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The Birth of the Twins
  • Steven Young
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Serrah left the World of Dreams with a smile on her face after having a first look at the daughter she would soon be giving birth to. The resemblance had struck her the most, a combination of her own features mixed with those of her husband. She knew the name of the child as well, which had brought the smile even further to her face...

Until she felt the pain. It was sudden and stabbing. As if she had been in the Library back during the Siege and had gotten the glass shards in her own skin. But it was from a single source - her own stomach.

It can't be. she thought to herself, Is it really that time all ready?

She did not have too much longer to wonder as the pain came back twice as intense as before. Gasping for breath and closing her eyes she reached out for her husband blindly, hoping against hope that he still lay by her side this night instead of in the outer rooms like she had requested earlier.

She finally came in contact with his shoulder. She grabbed at it and squeezed without fully realizing what she was doing. She just wished that he would awaken. The pain emanating through the bond would have been enough to awaken the dead if it were possible, and it kept coming.

Finally she felt him stir. It had seemed like an hour to her even though it was merely a few seconds. She could feel his concern through the bond and also the realization that it was time. Without a word she felt him get up and grab his Asha'man's coat without thinking of the fact that he was still in his bed clothes.

"We need to get you to the Infirmary dearest. I just hope one of the Yellows is still awake at this hour and not one of the middle rank charged with watching the Ward."

Gritting her teeth against the next contraction Serrah spoke briefly, "It doesn't matter. They can still get one of them there in time."

She felt him walk over to her side of the bed and help her up out of it. Suddenly without word she felt herself being gently lifted into the air as if an invisible force were lifting her. Gently they moved through their apartments into the hall and towards the spiral staircase leading to the infirmary.

She did not know how he managed to keep the void as she lay suspended in front of him making her easier to carry. Up the three flights of stairs they went, with each of the contractions bringing more pain. She felt him rush, but her own breathing was shallow as each new contraction began.

She tried to concentrate on the bond and her breathing but it was becoming impossible to concentrate on one thing or the other. The pain was too intense, and the contractions had started coming closer to each other. Yet she felt her husband stay as steady as a rock even though she knew inside he was feeling the same things she was.

Soon she felt the brighter light of the infirmary as she was lead into the room, "Quickly fetch a Brother or Sister, lass. My wife is in labor!" She heard him almost bellow. The sound of the Accepted's footsteps scurrying off into another section of the infirmary told her that the Accepted knew who she was and that Riven had truly frightened her.

"Peace, Brother. I am here. Set her down on the bed," a male voice called out softly.

Through gritted teeth she managed to say, "Raldran is that you?"

She felt Riven gently set her on the bed, "Yes, Sister it is I. No need to worry we'll do this together," Raldran Tianic then turned to the Accepted that had been with him and said, "Quickly fetch blankets and warm some water. I'm also going to need you to bring me Valinda Sedai. I may have to link with her to do this."

The Accepted nodded her head and scurried off down the stairs as fast as she could. Serrah gritted her teeth against the pain trying to maintain the serenity she had taken so long to achieve. It was taking all she had to not scream at the top of her lungs from the pain. But the Mistress of Novices, or any Aes Sedai, would not let the pain get to her in that way. If she showed weakness around the learning ranks she would be mocked, making it harder to enforce her punishments.

An Aes Sedai must be strong. Father and Beatrice taught me that. I must not let them down.

Through slitted eyes she saw Valinda come into the curtained area. She knew Valinda was not the kindest Sister but she trusted her - almost as much as Merine. How she wished Merine could have been there for this.

Valinda looked over at Riven with a sharp glance, "I know you want to be with her, Brother. But you need to leave. This will not be an easy birth."

"If you think I??" Riven started to say but he was cut off by Valinda.

"I said go! We will fetch you when the birth is over."

She felt the worry and the love for his wife through the bond before Riven left the area. She also felt his concern as he paced outside the Infirmary doors. She could almost feel him wringing his hands nervously. Pacing like an angry cat.

Three days of intense pain. Three days of a linked Brother and Sister watching over her. Everyday the pain grew worse, and the the contractions grew closer together until they were almost on top of each other. Three days until she heard the Brother say, "Ok, Serrah. Now push!"

After a matter of hours the first child had been born, a girl, "Isabel Merille." She managed through gritted teeth as she got ready to push again. After another hour their son was born, "Matrim Elias." She said before finally passing out from exhaustion.

She awoke to a sunny day not knowing how long she had been out. She opened her chestnut eyes carefully and saw her husband smiling at her. Her chestnut hair had at least been washed and placed carefully over her shoulder. She reached for his hand weakly and he stood to take it.

"You have been out for almost a week my love. I had begun to fear for the worst. Everyone has been by to see how you are doing, including Mother and Father. As I once promised you, I have not left the side of our children."

"Not even the Dark One could take me from your side, Riven. I'll always be there." she said smiling weakly as he kissed her forehead.

Soon Valinda came into the room, "I see you're awake. Would you like to see the children now?"

Serrah nodded as two Accepted brought the children into the room, giving them both to Serrah. They placed one child in each arm. She smiled at Riven as she looked at her children, finally brought into the world to finish their family