Felix Kal'Sarak

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Felix Kal'Sarak
Created by Felix
Gender Male
Occupation Dedicated
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Malkieri
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦
OP Strength 6.7
Affinities Fire/Air, Spirit, Earth, Water

Felix Kal'Sarak is a Malkieri Dedicated of the Grey Tower.


An average man of Malkier descent, six feet in height with a toned build from working fields with his family and physical training with his village men. Felix has shoulder length hair that is a stark contrast from many in his village because he takes after his ancestors from distant Malkier even though he lives in Sheinar. His hair is held back with a thin braided leather band called a Hadori. A viewer is at ease when they see his eyes of pale almost sky blue color, the eyes of an innocent. Women and some men would consider Felix attractive but not handsome. His features are soft, lacking definition that will come with age. He tries for a full beard of brown hair but fails because of his young age of seventeen. The beard is well groomed with some holes so as not to cover all of the bottom of his face. He carries a gently curving iron sword with a leather wrapped handle passed down from his grandfather, an heirloom of small monetary value but much sentimental value because of one hundred years of service to the Kal'Sarak family.

A proud man from a long line of proud men, Felix can be stubborn but will yield to logic and is not above compromise. He is generally care-free and fun to be around but can be quick to the defensive when he or his own are threatened. This can lead to many people who do not know him to believe he is hostile and quick tempered. Growing up in a Sheinarian honor-rich environment has influenced his behavior to women and his general views towards honor in all he does.


It is not uncommon for Aes Sedai and Asha'man to come to the borderlands to search for warders. It is a thing of pride and honor to be picked to join the elite guardians of the Grey Tower. So the day the man and women arrived in my village near Fal Dara was a joyous event. The village is a nice mix of Sheinarian people and Malkier descendants. Our village elders greeted the Aes Sedai and Asha'man with the greatest honors and a feast was held to commemorate the visit.

The next morning all the able bodied men came to the center of town to be tested in arms. We had some training to defend our livestock and women from the dangers of the borderlands but no official sword or lance training, we were yet too young. I was in the middle of the line to be tested, terrified that I wouldn't be enough and would be shame my proud people. Hailing from a now destroyed nation forever destined to push back against the Blight.

I watched as many of the men in front of me fumbled weapons and got passed over. There were few that had enough basic skill to impress the Channelers, they seemed to look for qualities that none of us knew, some that got a pass could hardly hold a sword straight. While some had basic training in weapons and excelled but got passed over.

I arrived in front of the Aes Sedai and showed my basic knowledge of the forms of the blade, knowledge my father had passed on when I got my blade for my coming of age ceremony. The Asha'man stared intently at me from the beginning but said not a word as I showed my skills. When I finished the Asha'man gestured for me to approach, scared I was but I approached, looking back I am glad I did not bolt like a rabbit being hunted. I approached the man in black and was asked to enter Ko'di, the Flame and Void. Followed by a test that was three times harder then the sword-craft test I had endured for it was a test to test my ability to touch the true source Saidin.

With a smirk the black dressed fellow told me that I would be accompanying him back to The Grey Tower to train and that we would leave at first light. Coming from a family destined to fight the Blight, with the knowledge that I could become a Asha'man and not just a Warder made my family very proud and so I left and traveled to the Mountains of the Mist, away from everyone I knew. I accepted my destiny with a smile, finally making my mother and father proud. For the restoration of Malkier to the end of time!

Career History

  • Soldier (14 April 2016)
  • Dedicated (26 April 2016)