Eris Taynyin

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Eris Taynyin
EH-ris Tay-NYI-n
Created by Maureen
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin
OP Strength 3.9
Affinities Air, Spirit, Water, Earth, Fire

Eris Taynyin is a Cairhienin Novice of the Grey Tower.


Eris is a short woman of 20 years at four feet and eleven inches, though she carries herself like she’s eight feet tall, with her chin in the air. Her skin is porcelain-white and her jaw is square. Her nose is the focal point of her face and is quite bold. Her large eyes are cold and dark. Eris' hair is black, thick, and wavy, going down to her upper back when it is not piled atop her head. She is of average build, a bit stocky but not thick. Her lips are full but small and doll-like. Her voice is high and musical. Eris is more a handsome woman than pretty.

She has a bitter, demanding personality, due to her spoiled younger years. This also allowed her to be a flawless liar. She has high standards and looks down on anyone lower than herself. She feels the need to be in control, and for that reason she often picks on others. None but her family knows her past, and she’d never tell a soul. Eris has a soft spot for children due to the loss of her daughter.


The night was cool and slightly windy; the sky was so dark that it looked as if it would swallow the world whole. The Taynyin Manor was perched on a hill, directly where the moon would be if it shone. The only break in the darkness was light spilling out of the windows. There was a grand ball being held in the Taynyin Manor, and all of the Taynyin family, plus all of their allies, attended. Gowns of every color swirled about the dance floor, and not a hair had fallen out if the women's Cairhienin style updos. Fast-paced music echoed across the ballroom from a small stage in the corner, where musicians were playing gleefully.

Eris Taynyin swirled across the dancefloor with her father, who had come across the city to attend the gala. It was a rather awkward dance due to the width of Eris' skirts, which were a plum purple. Her arms were strained, supporting most of her father's weight. He'd had far more wine than suitable, and was not in his right mind. He'd been babbling nonsense the entire evening, and her arms were sore. He was not a slender man.

She couldn't simply set him down on a chair to make a fool of himself; to make a fool of her. If any of the House of Taynyin's allies saw the father of the heir's wife rambling on about his days as a soldier, which didn't even exist, it would make them look foolish; make her look foolish, and their allies would surely not want to associate with fools. Eris also couldn't bring him upstairs and lock him in a guest room, because he couldn't walk up the stairs and was in no place to walk up by himself. Though if she did nothing, Eris would collapse from his weight and look like a fool.

Locating her mother at last, Eris glided across the floor to deliver the old goat to her, who was sipping wine while watching one of the fools juggle brightly colored balls. Thrusting him towards his wife, Eris made a mad dash away from the pair. She'd never been close to her parents. The only reason they'd had her in the first place was for a show piece. Basicly having been raised by her nannies, Eris had seen her family only during social events and suppers. It was during social events that she got to practice her public face: a happy, smiling young woman who was always polite. In reality, she had become a bitter, spoiled Darkfriend, who was scarred by the death of her infant daughter, Naayiva. The girl had been born early, and so tiny. There hadn't been a glimmer of hope for her survival and she'd lived for just under a week.

All she had left were her material objects and her husband, Trim. He was the one that had told her of the riches and glory the Great Lord promised, and Eris' greed led her to become a Darkfriend. Growing up as well-off as she was, Eris was used to power and riches, and she grew even more greedy when she married into the House of Taynyin. She had grown used to even more spoils, and refused to stop there. She had been a Darkfriend, a well-off Darkfriend, ever since their marriage.

She now wove through the crowd to find a secluded room. Eris got overwhelmed when there were so many people in one spot. She leaned against a wall as best she could without completely crushing her skirts. They were far too wide… why did Cairhien women wear such large skirts? It puzzled her, but they were in style, so she wore them.

Trim entered the room. He was a handsome young man with soft features and bright blue eyes. He wore many stripes on his coat. A look of puzzlement crossed his face.

"What are you doing back here? We wouldn't want to seem rude in the eyes of our guests, now would we?" His tone was firm, but his face showed no anger. She blinked.

"Light-blinded fools," She muttered so only Trim could hear as he moved closer and took her hands. "They make me feel stupid, just being around them."

Trim opened his mouth to reply, but his voice was drowned out by screams from the ballroom. He released her hands and dashed back out. Eris paced for a few moments, and when he didn't return, she dashed out after him. Her ballroom was swarmed with assassins. She hissed in anger. It was definitely concerning Daes Dae'mar. They'd invited only allies and friends, but someone must've leaked information to one of their enemies. It was a secret gala, and an excellent opportunity to tear down the House of Taynyin. She located Trim amongst the people.

He was, luckily, still standing, and was holding back a black-clad man using only a knife used to cut the great pig they were serving. An arrow suddenly shot through him from above, and he fell to the ground. Eris burst into tears and turned away, right into another black-clad man who had a dagger. She shrieked, and he was suddenly pushed backwards by a seemingly invisible force. Eris knew exactly what it was. She had channeled! An Aes Sedai had been a guest of theirs, once, and had described the early stages of channeling. She'd even said that Eris had the spark, and that Eris could come to the Grey Tower and learn when she was older. The Aes Sedai had never returned, so Eris could only assume that she'd died.

The man had hit his head on a wall and wasn't moving. Eris seized the opportunity and dashed upstairs, to where they kept their most valuable items. She picked up the bag they were in and carted them out of the estate.

She felt poor, walking out of the shop that had bought her items. Only poor people pawned their things. Poor people who needed money. And she was NOT poor. But she needed money, because she had a long journey ahead of her. Eris managed to get enough money to live comfortably from the man who had bought her things. She used it to buy a carriage to take her to the Grey Tower . There was no way on earth she'd be riding a horse. Filthy creatures!

Career History

  • Novice