Elia Darrow

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Elia Darrow
Elia Darrow
EL-LEE-ah DAH-row
First appearance A Second Chance at a Fresh Start [1]
Created by Craig
Portrayed by Park Hye Min
Nickname(s) Deyeniye [2]
Gender Female
  • Aes Sedai of the Indigo Ajah
  • The Grey Tower
  • The Shadow (former)
Significant other Dax Torellion
Nationality Shienaran
OP Strength 5.8
Affinities Air, Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth

Elia Darrow is a Shienaran Indigo Oathsworn Aes Sedai and the current Mistress of Novices of the Grey Tower.


Elia Darrow is a traditional Aes Sedai in a number of facets. She has a quiet and stern exterior in public, leaving novices and Accepted with the strong impression that they would dislike getting caught and reprimanded by her. Fortunately for them, Elia has little interest in ensuring that the learning ranks behave as they ought to. Privately, Elia is a different woman entirely. Years as the Head of the Black Ajah have destroyed her personal relationships, leaving her lonely and depressed.

She is inward-looking after the attack that left her right arm withered. Despite her prominence within the Tower hierarchy, she has little interest in playing Daes Dae'mar with her fellow Aes Sedai and Asha'man. So long as she is unaffected by the other machinations taking place within the Tower walls, then she is happy to stay put.

This is different when it comes to the Black Ajah. In her role as Supreme Leader, she has achieved an iron grip of control, after disposing of a number of prominent threats to her position. The only one that remains within the Ajah, Murdock Mather, is also her closest ally against the external threats that are bearing down on Hama Valon. Elia knows that another Shadow-sworn threat is on the horizon and she is looking for a solution to that threat, even if it only saves her own life.

Before she fell to the Shadow, Elia was a bright, friendly and warm soul. Her oaths to the Dark One have mostly vanquished her previous personality, but a small piece of her still yearns to be freed from her oaths in order to return to the Light.


The rooms in the keep of Fal Dara were far larger and grander than she was used to, with exquisitely-woven tapestries covering two of the walls. Despite the finery of the decorations, it was the other woman in the room that fascinated Elia. Mirrelle Sedai was a few inches shorter than Elia, but in a fine Cairhienin dress of dark green slashed with cream, and with that ageless face, she easily overshadowed the Sheinaran.

"Tell me again, child. About the sickness." Mirrelle tone was regal and commanding, precisely what Elia had anticipated an Aes Sedai may sound like. Elia freely repeated the story she had told before. When she was younger, maybe thirteen or so, she had fallen into a fever for a few days that broke as quickly as it had come. This was shortly after her brother, Rav, had been bedridden himself, although their illnesses were unconnected. Rav had suffered from an affliction that had turned his skin blotchy, made him sensitive to light, and he had shivered uncontrollably despite the blankets piled upon him. Elia had a fever, burning hot yet shivering all the same. She had been drowsy, sleeping throughout both day and night. Rav had been wide awake and wailing softly, day or night. Completely unrelated, but she spoke of both illnesses. If the Aes Sedai asked, that was a good enough reason to answer.

Elia was getting used to Mirrelle Sedai nodding, without explaining anything she knew or understood. Somehow this illness, both illnesses, were connected to how she had the spark. Had the spark! It was wondrous, that knowledge, that she could be taught to channel. She could become an Aes Sedai, if she applied herself, according to Mirrelle. That thought had bubbled throughout her mind since she had learned about it. At the very least, she could be taught to control the One Power.

"Well, it's time we left, child," Mirrelle said as she rose from her chair.

Elia blinked in surprise for a moment. "We've leaving just now, Mirrelle Sedai?"

The Aes Sedai nodded slightly. "Yes. You've already packed your things, as I instructed? Good. Then yes, we will leave immediately. Gather your things."

Elia's heart jumped in her chest. She was leaving immediately, now! When she had left the house this morning for the keep, even with supplies packed, she never thought she wouldn't get to say a proper goodbye. "Please, Mirrelle Sedai, can I not say farewell to my parents first?"

Somehow, in spite of the difference in height, Mirrelle peered down her nose at Elia. "Child, you should have done that this morning. Come now, no dawdling." Resigned inside, but refusing to let despair mar her features, Elia followed Mirrelle out of the room. She had no idea when she would be back, but at the very least, her parents would know where one of their children was. I'm going to be a Novice of the White Tower!


Elia has created a number of ter'angreal during her time at the Grey Tower.

One of her first creations was an iron disc. Spanning a mere three inches in diameter, it has a spiral engraved on either side. One of the spirals has a coarse appearance, whereas the other is smooth. This ter'angreal is untested, but channelling Spirit into it should allow the channeller access to Tel'aran'rhiod. Touching the coarse spiral fills a person's mind with warm and happy thoughts. Touching the smooth spiral fills a person's mind with dreams and nightmares.

The most powerful ter'angreal Elia has made has never been publicly disclosed, and its existence is only known to Elia herself. It appears to be a Great Serpent ring because that is precisely what it is. Dubbed a null'angreal by Elia, this object stops other ter'angreal from functioning within its presence. The nullification only works when the ring is in physical contact with the ter'angreal in question. When another ter'angreal is being nullified, the ring becomes partially translucent. It was the null'angreal that allowed Elia to circumvent ever being bound by the Three Oaths.

In addition, Elia has also made a glitter rod. This is a wooden rod, about a foot in length, with a glassy sheen to its surface. Whilst Air is channelled into the ter'angreal, a stream of sparkly coloured sand is emitted from one end. This sand has a habit of getting everywhere, with a particular talent of attaching itself to skin and clothing. Fortunately, the sand disappears into nothingness after several hours. She teaches how to create this ter'angreal in her classes to Accepted and Novices.


Elia Darrow has killed at least fifty-three people by her own hand, and an unknown number indirectly as the leader of the Black Ajah.

Seonin Namendar Seladrin was Elia's first victim. The Accepted found herself bound to the will of Emmond Salere when the Grey Asha'man sought to turn his would-be assassination into a counterattack against Elia and Murdock Mather. In an attempt to weaken Emmond's grip on the One Power, Elia launched a strike of compressed air towards the Accepted's head. However, instead of knocking the girl unconscious, the Air-powered attack smashed the Seanchan's head in, killing her.[3]

Fifty-one trainees of the Grey Tower were killed when the Great Serpent was destroyed. Elia placed a number of ter'angreal underneath the Novices' and Soldiers' Quarters which engulfed the buildings in flames and collapsed it down to its foundations.

When Varistan Uki started to snoop around the activities of the Black Ajah within the Grey Tower, Elia had the Green sister monitored. Shortly thereafter, Elia kidnapped Vari to order to make the Green swear the Dark Oaths, but Varistan refused. Elia killed Vari to keep the Black Ajah safe, and had her body disposed of where it would never be found.[4]


Career History

  • Novice (7 January 2016)
  • Accepted (25 February 2016)
  • Aes Sedai of the Indigo Ajah (18 April 2016)
  • Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah (25 April 2016)
  • Sitter of the Indigo Ajah (16 May 2016)
  • Mistress of Novices (22 September 2016)
  • Supreme Leader of the Black Ajah (9 October 2016 - 11 July 2018)
  • First Seeker of the Indigo Ajah (1 February 2017 - 19 January 2018)
  • Amyrlin Seat (19 January 2018 - 11 July 2018)