Feroce Liendin

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Feroce Liendin
Feroce Liendin
Fer-oss Lee-endin
Created by Matty
Portrayed by Scott Eastwood
Gender Male
Occupation M'Hael
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦
OP Strength 7.0
Affinities Earth, Fire, Spirit, Air, Water

Feroce Liendin is a Cairhienin (formerly Grey) Asha'man and the current M'Hael of the Grey Tower.



With light brown hair and blue eyes, Feroce does not cut a remarkable figure. He's tall for a Cairhienin, but that doesn't go far in the Grey Tower, where he is on the shorter side of average. He is lean but thin with it, being stronger than he looks - both physically and mentally.

He carries himself with a high amount of modesty, though there is a shrewdness to his gaze that belies his Cairhienin upbringing and his immersion into the political waters of the Tower. He has the ageless face of an Oathsworn, clean shaven and not displeasing to the eye, but not the sort of person to be noticed in a crowd.

The man is always in his uniform, and rarely seen without it. His House colours are blue, green and silver, so if he goes to Cairhien he may wear the dark clothing of his homeland, but this is not usually the case.


Feroce has always presented himself as a friendly and down to earth fellow, who as a trainee was known for his patience as well as the uncanny knack for getting the stronger, tougher Soldiers to do his bidding. Bargaining, coaxing, blackmailing, Feroce was not used to the common life of the Grey Tower and quite enjoyed the newfound taste he had for getting a whole new set of people to do his bidding.

With trainees, Feroce is patient and willing to help, as long as they are trying their best. Among his peers Feroce is an honest man, Oathsworn besides, but for someone used to twisting what was true and what was not, this does not necessarily mean much.

As M'Hael he leads strategically and diplomatically. It is possible to overlook his origins and assume he is a friendly man, but good luck getting the intellectual upper hand on him. Feroce can, and does, let people think they have the better end of a deal when he is walking away laughing.


House Liendin is not a particularly renowned one, but this has not stopped Feroce from being proud of his upbringing and the efforts he has made to improve their status in Cairhien. Daes Dae'mar was a dangerous game, one the family's forays into did not always benefit from, but as Feroce and his sisters grew older they were naturally inducted into this way of living.

Feroce knew that learning to channel would improve his situation, and so he enlisted at the Grey Tower with the intention of learning, and returning to House Liendin as the Head of the House to take them to ever greater heights. This would have probably worked for them, but when their fortune went south Feroce's father decided to take them to Tear for a new beginning. With no personal interest in Tear or Tairen politics, Feroce became an Asha'man and an ambassador for southern politics in a broader sense.

He spent a fair bit of time travelling between Cairhien, Tear and Illian, with forays elsewhere as the Head of Ajah dictated. Feroce enjoyed the travelling but also spent some time as an advisor to a major House of Cairhien, earning the Liendin household much prestige. Too bad they weren't around to notice this.

Returning to the Grey Tower for a time, Feroce operated more from there with numerous eyes and ears and correspondences, growing more complex and demanding as he became more mature and controlled.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man
  • M'Hael