tower's leadership include: