Exela Tharch

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Exela Tharch
E-X-ela Th-arch
Created by Sheryn
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Amadician

Exela Tharch is a Amadician Novice of the Grey Tower.


Exela had dark hair in lose curls her grandmother mother having come from the mountains on her mother’s side. She is short and a little plump. Exela likes a good well reasoned argument and better an absurd one that hits all formal requirements to win a debate even if the stance is on its face ridiculous.

She is frightened to be at the White Tower, but Exela knows it’s her only shot at survival- her brothers won’t stop until she is brought to the question and knows she will die if she is thrown out. At least unless she learns enough topics as to get a job in the city. Her fear of Aes Sedi combined with her fear of getting sent home makes her a bit more paranoid then your average novice and gives her a determination that may give her an edge.

Personally wise, once Exela gets over her fear of the other novices she might be friendly enough, always looking for a friendly debate and *always* looking for some set of rules and philosophies to take the place of her strict moral upbringing. And always looking to find someone to go over her latest finds with.

She is allergic to strawberries. And takes tea without honey, and has a fondness for apples. Exela has a hatred of fish but is too scared to complain about it.

All and all she is a determined individual who’s strength may at times be determined by her outward fear and her inward confusion- Exela knows she’s not a dark friend why did the one power come to her? But if she is not a dark friend but can channel, what does it say about all the other woman and girls at the tower?

She has potential if she can loosen up a little, and in time if Exela can make it threw her training make a decent addition to the White Aja who could certainly use the extra numbers


I swear! I am not a dark friend. I never meant to channel, honest. Look see all of my brothers are children of the light! All of them. All seven- my father too. I was raised in the light. Exela’s ranted again and again as she made her way northward to Hama Valon

But by some twisted stroke of the dark one my Exela’s father was wounded when young recruits decided to play with steel rather then reeds during practice, he steeped in to stop it, and the wound was fatally placed.

And I know what you are thinking- that this is some gleemans tale and I miraculously healed him, but life dose not work that way. I healed no one. The One power dose not work this way

Indeed the two men who killed him (and who were begging for his forgiveness at his death bead were struck dead with great slashes in their chests, each mirroring the death blow they delt her father)

And as much as Exela wanted to defend herself to tell herself she was at least a good enough person could say that Exela there to stunned to move or think, with no idea what she had done, she knew better, and Exela’s face burned with the shame of it.

I was the only woman there at the camp, yes? And it could not have been a man because all the men were children. I did not know how it had happened and I did not know why but I knew that somehow I had done it, wielded the one power and commuted murder.

Worse Exela had not called for help, and didn’t turn herself in and confess under the Light. I didn’t even stay around to hold my father’s hand as he took his last breath. I don’t even remember what I said to him as I left or even if I said anything to him.

She simply took his gear and found his horse and left.

The next few days were a blur- There were roomers of children chasing a dark friend and the shame they must be feeling to have it be a family member- she recalled ridding that horse hard but… but no must be wrong because it did not seem to notice- right to the point where it dropped dead. Exela had grieved for her father’s horse rights and hated myself because I felt too numb to morn my father.

Light maybe I really am evil.

She’d been struck ill two days latte,r shaking and shivering under a pile of leaves in the woods. With what she did not know, having no access to a hedge doctor. But upon recovering Exela realized she needed somewhere to go. She could not just keep running blindly, indeed she did not even know where she was.

Exela tried to think about all the places I she had wanted to travel; the Royal library of Caymalin, the stone of Tear. Well, the last one was out. Moreover, I killed someone the last time I channeled. I can’t not let that happen again.

She had considered maybe the carylon grass or the Aile Waste. but we all know there is only one place to protect the world from a woman like me.

But what will they do with her? Use her? Still me? punish her for the acts of the children? Turn me to the dark?

But I have no choice, yes? Not if I want to preserve life. Including mine. But my brother may be close, and I don’t want to hurt them. I have only one choice - do everything in my power to keep from channeling again before I reach Hama Valon.

And with prayer, meditation, and sheer force of will she set about to train her mind to force it down. Strange things keep happening though, as do her bouts of illness.

I need to be brutal- force it down till I get there.

Career History

  • Novice (10 March 2022)