Esther Bann

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Esther Bann
Created by Stasia
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Esther Bann is a Andoran Novice of the Grey Tower.


Esther is not remarkable in either direction; neither a great beauty nor a brute, she melds into the generic crowd of toe-headed, pale eyed Andorans. She is of average height and perhaps a little plumper than she ought to be. Esther has known great joy and great grief, as is evidenced by the dark circles that haunt her pale visage. Her gaze is sharp. Her green eyes are full of light and life, and bely intelligence. She knows how to read and often escapes into the written word, shirking her duties for worlds that are full of could-have-beens and should-bes.

She has a pleasant personality, though she is shy and has buried herself beneath miles of walls. Getting to know her is not an easy task. Esther is an artist, and seems to carry an unearthly, airy quality; her head is always in the clouds, her heart full of hope, her chest burning with uncertainty. She is quiet, but a quick study: though she has had no formal tutoring, she is very knowledgeable about dozens of useless things and perhaps a handful of very pertinent things. Impractical as she may be, she knows more than most the importance of survival in a cruel world. She carries a stifled grief, though this is not evident to most of the people that cross her path. They see a dreamer, not a doer - a woman who spends too much time locked in her thoughts and not enough time living.

If only she had the power to change. If only she had the power to be free.


Esther had a dichotomous, tumultuous childhood. Domestic violence permeated her world, like insidious tendrils swirling around her heart. If she knew anything, she knew that her mother loved her. A secondary truth burned within her: there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, and nowhere was safe. Her father was cruel and ruled the squalid home with an iron fist. But he was not always home; he was in the Queen's Guard, and often called away on duty or living in barracks. Those were the brightest, most beautiful times: Mum taught her to read, took her foraging for mushrooms, and taught her the ways of the world.

Once she was older, her father began to beat her, too. She wanted so desperately to escape and so desperately to stay with the only person who had truly loved her - her mother would never be free, and she felt sure that her father would go too far if she, his daughter, was not there to intervene and soothe his rage.Her freedom came at the highest of costs; one day, a backhanded slap sent Mum sprawling. Her head cracked against flagstone with a sickening sound, and Esther knew that her world had come to an end. She left that very night and never turned back. Esther walked for what must have been three weeks, seeking refuge anywhere it could be found. Eventually, she was directed to the Grey Tower, where she was told that the Aes Sedai and Asha'man might take pity on her and allow her to train as a Warder. The thought of battle turned her stomach, but for the time being, it was the only answer that she had.

She arrived sick: a fever wracked her, with tremors so immense that she felt that her muscles would rend from her bones. She had suffered such fevers since the onset of her menses, but this was the worst it had ever been. She could not have fathomed neither meaning nor consequences of what seemed to be a common flu.

Career History

  • Novice (17 February 2023)