Farah Kattan

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Farah Kattan
Farah Kattan
Fah-RAH CA-tann
First appearance Morning Bell (fanfic)
Created by Craig
Portrayed by Ruth Negga
Gender Female
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Domani
OP Strength 1.8
Affinities Fire, Air/Water, Earth, Spirit

Farah Kattan is a Domani Drin of the Grey Tower.


Being both small of stature and unassuming with her body language, Farah Kattan can easily be lost in a crowd. This was an ability that served her well as a novice, when she could be overlooked in certain scenarios due to the fact that no-one saw her as a culprit. This quiet demeanour isn't entirely a false front, but it has been a survival technique. When Farah realised she couldn't break Aes Sedai teeth with her rebellious attitude, she made herself unbreakable. Now that she has been released from the clutches of novices' whites, Farah has found herself at a crossroads, both about who she wishes to be, and who she actually is.

When someone does notice Farah, her hairstyle is one of her first attributes to draw the eye. It is distinctive, often cropped short, giving her a more masculine appearance. Similarly, she eschews dresses and skirts to the point that one may mistake her for a man at particular angles. This illusion of manhood is broken upon seeing her face, with smooth, delicate skin set around soft brown eyes. Her pointed chin, an inheritance from her father, is the only thing to mar her traditionally feminine features.

Having been raised around Domani women, Farah knows how to draw attention to herself; the sway of her hips has drawn a number of souls off-course. This requires a conscious effort on Farah's part, marking her out to other Domani as an outsider. This, fortunately, doesn't faze her as Farah has little national pride left after twenty years stuck in Hama Valon.


Farah Kattan is the fourth of five siblings, born to a miller and his wife. The family had a meagre income, so far earlier than the norm, Farah was apprenticed by a seamstress in the nearby town of Coron Ford. Farah's interaction with her birth family was limited to once or twice a year around major festivals, so the Noors ended up being Farah's adoptive guardians.

Her childhood environment was a supportive one. She was provided with guidance on how to become a woman and a wife, whilst being allowed the room to grow and explore her own opinions and interests. Farah became fast friends with Daud, the boy apprenticed to Mr Noor. Their relationship was something of a cross between siblings and best friends, and given time and the changes that occur throughout puberty, it may have escalated into them becoming intimate.

Enter Yondis Sedai. The Sharan Aes Sedai crossed through Coron Ford during her travels, residing in the town for a couple of days. The appearance of such a fine and unusual lady made for a buzz around the town, and Daud and Farah couldn't resist a peek at the strange new visitor. Sneaking up to the second floor of the inn, the two friends didn't see Yondis' Warder sitting in a corner. Neatly apprehended, Jeleva was about to escort them downstairs until Yondis opened the door, amber eyes locking onto Farah. "With me, child." That was how Farah discovered she could be taught to channel, and after a short talk with the Noors, she was bundled away to the Grey Tower to be trained.

The novice Farah existed within Hama Valon. Existed, because unlike her apprenticeship, she did not flourish and she did not grow or explore her own interests. What Yondis discovered was a girl with the ability to channel, but that ability never came to anything. She could perform the simplest of tasks with some ease, but anything beyond that was impossible. Due to her unassuming nature after being brought to the Tower, Farah was somewhat forgotten about. With more vigiliance, her time at the Grey Tower may have ended after eight or nine years. Instead it was two decades when she was finally released back into the world.

Career History

  • Novice (6 October 2017, off-camera)
  • Drin (6 October 2017)