Elestren Amaranth

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Elestren Amaranth
eh-LESS-tren AM-uh-ranth
Created by Elestren (player)
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Elestren Amaranth is an Andoran Novice of the Grey Tower.


Elestren is a small, waif of a girl. She is short for her age of fifteen years, no more than five feet tall. Her hair is wispy. The strawberry blonde waves float weightlessly to not much farther than shoulder-length. It simply won't grow longer than that. She tries to keep it tied back, but finds it slipping from any attempts to control it with pins, ties, or bands much to the frustration of her father. He would prefer she kept a tidy appearance. She is the daughter of a rather successful innkeeper after all.

Her eyes are a very pale blue. This combined with her pale complexion, hair color and slight frame, make her appear sickly to many of the inn's custom. Elly, as she is known to those close to her, is not actually prone to ill health. She has suffered from only the occasional extreme headaches, but those are few and becoming further between. She adores making forays into the fields and woods around Whitebridge to find herbs and other edibles for her father's inn.

He buys her decent dresses to befit her station. Elly does appreciate this but tends to get them very grubby in her errands. She has never been one for finery. Also, to the detriment of her overall presentation, her face is made of glass. Any thoughts running through her head show clear as day across her features. This, combined with her rather impulsive nature, make diplomacy somewhat difficult for her. Her father indulges her tendencies. The loss of his wife and Elly's mother a few years ago to illness was hard on both.


Since she was a small child, Elestren has felt more kinship with animals than people. Animals don't ask awkward questions about why your stockings are torn, or why there are grass stains on your skirt. As the daughter of an innkeeper in Whitebridge, she was expected to maintain an image of propriety. She did not have to be immaculate, but she was expected to be neat and tidy. That was all her father asked of her, but she still had trouble delivering on this aspect.

She was the one responsible for gathering herbs, simples, and tending the small garden the inn supported. She had her own pony named Dapple. She was a chubby little thing. Her hide was brown with light spots on her rump, hence the name. Once, while riding in search of simples, Dapple took a hard step into a hole in the landscape, breaking her foreleg. After taking in the situation, Elly was devastated. She knew most horses did not recover from such injuries. Dapple was hurting, but nuzzled Elly in a seeming attempt to cheer her. Elestren gathered her pony's lead ropes and started to guide her home, dreading what awaited them. Her father would insist on putting her down to prevent ill healing and guaranteed pain. She looked back at Dapple limping behind her.

The pony's pain was clear to her and she could not ignore it. Elly knelt, weeping. Dapple was her friend. She could not watch her suffering without trying to help. Unconsciously, she was drawn to put her hands on the pony's foreleg. She wished with all her might that everything would be well. She envisioned her friend whole and prancing in the meadows while she read under a tree, avoiding chores assigned by her father. Elly felt the tears running down her cheeks and wished for those carefree days.

After returning to her feet, she continued guiding Dapple back to her doom. Elly sniffled and wiped her nose. She plodded on with a heavy step. It took a few moments before she realized that Dapple no longer limped. Elestren turned and looked at her friend of many years. Tears unstopped, she inspected the leg once again. Dapple seemed to be in less pain. Elle ran her hand up and down the pony's leg. She could feel no imperfection. Her eyes widened. Dapple nudged her again. The injury seemed to be healed as if it had never been.

In the days that followed, while her pony was fine, Elle was sick. She suffered from fever and headaches. After a time, she recovered and seemed to be fine. From then on, injured animals seemed drawn to her. She helped small birds with injured wings, felines with injured legs, dogs in need of wounds needing dressed. She helped them all. People started to come to her, but she couldn't do much for them other than the normal treatment of herbs and simples. She became known as a healer of creatures and was eventually sought out by someone who offered to help her hone her empathy and healing talents.

Career History

  • Novice (10 September 2018)