Fiona Trakand

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Fiona Trakand
Fiona Trakand
Fee-oh-nah Trah-kahnd
Created by Sunny
Portrayed by Holliday Grainger
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Nationality Andoran
Weapon Skills
  • Bow ✦✦✦
OP Strength 4.0
Affinities Air, Water, Spirit, Earth, Fire

Fiona Trakand is an Andoran Green Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Fiona does not at first glance appear to fit the mold of someone seeking the title of Gaidar.

She is noticeably short and slight, with delicate features and slender wrists. She has a feminine air about her that even dirt and hard labor cannot erase, which she takes care to maintain despite the rough lifestyle of the Practice Yards. She carefully arranges her golden curls each morning, uses small amounts of powders and paints to accentuate her high cheek bones, blue eyes, and delicate lips, and her quick work with a needle ensures even the drab gray uniform of the learning ranks always fits her to perfection. When given the freedom to dress as she chooses, she typically dresses in Andoran fashion, with tasteful jewelry accents and skirts divided for riding.

Despite the care she takes with her appearance each morning, Fiona is not afraid to get messy in order to do what needs doing. Her small frame has the muscles necessary to string and loose a Two Rivers longbow, and her hands are callused from practice. Additionally, prolonged work with herbs, poultices, and other remedies has stained her fingers and arms.

She is quick-witted, impulsive, and stubborn to a fault. She is also quite naïve, having grown up sheltered from many of the horrors of the world by the protective arm of House Trakand. Her positive and truly caring view of the world and everyone in it tempers and accentuates these traits. She would not hesitate to climb a tree to rescue a small animal, nor pause a moment before stepping between a bully and his victim. Her innocent curiosity and dislike of injustice lead to cheeky questions, perhaps even impudence, when she asserts her opinions.


Fiona is the oldest daughter of Lady Madene and Lord Loran of House Trakand. She was born eighteen summers before her arrival at the Grey Tower, in one of the Trakand family estates some miles west of Whitebridge. Her governess, Synthia, taught her reading, writing, dancing, sewing, and the sundry topics of interest to a young lady of the royal line. Her mother taught her how to balance a ledger, hold a lady's court of justice, and the history of Andor and their House.

Although she learned quickly, she infinitely preferred to spend her time with more hands on pursuits. Under her father's supervision, she learned to shoot a bow, ride a horse, and survive in the wilderness. "You never know when such might come in handy with so much chaos in the land," he had remarked when her mother contested her newfound hobbies, and Lady Madene had reluctantly conceded the point. With the help of the Wisdom in a nearby village, she learned to identify certain healing herbs, stitch wounds, set bones, birth babies, and make healing poultices and creams.

As she moved into the latter half of her adolescence, her parents began to take her with them when they visited Caemlyn, in preparation for her introduction to noble society. Synthia spent hours teaching her reluctant mistress about court etiquette and the expectations the world had for a young lady of a great House. "A proper Lady should have lily-soft hands," Synthia chided her as she rubbed lotion into the calluses on Fiona's palms. "A lady must always have a chaperone when in the company of men," Lady Madene told her a few weeks later. The restrictions grew, and grew, until Fiona thought she might burst from the pressure of remembering every new rule she suddenly had to follow.

One day soon after her eighteenth birthday, she happened to enter her mother's study before Lady Madene arrived. On the desk, she found paperwork spread neatly, already signed and sealed. She read less to pry and more out of idle boredom, but it did not take her long to realize she read a marriage contract. Her marriage contract….dated mere months after her birth. She had had no specific interested in marriage to begin with, despite knowing –thanks to Synthia's incessant droning- that she would have to find a husband soon enough. To learn that her parents, who spoke frequently of compassion and equality, had taken that choice from her was more than she could bear.

Fiona raided her family's coffers, gathered the few belongings she valued and took her leave of the Trakand estate that night. She knew could be so much more than some minor lord's trophy wife…and she had every intention of finding out what, exactly, that meant.

Career History

  • Drin (3 March 2016)
  • Ji'val (31 July 2016)
  • Novice (12 August 2016)
  • Accepted (7 January 2017)
  • Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah (12 April 2017)