Edwyn Fondir

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Edwyn Fondir
Created by Rolnar (player)
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Amadician

Edwyn Fondir is an Amadician Drin of the Grey Tower.


Edwyn is a small ten year old boy, perhaps four and a half feet tall, with a scrawny frame. His hair is the same vibrant golden-blonde that his elder sister once sported, and his eyes are a stunning shade of rich, wooden brown. Mentally, he is very adept, with a deep mind that is hungry to learn. He loves natural places, anywhere quiet and unspoiled by the hands of man. It is this that also seems to contribute to his discomfort around people. Edwyn was never around others much as a child, and has grown almost afraid of them, being extremely terrified of crowded places. However, to those closest to him, such as family, he is amazingly affectionate, seeking to be around them every moment he can. When the affection is returned, he feels safe, secure and calm. When it is rebuffed or ignored, it can be devastating to the child.


Edwyn was out in the wood when the screaming began. Somehow, all of the pain and terror that was to greet him upon his return could not reach him, as he sat so serenely in the forest, talking in his gentle voice to the animals around him. They might not answer, but the presence of such beautiful creatures always set the young Edwyn's mind at ease. It was a full hour after his mother's body had been discovered that the young Fondir, the child born in a hope to ease the pain of losing a daughter, returned home.

He wasn't too sure what was going on as he neared his home, wondered why so many people were crowded around the door. One of the local women, one he remembered his father always called a 'gossipy bitch,' whatever that was. All he knew was that he wasn't supposed to say those words. Her face filled with what looked like sympathy to the child. An adult probably would have noticed the smug tilt of her lips. But to the innocent Edwyn, he could only think she was trying to help as she told him his mother had gone into the Light.

Trees and beasts blurred in the tear-stained sight of a child as he ran, ran as fast as he could towards the one place he might be safe, the only spot that no-one else came to.

The Pattern shifted, the Pattern rippled. A single bubble of empty force began to rise up, a sphere that floated away from the world, a vacuole.

Edwyn could see the spot; hear the blessed silence that only he could really appreciate. Then suddenly there was darkness. There was some sort of ground under him, at the very least, a surface he could run on. And run he did. He had to find his silent place, a good silence, not the crushing quiet that filled this lightless place.

It felt like hours had passed as he ran, as the unreal world around him began to feel thinner, as though there might be a break in the insane, silent darkness. Suddenly, his foot passed through the ground, and he fell with it. He could feel a sort of tumbling as he fell free of the nothingness, and back into the world.

The child awoke, eyes bursting open in a desperate search for the light. It was there, in all its glory. The blessed light, he could see it once more. Smiling, Edwyn sat up, stretched his aching legs. Looking around, fear gripped his heart. This wasn't Valantor! Without warning, the sound of horses neared, and people. Edwyn's imaginative ten-year old mind threw up sudden images of people with cruel, shining blades, ready to hurt a child lost in the woods. Before he could run away, they came into sight of him. Yelping, he ducked behind the nearest bush. One of them neared.

It appears that Edwyn was trapped in the vacuole for about fourteen years. He has appeared in the mountains near the Tower, and is found, as the Pattern would weave it, by the elder sister he never knew of.

Career History

  • Drin