Felisin Thane

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Felisin Thane
Felisin Thane
Created by Dan
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Hama Valoner

Felisin Thane is a Hama Valoner Novice of the Grey Tower.


Felisin has on occasion been described dark, brooding child. She has hair reminiscent of a raven on the wing. Her eyes are like a dark corner in the middle of the night. Her skin pale as the moon. While her pouty lips may catch the attention of a boy or two, her eyes tend to warn them off. Her voice, while known to be submissive, is often considered husky by those around her.

She is short, a bit on the thin side, but is sure of step. She has long fingers, and a soft dextrous touch.


"Miss Thane."

Every scullery girl in the kitchen grew quiet, each and every single one of them suddenly afraid. The sound of boiling water, the snap crackling flames, and soft breathing echoed far louder than they should have within such a crowded room. All of the girls but one had suddenly stopped in fear. that one already having been quiet. She had simply stopped scrubbing her pot. She wiped her hands on a rag, and turned around to face the mistress. She stood quietly, with a knowing look within her haunted eyes.

A younger girl looked in fear upon her elder. A girl, a young woman in truth, looked upon the elder girl, her sister. While sibling rivalry and bitterness had reigned in between the two for longer than they could recall, there was a bond of blood and mutual reliance. The younger woman gripped her apron tightly, worried over what her sister may have done now.

You flipskirt, what have you done? What have you done!

"We pay for your shelter, we pay for your food, and we pay for the clothing on your back. All that we ask is that you behave with dignity, and keep to yourselves. Now, i have a stable boy asking about you? Telling me he will give me all of his wages, so he can have you freed from your promise? What have you been doing? What are you telling him? Have you been sharing dark kisses with boys, miss Thane?"

"No, Rebby." Felisin mouthed silently, as she saw her elder sister shift her gaze, and stared at a rolling pin for far too long. "No, no, no…" She said softly, fearfully. The other girls looked at her, then at her sister. They knew what was to come. While none of the other girls minded Felisin much, not feeling any threat from the raven haired girl who never caught the attention of boys, but her elder sister? That was another story.

Rebbany was tall, thin, long legged, and with a bust to make any boy beg for her time. The only thing shared amongst them as sisters was dark hair and eyes. Though when one had eyes resembling the night, the other showed significant emptiness. What made her truly different was her blatant indifference to anyone, and everything.

This would not be the first beating her sister would receive for her insubordination, but she could not recall ever seeing such satisfaction, and such blatant desire to retaliate. Such hatred, and cold joy.

"Miss Thane, I would advise you to reflect upon your behavior." The Mistress of the Kitchens warned. Having seen where the gaze of the elder Thane had rested upon.

Rebbany ignored the warning, and took a hasty step forward.

Felisin ran towards her sister, to the shock of all present. She growled in protest, even as her sister turned her gaze in surprise. Even as Rebbany mindlessly grasped the handle of the heavy rolling pin, Felisin took hold of her sister's arm. She began to scream no! But she suddenly felt hot within, the world felt so strange. It felt calm, yet cold. Her scream died on her lips, as the cold gaze of her sister grew blank.

She never had the chance for another thought. One of the cooks had snuck forward, and wrapped his arms around her neck. Felisin had seen this before, where the man, that bitter man, would make someone fall into a dreamless sleep. But she had never felt it. THe sensation of floating from a lake, into the cold air was the last sensation she remembered.

Illyria looked at the little creature that laid in the floor with pity shining in her eyes; the girl looked so small and so very thin. The Mistress of Novices, accustomed to her plump and pink charges, felt revulsion rise in her as she studied Felisin’s hollow cheekbones and deeply set eyes. She glanced up at those who had said they had cared for her all her life, her features drawn into an icy stare. The mistress of the inn shrunk back, put up her hands defensively, and made the mistake of attempting to lie to an Aes Sedai.

“She’s well cared for! I’ve wasted perfectly good coin on that girl...” Illyria narrowed her eyes and the woman fell silent, suddenly lacking the desire to speak.

“You’ll be pleased to hear that you are done wasting your coin.”The Indigo spoke coldly, and an icy silence fell upon the room. “As I’m sure you’ve guessed, Felisin is a wilder, and she will be coming with me to receive Tower training. I assure you, whatever she owes you will be paid in full.” Illyria, not moving her gaze from the woman who claimed to have cared for her, laid a simple delve of Spirit and Air over the child, and noted that she was indeed malnourished, a few bruises here and there, but was in otherwise acceptable health. It was not beyond her capacity to Heal, and so she wove deftly, peeling away the aches and pains from Felisin’s body with ease.

“I’ll be taking my leave,” she said in that same cold voice, “And I will return to check on the health of the rest of your kitchen girls. Do not think that bruises escaped my notice.” The innkeeper’s face flushed immediately, her gaze venturing to the floor in what was either fear or shame. Illyria, beneath an icy mask of composure, inwardly snarled. The wrath of the Mistress of Novices was not something that one wished to evoke nor could escape. But that would have to be another day - for now, she merely wove a stretcher beneath Felisin’s unconscious form, scooped the child up carefully with the weave, and let the girl be carried out the door on her invisible cot.

You leave a hard life behind you, Felisin Thane. And I am sorry to admit that there is an even harder road ahead.

Career History

  • Novice (19 May 2014)