Durent Antian

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Durent Antian
Durent Antian
Duh-RENT AN-tee-ahn
Created by Trent
Portrayed by Hugh Feist
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Green Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Kylara Davram (former)
Children Daeric Osiellin Antian (son)
Nationality Andoran (Caemlyn)
Weapon Skills
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦✦✦
OP Strength 9.0
Affinities Air, Water, Fire, Spirit, Earth

Durent Antian is an Andoran Green Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Durent is 6'2" and about 185 lbs. He has dirty blond hair and dark green eyes. He is over a century in age and as such is now showing a few gray hairs, mainly at his temples. However, his body is still that of someone in their mid-thirties: thin, not overly muscular, but toned.

Durent has whip-induced scars covering his back for anyone that might see him without a shirt. This was a result of having been once captured and tortured by Whitecloaks.

He also has a scar, eighth-inch wide, running from ear to chin on the right side of his face, all that's left from a bloody fight with a myrddraal while stationed at the citadel, the wound was not able to be Healed quickly enough.


Durent was born in Caemlyn to Vincent and Allya Antian. They are the owners of a moderately sized inn called The White Night's Rest. Durent was somewhat of a rebellious youngster. He never came into any serious trouble until he and his friends formed a gang when he was 17. They still never really did anything much, but rather just were around each other to act tough.

A few weeks after the formation of this 'gang' they were together at one of the city gates. They noticed a Cairhienin noble get off his horse to talk with the guards posted at the gate. Brine, one of Durent's friends, decided he wanted to steal the man's gold. Brine walked up to the horse and took the coin purse from the saddlebags. One of the guards noticed and gave a cry. Brine, with the purse, took off running out of the city. Afraid and not knowing what to do, Durent and the others followed. Brine yelled for everyone to split up. Durent turned and ran north.

He ran up a hill as he looked behind him. Two guards were still following close behind. When he reached the top of the hill he was still looking behind him and tripped and rolled down the hill. He rolled into a large rock and lost his breath for a second. As he stood up the two guards had him cornered. Panting from exhaustion, they advanced, trying to restrain him. Durent was absolutely terrified. He knew he could be thrown in the prison for stealing from a noble. Suddenly he felt himself connect to something and felt power run through his body. Immediately following, a lightning bolt came down out of a clear sky to strike right in front of where the guards were standing. Durent shielded his face with his hands from the exploding dirt and grass. When he looked again he saw that the guards had been blown back nearly twenty feet. He walked up to them. Their bodies were burnt and cut. They were also no longer breathing. Absolute panic overtook him and he ran back towards the city.

He entered the city from a different entrance and hid amonst a trader's convoy of wagons that was entering at the same time. Once back inside the city he made his way to his home at his parents' inn. When he was still a ways away, he noticed there were guards out front questioning his father. He ducked into a nearby inn and borrowed some parchment and a pen from the lady currently there running the common room. He wrote a letter to his parents. In it he explained what had happened. He told them he was sorry, but that he had to leave. He told them he loved them and to tell his younger sister Eillia for him. He sealed the letter and asked a young stable boy to deliver it for him. He then made his way out of the city and joined a convoy traveling north. He worked in cities and towns here and there doing manual labor in exchange for food and a place to stay. He became very fit and strong from all the work he did. Every now and then though he would have to sleep in the wild. Whenever he found a place he might be able to stay and live, an accident involving his channeling would force him to leave again.

It was in the city of Chachin in the nation of Kandor where he found the solution to his seemingly hopeless cycle. He had found employ working to construct buildings. The employer was letting him stay at his home. His pattern continued though as one day he got into a fist fight with someone who wanted to pick a fight with the new guy. In the anger that resulted, fireb alls flew from his hands. Luckily no one was hurt but the building they were constructing burned down. He ran back to the owner's house to get his belongings. He found the owner waiting outside with his things packed to a horse. The owner told him that he needed to leave town right away. He gave him a letter that he said would explain everything. Durent thanked the man and took off riding south out of the city. In the letter he learned of a place called the Grey Tower that would be able to help him with his problems. Eventually he made it to the Grey Tower. It was a little over three years from the time he left Caemlyn.

Many years passed since Durent arrived at the Tower and was inducted in as a soldier. In a few short years he was raised through Dedicated to an Asha'man of the Green Ajah. He's had many adventures and went of many missions for his Ajah and for the Tower. He eventually became a Sitter and served in that position until being raised as the M'Hael. He served as such for only a short six years before stepping down and retiring. He retired because he felt the pull of family life at wanting to be near his possible son Daeric. He bought a plot of land in Elman's creek to be near Leanna, Daeric's grandmother who currently cares for the boy. He hoped to be involved in the boy's life and perhaps get back involved with Kylara, the only woman he's ever loved.

Shortly after the event that is now known in the Tower histories as the Sevenfold Conflict, Durent left the Tower suddenly to serve at the Citadel for what he said was to be an indefinite period of time. Many theorized that he’d seen too many years of battle and service to the Tower and was looking to end his life in battle. This wasn’t terribly far from his true intentions.

Many years passed, and he fought many trollocs and other shadowspawn during his time at the blight. Yet he continued to survive, to fight on. During one particularly bloody engagement, a myrddraal slashed a gash in his face before Durent was able to kill it. He finished the fight but soon passed out from blood loss. He was taken back to the infirmary where he was tended to by the Yellows, but he was in a coma for many days. During those days he often thrashed about as if wracked by terrible dreams. Though his health was returning, he showed no signs of waking. The Yellows there could find no explanation for it.

Days later he suddenly woke with no explanation, and with no signs of his wounds or coma except for the scar that now outlines his jaw on the right side of his face. He immediately began packing his things despite the warnings from his Yellow colleagues that he needed to rest. He had an otherworldly determination and said that he absolutely must return to the Tower, that he was needed there but told no one why.

The next day he Traveled back to the gates of the Tower, seeing it for the first time in years. Much had changed, and much would need to be dealt with, and no one was certain why he had returned, or what his new goals were. One thing was plainly obvious. Durent Asha’man of the Green had returned to the Grey Tower.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man of the Green Ajah (21 November 2002)
  • Sitter of the Green Ajah
  • Keeper of the Archives (25 January 2007)
  • Captain-General of the Green Ajah (13 January 2010)
  • M'Hael (first term)
  • M'Hael (27 January 2010, second term)
  • M'Hael (31 August 2015, third term)