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The Order of the Dragon's Flame
  • Dan
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"Ladies and gentlemen," a gleeman's voice echoes within the classy inn's dining room as two women, Accepted Isabel Trimak and Melissa Lamoria Sedai enter, and gracefully hand over their coats to a young servant boy, before finding a seat near the fireplace. As they settle down on their seats, and each order a tea, the gleeman says; "I have a grand tale to tell you, a tale about the rise, and the fall of a group of adventurers known as the Order of the Dragon's Flame."

As soon as the gleeman's words are uttered, Isabel and Melissa share a look between them, one of genuine interest, and hope for a good tale. It had been a long journey for these two women, it was a long trip, ruined by much bad weather, to this small border town on the edge of the nation of Cairhien, and the cold weather had taken its toll on these two women from the Grey Tower.

Standing on a small platform, positioned in a place where every patron could see and hear him, including those who enter the establishment, the gleeman makes quite the impression. This gleeman was not like most others, wearing colorful clothing and cloaks; this one was dressed in a true gentleman's attire, wearing the most recent fashions and very fine materials.

As only a very experienced public speaker could do, the gleeman carefully introduces the tale, one that is not very known to many people, due to it being a newly told tale. "The Order of the Dragon's Flame were once simple people living their lives, until disaster fell upon them. Originally there were six of them, but their numbers grew and fell over time, due to some fame within this great nation, and the dangers from the black eyed Aiels and the Shadowsworn."

Looking at each and every member of the audience, he then slowly begins to weave the tale of the order.

"In the beginning, there was Burt the Blacksmith and Alahn the Baker, who took up arms to protect Bahn the Healer from a shadowsworn out to cause misery within the small town of Elm's Bridge. Their hands first became tainted with blood with a hammer blow to the pawn of the Dark One, followed by a healer's blade within the throat of his accomplice.

From their act of bravery came the mayor's three sons, born on the same day, under the same sun, from the same womb. The three boys each took an axe, and joined the Blacksmith, the Baker and the Healer in eliminating the shadow from their once innocent town."

Taking a slight moment, the gleeman took a slight sip of water, to wet his throat, and help his voice stay strong and clear.

"Once the six completed their quest, they knew that they never could return to their simple lives, nor enjoy the simple pleasures of their small community, so they kissed and hugged their loved ones, packed away some essentials, and left with four of the fastest horses available, and with two strong draft horses pulling along a large carriage.

A few days after leaving, they found and saved a young man from a pack of crazy Dragonsworn in the middle of the night, shedding even more blood, yet with this deed., they found their seventh member, a young man who would pick up the shield and mace of the Dragonsworns leader, and become the guiding light of the adventurers. This young man's name was Kain, of Maple Glen. Born from a humble farmer and a weaver.

The very first morning after his rescue, young Kain woke from a strange dream, and witnessed the first sunrise of his new life. From the images of the dream, and the sight of this new sun, he understood that most people did not truly understand the Dragon Reborn, or the flame he would breath to purify the world from the taint of the Dark One. As he revealed his vision to his new comrades, they quickly believed in his view, and from then on they viewed him as a source of high wisdom.

One day, they stopped at an inn for the night, and shared tales with a gleeman. The man was amazed, and after an hour of speaking and pondering, he asked the group to become one of them, and earned the position. He would write down the deeds of the Order, and spread the tale in every village he would step in, in hopes of inspiring the people to do great things.

As they traveled further on, down the roads of life, they ran into two bandits, who were without food or shelter. Instead of chasing them off, the group welcomed them to their fires, fed them, and told the two about the Dragon Reborn's flame.

The two men were in awe, and each threw their tainted and rusted swords in a nearby river, claiming they could not help the innocent with tainted blades. So at first they helped, using slings and stones, feeding and brushing the horses, but eventually the two found glory, by helping save a lords kidnapped son. In honor of their deeds, each was awarded a newly forged blade, and a horse from the stables.

Along with this gift, the group had found a sponsor, who would supply then with weapons and food during the short career of the band. Who would shelter those found a victim of the Shadow, and the Aiel.

From this point on, the band grew, and gained fame battling the Aiel, the Shadow and helping the innocent, until one fateful day, five of them returned to their new Lord's estate from a failed mission, to find it under flames. It seemed a rival house had heard of the band, and though them a private army. So while the majority of the band was away, a group of mercenaries set the entire estate on fire. The rival Lord was a successful man, so he had much money to spend, and he used the majority of his coin hiring a mercenary force.

The mercenaries had surrounded the entire estate, and rained arrows of steel and fire on all.

The first two to fall were the two former bandits, who used their very bodies to shield their lord from arrows. Sadly, their sacrifice was in vain. A fiery arrow found the neck of the Lord as he entered the house, seeking safety, and caused his body to carry the flames within, where they found a bottle of brandy, which burst into flame, lighting an old and dry wooden desk.

The flames quickly found the stairs, and set them burning away. The smoke rose to the higher floor, and caused the Lady of the estate to panic as she choked, and fall down into the blaze.

In another of the upper rooms, the Healer, Bahn, died in the raging flames alongside the Lords often-sick son, and only heir.

Thus was the third of the band slain on the estate, not counting the six others who died in a failed campaign that very night, three of them being the three brothers, leaving the band with only six members left.

The band had only one-woman member, and her name was Malientah, and that very day she was taken to the White Tower to learn to become an Aes Sedai. Leaving only the Bard, Elijah, Burt the Blacksmith and Alahn the Baker, Zehn the quiet archer, and their chosen leader, Kain, the Dragon Knight, who after several successful campaigns was rewarded with a gilded shield, with the symbol of the Dragon Reborn on it.

Quickly, the five men were found by the enemy, and were assaulted with arrows. By sheer luck, none struck any vital places, but Burt the Blacksmith was shot in the calf by a barbed, and protected their rear, sacrificing himself for their safety. Standing by his side was his old friend, Alahn the Baker, giving his life up as well to ensure the survival of the order."

With many in the audience captivated by the tale, he drank the rest of his drink, and spotted someone waving for him to come towards the door, and outside. Bowing and thanking the audience, he profusely apologizes for not being able to finish the tale, picks up a gilded harp, and leaves the inn.

As the gleeman walks past Isabel and Melissa, she notices that his hard is gilded with something similar to the Lord Dragon's own flag. Once the man left, she meets the eyes of the Aes Sedai and states bluntly; "That was Elijah the Bard, wasn't it. And did you see his companion? I know he had his neck covered with a scarf, but it really looked as if there was a bit of a scar peeking out."

"The Quiet archer perhaps?" Melissa Lamoria, Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower's Grey Ajah asks, followed by both women nodding, and then grinning. Soon after, they retire for the evening, resting for the rest of their journey to Cairhien, in hopes of revealing unanswered questions..