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Knowing Saidin
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Nhur casually swept his face using a handkerchief; but it was not because of the weather. Another lesson, new knowledges, and yes, new pain. He threw the wet rag to the corner of his miniature room, and began preparing his so-called bed. Tomorrow is another day, and it won't be any easier than today. The Black Tower was no joke.

Tomorrow's morning was looking even more dreadful, filled with fog and rain. This won't stop Khamnon, though. It will only amuse that light-forbade teacher! But never mind. he is going to prove to him this time, that he had learned something in the last week.

The air outside was fresh and sharp; the one he liked, although it reminded him of Kandor, and the sidestreets of Chachin. With a self-assured move, he put on his black coat and went for the main hall.

On the way, he hardly saw anything; he could hardly see anything. The mist was deepset in the town, and would likely remain there for hours. By the time he was in the hall, ready for breakfast, he was soaked, water spilling from his hair by the growing intensity of the rain.

He hardly noticed the other, maybe fifty Soldiers that filled the hall, and four supervisor Dedicated, but he had noticed, with a grin, the only full Asha'man in the large, oval room. Khamnon, who is likely to become Master of Soldiers one day. For now, he was teaching him and a couple more Soldiers, and wasn't much happy about it. Indeed, Harnail and Tatzunai were half-wit idiots, but on the other hand, most of the Soldiers were no better.

He didn't walk around unnoticed. Khamnon nodded at him with a hint of sarcasm, and then approached. Nhur was already eating the half-cold eggs and toast.

"Still not warming your food?" Khamnon never had the ability to at least appear polite. "I thought you were way past simple techniques, Nhur Shioma." Bah! he knew Nhur was learning only for a few weeks. He has barely mastered the seizing of Saidin yet.

"Maybe I like cold eggs." In some strange way, politeness disappeared from Nhur around Khamnon; a rather strange ordeal.

"Come with me." he already turned, although Nhur wasn't yet attuned to the obey-and-don't-ask policies that Mazrim Taim seemed to practise around the Black Tower. "I have a new technique of teaching. You will surely like it."

A few minutes later, after Khamnon led him out of the dining hall, they were facing each other on a secluded part of the Tower gardens. There was no one in plain sight. Maybe Khamnon wanted it like that.

"Now, seize. Quickly, before I shield you!Now!" He shouted, but Nhur already knew the drill.

He opened himself to the True Source, and saidin filled him suddenly, like a river overpowering it's banks. He had difficulties fighting those currents, but not as strong as the first time. Then he noticed - Khamnon hasn't tried to shield him at all. He hated when the man bluffed! Not that he had any means of defending - his teacher has also seized, and a considerably larger amount of One Power than him, he felt.

"Now, tell me the weaves. Identify them, and cut them, as fast as you can". Khamnon's voice was different, harsher, but Nhur didn't mind. There was only saidin in the whole world now.

Suddenly a line of red and gold appeared in front of Khamnon, a strong weave of Fire and Air, but not forked, as lightning, but intersected and spiralled - he never saw one like that before. Either way, it was materializing rather slowly, and Nhur just had the time to weave a vertical slash of Spirit that rended through Khamnon's weaves with ease.

But rather than disappearing, the weaves remained, divided in two, and suddenly Nhur faced two strong, certainly death-causing weaves flowing towards him. Khamnon must be mad! Is he trying to kill me?

The flows acted like whips, with a sudden touch of Spirit within them, which made them harder to cut - but also something else, apparently. Nhur drew more power, and was on the tip of the blade again, just like yesterday. he started sweating.

The whip of Fire and Air and Spirit on his left attacked first, trying to grip him, entagle him. What is this? Surely not a practical use of saidin. He could have me shielded with much less complex weaves!

Nhur only used Spirit, to cut the whip yet another time, just when the other one attacked, and nearly had him in his paws. But it was cut too, again in half, and again not disappearing. He had to get composure, if he is to beat Khamnon today. Think, Nhur, think!

Counterattack. The thought came to him like a thunder. He only knew to make separated weaves of Spirit for now, but he made one... that looked made of Earth and Air, and he threw it beneath Khamnon's feet. The ground there erupted with a 10 feet radius, but Khamnon seemed unaffected. He stood there, guarded by his shield of pure Spirit.

Khamnon now had four very complex weaves flowing like arms from him, versatilly attacking his student. Impossible! How strong could he be? - Nhur thought, still trying to hold them back.

A few moments later, all his attention was on the four weaves, counter, counter, cut, cut... he was getting faster and faster. But then, suddenly, a stream of pure white Spirit encircled him, and bound him like a puppet. The four weaves of Fire and Air and Spirit disappeared, but Nhur was shielded. Again.

"You were good, Nhur. Pretty fast, but pretty witless." Khamnon's voice was even sharper. "I see you are very tired. perhaps we should continue this afternoon? I would very much like to see your response to surprise attacks. Like that I made today with Spirit."

Light forsake! Boastful stupid Khamnon.

Suddenly he released Nhur, and he fell, exhausted. One day, I will learn, though Nhur, and you will learn from me, if you'll have any luck.

"You had to see it, Nhur. The whips were made of Water, too. But it's your weakest Talent, right? I almost forgot."