Duran Arienmur

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Duran Arienmur
DOOR-an AR-ee-an-MOOR
Created by Darien Jolstraer (player)
Full name Duran Lionel Arienmur
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Shienaran

Duran Lionel Arienmur is a Shienaran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Height: Eighteen and one-half Hands
Weight: Fifteen stone
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Son of Terrawyn and Etheniel of House Arienmur
Born in Fal Moran, Shienar


Duran of House Arienmur was born thirty-one winters ago in the House of Arienmur. His tall stature and toughened build grew him to a noble and proud place amidst the ranks of the Shienaran Light Cavalry. Serving his father's wishes with dignity and happiness, Duran was honored to carry the Black Bear of House Arienmur into the Blight in service of the Light, despite his mother's dread of the notion.

With steadfastness and hard work, Duran earned a his way through the ranks to serve his people in guarding the Blightborder. His years of service earned him command of a company under Terrawyn Aelrynn, and there he served diligently and without question.

Upon one particular patrol near Fal Dara, Duran's company came across a woman of fire and lightning struggled with a half-fist of Trollocs. Without question, he led his men in a charge, throwing the fight in the favor of the Light and driving the remaining Trollocs off. As a small gesture of thanks, Miahala Sedai committed a slightly treasonous act - she gave him a ring of the Aes Sedai, the serpent ring that signalled to the world a person's place with the Power. After much refusing Duran did finally accept the ring, with a promise from this unnamed Aes Sedai. With his greatest need, he might use this ring once to call upon her to deliver him from his peril.

After this encounter, Duran spent his time thinking on the world beyond. An oath of an Aes Sedai would be wasted in a land where his life was already given to the Blight. With a change of heart Duran gave up his post, his title and his place in the House to travel towards something he did not quite know. A greater duty beyond his grasp; but where he wound find it, only his horse Kharan might know. Mounting horse, he rode from Fal Moran and South, to places he did not know and people he did not fear; a ring tucked 'neath his armor to remind him of a promise in his hour of greatest need.

Career History

  • Drin