Erin Ayerrow

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Erin Ayerrow
Air-in Eye-arrow
Created by Brittni
Gender Female
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Manetheren (Two Rivers)

Erin Ayerrow is a Manetheren Drin of the Grey Tower.


Erin is a girl of about average height. She's roughly five foot three and has short brown hair. Her face is hard with determination and focus, but her green eyes alight her face with beauty and warmth, yet, when one looks close enough, they also show great pain. She will not let others see her cry nor allow them to see another emothion not kept under tight reign.

She may be young, but she is wise beyond her years. A quick wit, and an even sharper mind and focus. It takes her a long time to warm up to people, and as such she normally comes off to others as either rude or disrespectful. If you take your time and find your way into her rather torn heart, you find that she is one of the more dedicated and caring companions one can find. The trick? Finding a way to get her to trust you enough to let you in at all.

She is dependant and bold. She often speaks her mind however, she typically knows well enough when to hold her tongue too. At the age of 14, she is very young, but has dealt with pain and battles well beyond her years, entirely alone.

Some of her habbits include becoming stony or avoiding when she is upset, and if she cannot get out of where she is to let her emotions go, then she can become violent and angry.


Erin was born the only child in a poor family living in the country side. Her mother, Lynne, died during birth leaving only Erin and her father. Her father, Greg, was a merchant and hunter. He spent much time traveling with his daughter all over Andor and some of the neighbouring areas delivering and selling supplies and goods to those who like his wares.

It all went bad one day though. Erin was 10, her and her father were hunting venison, her father's favourite for their dinner that night. It was to be another clear night on the road, under the stars for the two of them. Greg had taught Erin a little of using a bow, but more of crafting them. She didn't like crafting the traditional long bows of the Two Rivers, where she was born, she much prefered the composite bow. She crafted hers much like that of a Two Rivers Long Bow, but with the composite style and shape that gave it both strength, durability and ease of use. It was her favourite tool, even if she wasn't the greatest shot. She loved to help her father by trying to shoot the deer, even if she very rarely hit anything except a tree. Her father simply smiled and encouraged her to keep trying.

Suddenly, not far from them, there were a lot of voices and a loud comotion. A group of bandits were raiding her fathers supplies!

"Hide here Erin, don't make a sound and do not come out, do you understand?" Greg said soft yet stern to his terrified daughter.

"But father I want to stay with you, don't go alone, please don't." Erin begged, as she kneeled in the bushes under her father's orders, tears streaming down her face.

"Stay hidden and be quiet." He demanded as he rushed off to confront the bandits. There was a lot of commotion and yelling, but Erin could see very little through the trees and brush. She was frightened and alone. The noise seemed to surround her, they must've been closing in, there must have been hundreds of them! They were going to find her!

Her heart with in her throat and her mind spun with fear, while her stomach clenched with dred. And then, silence. Nothing, not a sound of a bird, or scuffuling of a running squirrel. Erin waited for what felt like hours, too afraid to move, to be seen, to be caught. Her father was strong, he had to be alright, he was coming back n a minute. That's what he had said hadn't he?

Darkness began to fall, and a pang of fear and saddness rushed over Erin. Her father hadn't come back, perhaps he wasn't coming back. Slowly and sifly she stretched from her hididng spot and worked her way back to their caravan. The sight took all the breath from Erin's lungs. It was overturned, bits of wood, damaged goods, broken glass, and spilled ink were strewn in multiple directions. The horses were gone, probably spooked and ran, stupid animals. There seemed to be nothing left execept damage, and then Erin saw it. What looked like a large pile of rags clumped near the base of the remains of the caravan.

She approached cautiously to find none other than her fathers lifeless form. Strewn with wounds, and brusises, cuts and slashes, and covered in his blood. Everything. Nothing. Everything Erin had ever owned was gone, she was entirely alone. Nothing, that was all that she had left. She was on her own, and she had to survive, but more than anything she wanted revenge.

Four years passed, and Erin found herself starving, freezing, and hopeless most nights. Those odd few nights where she was able to take shealter in a barn, or find the remains of a fire and get it to alight, or actually be able to kill something more than a few layers of bark with her bow, where the best days Erin could have. Most days, she was not so lucky. Even she did not know how she had made it on her own so long. She was hopeless that she would ever find a home, or a family, or anything to make her life worth while. Then one sunny spring day, everything changed.

She was walking through a small town not far from Whitebridge when she came accross two boys. The larger of the two was threatening the smaller to give him all he had. Anger flashed in Erin's eyes. Many would've just minded their business, it wasn't really her place, but she didn't care, a good fight might just life her mood.

"Hey, leave him alone!" she demanded, her face stern and cold.

"What's it to you?" The larger of the boys asked, while the smaller, taking the distraction, fled quickly.

"I don't get everything I want, but you don't see me robbing from those smaller and helpless, you're no more than a bully, a common thief." Erin said fingering her bow cliped proudly at her one side, and a small dagger she had found hidden on her left.

"Well then I'll just have to get it from someone my own size." The boy spat lunging towards her. Erin lept out of the way easily, she was used to defending herself by now. She would not die like her father, she could not die like her father. This flashed through her mind as the boy came after her again. He swung to punch and Erin took the punch painfully to the side, not letting the pain show on her face, she flung her arm upwards hitting the boy on the chin and knocking him back a little. Erin dove for him, revealing her dagger. She now had him pinned against the wall by his throat.

"Hey!" growled a stern man's voice. Erin was busy, she didn't look to see who it had come from. Next thing she knew, strong hands were pulling her off and away from the boy who now looked rather scared. Without another thoughts, he too, fled.

"Let me go!" Erin demanded, swinging at the strong hands and body with everything that she could.

"Calm down kid." The gruff man said lifting her up, turning her around, and then sitting her on a fence to face him. Erin glared, fire in her eyes that could've burned water to steam. Who was this man? How dare he call her 'kid' and what in Light's name did he want? She decided, judging by his sword, strong muscular body, stern eyes, and armor that it was best to hold her tongue though.

"So you like to fight do you?" the main said kindly, arching his eyebrow and almost... smiling?

Erin nodded, "if it keeps me alive, and lets me protect others." Her face was still sharp and she still fingered the bare dagger in her hand.

"Oh ho! You like to protect others too do you?" The man said, now apearing even happier.

Erin shrugged, "I suppose."

"Then you should consider training at the Grey Tower." The main said to her more softly.

"The What?!" Erin asked, eyebrows raised.

"They Grey Tower." The man said again. He then went into a lengthy explination about Aes Sedai, Asha'Man, and Drin'far'ji. Erin was amazed. Even though her skill was quite minor in the way of combat, they would take her and train her to be a warrior? She could have something like a home, companions, a real future? There was nothing to lose!

"I'll go with you." Erin said happily after the man offered to take her there.

With that, Erin took the step to beginning a new life. A life she never could have imagined. A life she was made for, a life that could bring her exactly what the craved. Revenge.

Career History

  • Drin