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Isabel's Three Arches
  • Dan
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First Arch

Sitting under a tree in the Tower's garden, Isabel enjoys a small basket of berries given to her by her uncle, the giant-like Brestra Hellaro. Living a blissful life with her parents and brother. A mere day ago, Isabel and her brother Matrim had returned to the tower after a failed kidnapping attempt along with their caretaker and some allies of the Blue Ajah.

Many within the Tower celebrated the twins return, especially their family and friends even in Elman's creek there was some fanfare as they rode through, which showed them just how dearly they were missed.

But such happiness was not mean to be. Whenever times seem their brightest, a slight shadow always makes it's presence known.

As she savours a raspberry, her brother plays innocently in a stream, catching frogs and toads. Unknowingly to the twins, a dark cloud slowly creeps to hide the Creator's bright sun from their day of fun and innocence.

"Izzie look at this!" Matrim explains with excitement obvious in his voice. "I got a baby frog!"

"Will you put that down, Matrim! You'll get slime on your hands, and then get the food all yucky!" She responds, trying to appear serious, yet inside she is quite impressed by his catch.

Carefully placing the creature back into the water, he takes some time to watch a group of tadpoles swim, and to wash his hands in the clean water.

Looking in her brother's direction, she sees the Light of the sun fade as a man creeps behind her brother. Carefully she places her basket of berries on the groud and stands up, slowly reaching for her concealed dagger that her uncle Morad gave to her upon her return.

Noticing his sisters eyes darken with strange suspicion, he carefully turns around and looks towards the direction of the approaching man, only to be surprised by another who was hiding in the nearby bushes.

As her brother was tackled to the ground, he yelled loudly "Get Papa and Uncle Brestra and uncle Morad!" With those words, one man made some remark about Morad as the other chuckled darkly.

Knowing quite well that two young kids shy of their eleventh naming day could do nothing against two fully grown men, she did as requested, and ran to get help as fast as her skinny and long legs could take her.

Rushing through branches, she ignores the branches snapping at her arms and legs and face. As she stumbles against a rock, her dagger falls to the ground. With a silent goodbye, she keeps on running.

As she approaches where her father and uncles were relaxing and fishing, she saw something truly particular in the direction she had come. The way back comes but once. Be steadfast

Knowing deep within her mind that the sight must be the silver arch, she runs towards it, stumbling from a sore foot, with anger and pain plainly showing on her face for the world to see.

As she steps through the arch, another little piece of her heart breaks.

Second Arch

Deep within the Grey Tower, a lovely voice breaks the silence within the quiet halls. "Come on guys, there is no way for us to get in trouble if we do not get caught! So watch your steps and hurry up." Isabel states with fiery confidence to her two companions. Two men who are quite popular within the Grey Tower, and two that quite dear to her, both of these men owning each own a small piece of what is left of Isabel's scarred heart.

With the day being one of celebration over the birth of a child born of a Green Aes Sedai and her warder husband, many of the tower populace found them selves in the Green Ajah courtyard, celebrating the birth of this new life. The Aes Sedai had given birth to her fourth child, after giving birth to three who went on to sign the Grey Tower's Soldiers and Novices book.

Knowing that since most of the Tower's higher ranking workforce would be there making the event one to remember, she also knew rumours that a certain group of servants not working that day would be holding a small dance in one of the less frequently used halls.

As they walk through a few more passageways, a Dedicated's voice breaks the silence. "Where exactly did you hear such a rumour again, Isabel" Zander asks teasingly, as was his way with her. In response she grins and answers, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Seeing the second man begin to show doubt over their plan, she grabs his wrist and drags him by his wrist. "Come Jip, my dancing champion! You will enjoy it, I swear!"

Turning around a corner, they find the location of the rumoured dance hall. Letting go of Jip's wrist, she walks over to the massive door and places an ear to it. Hearing no sounds, she looks upon her friends in question before opening the door. As it opens, they find inside not a room full of joyous people dancing and celebrating, but one empty save dust and a strange Silver Arch that only Isabel can see.

Turning around to tell the men, her eyes expand as she sees those two men who mean the world to her fall to the ground with each a throwing dagger in their throat. Looking around, she spots a man hidden by a dark cloak. The only thing visible is a hand with strange markings on it.

"I can heal them, if you come with me and swear to obey me." The mysterious man states in a strange accent. The man was tall, and his posture was quite familiar. Upon closer inspection, his concealed hand moves under the cloak as if searching for something, most likely a weapon of some sort.

The way back comes but once. Be steadfast

"I am so sorry, Jip, Zander. Forgive me, please..." Taking several steps back, she then turns around and leaps through the portal with heartache, and thoughts of abandoning two men who mean so very much to her.

Third Arch

Under the bright light of the moon, there are two people on horseback speeding through the streets of a town called Cairhien, the home of the Game of Houses. Or so every commoner in the land would state. Of the two adults, one is a quiet swordsman with long dark hair, living with a code of duty that most would probably not have the strength to adopt, the other being a woman born of Justice, with hair shinning like silver under the full moon's light.

As their horses cut through the wind, their faces show nothing but the concentration used while riding. Deep inside, both of their spirits are happy to finally be free from the Grey Tower after so many years of studying and giving due to their teachers. Both now free to enjoy the freedoms earned after so many years of difficult study, both free to enjoy the fruits of their friendship by travelling across the land.

Leaving the capital city of Cairhien, the new bondmates guide their horses north, in hopes of seeing the famed White Tower in all its glory before the weather turns ugly again. "The Grey Tower will always be home, but I yearn to see the splendour of the White Tower, the place where my grandmother lived for so long." She tells Jip loudly enough for him to hear.

But in a dark ugly twist in the pattern, Jip's horse, an elder warhorse given to him by a legendary Green Aes Sedai crashes to the ground, and fractures a leg quite horribly. Moments later, the horse screams in pain as Jip mutters the name Cuendillar in worry, with pain obvious in his voice.

Leaping off of her horse, she rushes over to him, stumbling painfully to the ground on her third step. Through the bond, she can feel that the horse has crushed Jip's leg quite painfully, and was causing him tremendous pain thrashing about. Unable to walk due to her inexperience with handling the pains suffered through the bond, Isabel crawls towards her Dancing Champion, only to spot two things at once. First there was a group of Aiel coming out of the trees, with their veils down and with their bows ready. And secondly there was a Silver Arch a few feet to her side.

The way back comes but once. Be steadfast

Seeing the Aiel stretch their bows, she is truly tempted to use everything she has learned and slay them all, but in the end she does the only thing she can do. The way back comes but once. Be steadfast. Raising herself through the imagined pain, she hops a few feet and leaps through the gate. Leaving but a few tears in the dirt as apology to her bondmate.