Eliza Maddix

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Eliza Maddix
Eliza Maddix
EE liza Con
Created by Christopher
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Norin Maddix
Bondmate(s) Norin Maddix
Nationality Tairen
Weapon Skills
  • Bow ✦✦
OP Strength 5.7
Affinities Water, Air, Spirit, Earth, Fire

Eliza Maddix (born Eliza Caan) is a Tairen Brown Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower. She is married and bonded to Norin Maddix.


When Eliza Caan came to the Grey Tower - dragged kicking, and screaming - she was in denial of her gender. She refused to believe that she could learn to channel. She even managed to almost make her escape the first day. The first year was the worst. She was forced to grow her hair, and announce that she was a female when she entered any room. This was a demand of an Aes Sedai she called the Beast. She found early on that her illiteracy was a big problem, and asked Amairwyn Sedai for help learning to read. She dove into that with her entire being.

In the six years that she trained to be tested, she went from a clumsy pretty girl that acted like a crude boy into a completely different creature. She still has her quirks of ignorance about being a female, but she blossomed into beauty. Her night black hair, now grown to past her shoulders, shimmers in the sunlight. In contrast, her crystal blue eyes held their own light behind dark long lashes. To her original dismay, her breasts filled out even more. She has a body built for sin, and a mind of a scholar.

She still has a bad habit of pick-pocketing, even when she does not realize that she is doing it. That she tries to control now, she was a thief before she was an Accepted. She still has the ability to retain everything she sees, and hears pretty much to the letter - another skill she perfected as a thief.

She can usually be found reading anything from profound works of history, to political maneuvering, and even migration patterns of birds. No matter the subject, Eliza will read it. She is actively pursuing the Brown Ajah, so the Library is a safe bet to locate her.


Eliza Caan, as far as she knew was born of Tear, but the thing was she only knew the streets. For the last sixteen years she ran the streets with a group of young thieves: mostly pick pockets, and cutpurses , but they were known to burglar from time to time. Some would show pity to those that lived in the dirty streets, but Eliza found joy in the freedom the streets gave her.

They ranged in age the youngest being a five year old - the oldest being seventeen. The seventeen year old was the charismatic Jo. Jo was the one that gather the orphaned younglings, and gave them a place to fit in where there was no where before. He dubbed them the Quick. He took most of everything they brought back from their outings in the city, but there was always shelter, and food waiting at the end of the day. Even when one of the Quick came in for the day with meager offerings he would mess their hair, and tell them to do better on the morrow. There was always a winning hurrah for them when they did well. Eliza thought it was a win win situation.

Eliza did not even remember the days when she had become a refugee during the raids of bandits that constantly plagued the Tearaen countryside. She did remember a little of her beginning of becoming a pick pocket. Weeks of reaching into Jo's pockets with silver bells tied to every part of him. She, like everyone of the Quick worked hard to become not just skilled, but what was known as Jo's chosen. Jo's choosen were different among the Quick: they gave the orders, they thought out the plans, and most important they were Jo's chosen. Eliza practiced for five years before she earned that title. The afternoon that she emptied not one coat pocket, but two without so much as a jingle. She swelled with pride.

She was then given six younger members of the Quick to mentor, and watch over, and watch over them she did. She was cautious at first. She had just become one of the trusted. She used the skills she was taught, and her light hand soon perfected them. She also used other things to her advantage. She dressed like a boy. She cut her hair short - just long enough to drape over one crystal blue eye. She began to walk the streets with her shoulders slumped, and look at the ground, as she weaved through the crowd. Everything that was going on, not just in Tear, but the rest of the world, made her virtually a Grey man - not that she believed those silly tales.

She hardly believed that the Dragon was the mythical savior of the world. Tear was not saved from what she could see at street level. The nobles and the highborn still treated the like rats. The only thing that changed was there were fewer hangings in the middle of the day because someone accidently crossed a High lord's path. To her they were book educated wastes of air. That was why she was content keeping her eye's on the ground, her finger's light as air.

The years passed quickly, and were filled with one adventure after another. She soon learned in her earlier days to enjoy the seedier taverns. She walked invisible during the day, but at night surrounded by real thugs. Eliza was a really young girl pretending to be a boy. Jo was her real protection and he let her indulge herself at night after a long day working the streets. Jo sat in shadowed corner with a mug of ale keeping an eye on his prodigy. Eliza learned to swagger, and to curse worse than the oldest soldiers. The under belly of the social structure embraced Eliza - known to them as zel - was an amusing youth with big stories, and bigger boast that they seemed to think was funny.

Life was not always easy when she was gambling, and drinking the night away. There were times when things were heated over a boast or to, and the criminal minded could become violent with nothing to drink in them. Winning too much at cards, and dice could easily be called cheating. Eliza's swagger came in handy. She had a gift for insults. She could work the room into a furry of sunken fists, and broken noses. That little trick allowed for her to slip out without notice. The next day the affects of to much drink let her walk right back in without comment. Well, except an occasional comment on how she did not get thumped around. She just used it to boost her name among them. She was fine with that.

She had reached her sixteenth naming day, and she stood in front of the only standing mirror that the Quick owned. There were things happening to her that she was having trouble hiding. She stared in horror at the breasts that were filling out. She turned to look at her hips spreading to give her a rounder backside. There was no amount of twisting or turning that could change the fact that she was a female.

She tugged her baggy sleeved coat, and tried to stuff her breasts to the side, but they seemed to have a mind, and a fullness of their own. She yanked the coat off, and threw it violently into the corner. She looked into the chipped mirror -she turned one way then the other - she dimpled at herself. Unlacing her shirt, she pulled it over her head. The last blasted things moving as she did so; she ripped a sheet into several strips a hand wide. She made quick work. Eliza tied them around her breasts and the cursed things flattened out. Once she was dressed like zel again, she dimpled at herself in the reflection. That made the coat fit, and she felt more like the zel she had learned to be.

She started the day like every other. It had rained the last few, and that kept them inside. Tear did was not a place that people walked around with the rain coming down in sheets of icy rain, well, not people with money. She decided to hit the docks first thing. There was always a fisherman that netted all the dead fish that surfaced when it stormed, and there was always a fool that would pay them.

She made a few passes, and she had a few coppers, and couple silver coins. She also ended up with a corncob doll, a hair clip, and a leather purse with ten different fishing hooks. Her next pass she held another silver coin, and a wad of tangled fishing line. Eliza had her shoulders slumped, but she had quick blue eyes. They spotted a silk dress departing from a ship. The silk was fine enough for a queen.

Eliza let her eyes follow the woman. She was followed by two men - each carrying leather shoulder bags. Eliza watched the men and the bags, as they passed. She slipped into the crowd. The woman in the silk dress entered a stage. It had someone's symbol on the door - a ridiculous symbol of a bird with lightning bolts being held with its feet. She watched the stage start into motion. Eliza knew the stage would only move as fast as the mud allowed. She also knew why they were named the Quick. She skipped into an alley. She could stay hidden, and at the same time, keep up with them without being seen. They were making their way up to the inner city. Eliza would not get a chance at those bags if they entered the Stone.

She smiled when they turned into a large in called the Green Owl. It was a well to-do place. A place she would never frequent; it was too clean. She slid up to the door as they entered. She sat near the window. A quick glance inside she saw the bags set down at the two men's feet while they ordered their rooms. Eliza looked for the woman in silk. She had moved into a corner next to the stair well. Eliza needed a diversion. Her eye's found a porch lantern still lit.

She scanned the room before slipping in. She tossed the lantern toward the middle of the room when she was sure she was unseen.

The fire burst into being. Eliza waited only a moment. The two men that were with the silk dress moved into motion. The silk dress was drawn to the activity. Eliza slipped close to the bags. Her quick fingers unbuckled them. She pulled one coin purse, and some odd statue of a woman holding her head. The Quick in her slipped out of the room. She was done for the day. Better a safe play. Jo was sitting there when she walked in. Jo wanted them out there until the sun set, but surely he would understand. She tossed full bag of coins at him. He smiled. She loved that smile. So she was not in trouble. Jo gave her leave to relax, and she decided to make use of the rare opportunity, and sleep. It would give her more time tonight to troll the bars. Her sleep came very quick, and she slept with a pleasant dream of a full belly.

So fitful was her sleep that she did not hear the door break open. She did not know that the silk dress had found her. She did not know the men could wield swords, and she did not know what was going on when the silk dress yanked her up from her grubby mat. She also did not know until she looked into the silk dress's face that she had stole from an Aes Sedai.

Eliza was terrified, and she was still one of the Quick. She slipped the coat from her body. She bolted for an open window, and fell face first when something grabbed her ankles. The thud knocked the wind from her. She turned. There were only three of them, but they filled the room. The Quick backed against the walls.

Eliza wanted to kick herself. She stolen from an Aes Sedai. She had endangered here entire crew, and now she had to take the fall. That was the code they all made oaths to.

"I did this. Aes Sedai please do not break up my family. I will go to the magistrate calmly, just please do not take out your wrath on them. Eliza was sprawled on the floor held by the One Power -what was she going to do? The Aes Sedai nodded at the two men. They gathered Eliza up, and the Aes Sedai followed. None of the Quick made to follow - that was expected - she was on her own. She allowed herself to be shoved into the stage. She could wait, and if she went in front of the new magistrates, she would think fast, and it would end up fine.

"I am glad I put the Ward on that bag of coins." Eliza did not look toward the Aes Sedai. "This I cannot lose." She held the strange statue up. "What made you grab this child?" Eliza made herself small. She made herself even smaller the second time she was asked. "Oh for Lights sake, hold her." One of the men held her up, and the woman held open her palm. A tiny flame danced into being. Eliza stared at it in horror. What was the woman going to do to her? Was she going to burn her alive? When that did not happen, she just stared into the flame.

How much time went by, she could not say, but The Aes Sedai smiled. "I think there is better justice for you girl." Eliza was aware of her breast straps. The Aes Sedai knew her to be a woman. They were said to read minds.

"I am willing to bet you did not wake up this morning knowing you could learn to channel." Eliza shook her head. There was no way she could channel. "Yes child, you might not have the spark, but you can learn. "For your crimes - if the Blues don't hang you up, and salt you for leather -The Indigoes will want to see if you may have the Talent for detecting objects of the One Power. I think that is justice."

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted (10 August 2010)
  • Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah (10 February 2011)
  • First Scholar of the Brown Ajah (14 March 2011)
  • Amyrlin Seat