Erin Marle

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Erin Marle
Created by Elan
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Affiliation The White Tower
  • Stevan Marle (older brother)
  • Malian Marle (older sister)
  • Jaren Marle (other brother)
Nationality Andoran
Affinities Air, Fire/Spirit, Water, Earth

Erin Marle is an Andoran Blue (Oathsworn) Aes Sedai of the White Tower.


It’s obvious from the first glance that she and Jaren are related; she has the same golden curls, only longer, reaching a couple of inches below her shoulders; the same summer-sky-blue eyes. At a first glance, the resemblance is truly striking.

A closer scrutiny reveals the differences. Erin’s appearance is always more polished, not a hair out of place, make-up flawless. Her smile, while friendly enough, is more calculated; the look in her eyes sharper. She’s of a height with her brother and carries herself in a way that often makes her appear the taller of the two when they’re not standing right next to each other. She also often appears the older of the two, despite both the ageless Aes Sedai face and the fact that she’s the younger one.

For clothing, she favours shades of blue and grey, in fine materials and flattering but reasonably modest cuts. She wears little jewellery; only the Great Serpent ring, and an ornamental golden key hanging from a delicate chain around her neck.

Erin has the unflappable Aes Sedai facade down to a T. She finds open displays of intense emotions distasteful, embarrassing for everyone involved, to be avoided at all costs. She gets along with most people to the extent that she has to, but has few close friends.


Her childhood was in every way average for a wealthy merchant’s youngest daughter; in some respects she was spoiled, but in others her freedom was restricted and she grew up mostly confined to the house and the estate grounds. When she was taken to Tar Valon after she started channelling, at the age of seventeen, it was the first time she’d ever been outside Caemlyn.

The transition to Novice life was a shock; she didn’t want anything to do with chores, not when there was so much to learn. Was she there to become Aes Sedai or a laundry maid? But eventually she realised that the only way to progress was to play along, and finally she became Accepted after five years in the Tower. As an Accepted, with the increased freedom to choose her own studies, she thrived and was tested for the Shawl after three years, at the age of twenty-five, and upon passing the test she chose the Blue Ajah.

Once she had the freedom to do so again, she often thought of reaching out to her family, but always decided against it. She kept tabs on them nonetheless, and when Jaren went to the Grey Tower, she began to take an interest in the reclusive other Tower she’d previously heard only rumours about.

When the Shadow’s interference led to war with the Grey Tower, Erin helped Jaryd Kosari rescue her brother, and after the Fall of the White Tower she followed them back to the Grey Tower and decided to stay there.


Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah (The White Tower, 6 June 2018)