Gareth Tomosan

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Gareth Tomosan
Gareth Tomosan
gair-eth tow-mahs-sen
Created by Bella
Portrayed by David Wenham
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Riahana Tomosan
Bondmate(s) Riahana Tomosan
Nationality Unknown (raised in Saldaea)
Weapon Skills
  • Unarmed ✦✦
  • Warhammer ✦
OP Strength 7.1
Affinities Spirit, Water, Earth, Air, Fire

Gareth Tomosan is a Yellow Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower. He is married and bonded to Riahana Tomosan.



Gareth is well above average in height, standing 19 hands tall (6'4") and nearly two hundred and thirty-five pounds, broad through the shoulders and chest. His hair is a dark shade of blond and only tamable when fully contained, which it almost always is with a tie at the base of his neck. If not, no amount of effort keeps it from looking perpetually unkempt. His eyes are a terribly pale shade of grey. He's not quite handsome, but not quite ugly either. It's like the Creator put his features together in an attempt at handsome, but was off by just a little. His eyes are a little too shaded and far apart, his nose a little too long and looking like it's been broken one too many times and his lips a little too thin, with a brow and jaw just a little too strong for his features.


Most men of his size either use it to press others or are terribly self-conscious of it, but Gareth is neither. He has a placid demeanor that says, about all things, that what is, is and must be dealt with as they are. He tries to fix the things that need to be, but those things that aren't truly a problem he doesn't worry about. His nature is gentle and caring, which is why he's been drawn to healing others. Like many healers, he has no love of violence but he has nothing against its judicious use either. He believes that when you take care of someone you take care of them completely - treat their wounds, hear their woes and defend them, if necessary. His generally quiet outlook makes him a good listener and he's willing to use this on behalf of any who need it, but he doesn't mind taking his part of the conversation as well.


Gareth doesn't know where he was born. He doesn't know who his parents are or what name they gave him. He only knows what he was told during his youth, which is that he was found in a basket on the front path of a village blacksmith in Saldaea. The smith, whose name was Einion, had lost his wife in the recent year. They hadn't had any children and though he was tempted to give the child to someone else, something made Einion take the baby in and raise him as his own, though he didn't conceal the child's history from him as he grew.

As children go, Gareth was an easy one. He was quiet and contemplative even in his earliest years and showed a great care for those around him. If he saw someone sad, he tried to cheer them up. If he saw someone hurt, he tried to help. This was, at first, simply considered the innocence of youth, but the traits carried on through his adolescence and into the form of moving to the defense of those who could not so easily defend themselves, and for a boy of Gareth's quickly growing size, he was good at it without a lot of effort on his part.

When he was big enough, around twelve, Einion began to teach Gareth to follow in his path as a blacksmith. Gareth was good at it, but had no passion for it the way that his adopted father did. Gareth was far more frequently drawn to the village healer and was there whenever he had free time, helping her in any way he could. Einion thought, privately, that it was the lad looking for a mother figure, but it was far more than that. She fascinated the young Gareth and he was eager to learn the things she knew, though hesitant to ask. He didn't want it to get back to his adoptive father. Gareth had no wish to hurt the man in any way.

Tragedy struck when Gareth was nineteen. While visiting a farm on the outer edge of the village to shoe the farmer's riding horses, an accident at the smithy with the bellows and embers lit the building on fire. Gareth would come back in time to see the end stages and help the village folk throw buckets of water on to it to put it out. He would never find out precisely what had happened or why Einion had not been able to get out. Gareth only knew that he hadn't, because the majority of the body had been found.

Einion was dead. The smithy was destroyed. Gareth had nowhere to go, until the healer took pity on him and took him in. He was grateful to her, but something was brewing inside of him that he had never felt before: the need to move. As implacable as an anvil, Gareth had always been content to stay where he was. Now, though, his ties to this place were gone and he felt an over-whelming urge to just leave.

One evening found Gareth in the village inn. His money was limited, only what the healer gave him for the help he offered, so he'd been nursing his one mug of ale for the whole evening, but it was enough for him. Gareth was not the carousing sort, after all, but he hoped to escape for a time. While sitting in the common room, he heard men talking of a traveler. This man was Saldaean, but had come all the way from the Mountains of Mist and it was said he would be returning there.

Gareth was seized by the thought. He finished the last of his drink quickly and found the men who were talking. He asked them where this traveler could be found and with a man of Gareth's size looming over them, they quickly told him. As it turned out, the man was in that common room that very night. He was sitting at a table across the room with a mug of ale and a bowl of stew half-forgotten, a book open on the table. Gareth went over to him and asked him if he was the man passing through the village he'd heard about.

The man said he was and Gareth offered himself for any task the man might need. Plain spoken, Gareth didn't bother to hide the fact that he needed to get out and was willing to go just about anywhere. The man in turn introduced himself as Zakuri Shahan. There was an absent air about him, but his smile was kind. He said he might have use for Gareth, but that the young man might not like it. Gareth wasn't sure what he meant, but followed Zakuri to another room where the traveler created a flame.

Gareth was shocked to realize that he was staring at a male Channeler. He'd never met any sort of One Power wielder, but he had heard about them, rumor and scattered bits of knowledge that tended to float through small towns. He was momentarily over-whelmed. It passed quickly when Zakuri smiled and gave a vague comment that Gareth 'could be taught' and then the Channeler asked Gareth if he'd ever heard of the Grey Tower, and if his 'go anywhere' might be open to lead him there.

Come morning, Gareth had packed his few belongings and was traveling the road with Zakuri Asha'man, on his way to this place called the Grey Tower to learn to be what Zakuri was. Gareth was willing to try almost anything and when Zakuri spoke of the Yellow Ajah and what their mission was, the young former blacksmith knew he was heading where he was meant to. He only hoped that Einion, where ever the Pattern had taken him, was proud of his adopted son and the path he was choosing.


Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated (2 August 2008)
  • Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah (7 September 2008)