Dreyric Briouse

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Dreyric Briouse
Drey-rick Bri-oh-say
Created by RJ
Gender Male
Occupation Dedicated
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Saldaean
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦

Dreyric Briouse is a Saldaean Dedicated of the Grey Tower.


Dreyric is from Saldaea and he turned eighteen years old recently. He has four other brothers and is in the middle of them being the third oldest. He has dark green eyes that are not as prominently almond shaped as some of his siblings', but the characteristic is still visible if one looks. His hair could almost be considered black, if not for the generous bit of red that is mixed in there, making it more of a dark brown/auburn in the right light. He wears his hair short, it falls down to about his cheeks usually if it is worn to the front, which is the way he commonly wears it because that is how it falls most often. There are times he might run a comb through his hair, but most of the time he is concerned with other things. He has a prominent nose, which is common for his people, but it is a little more petite then he would like it to be, though he doesn't spend much time worrying about his features and even will tease himself and his father and older brothers by saying that it will get a little bigger when he's as old as they are. It is of common fashion in Saldaea for men to wear beards and Dreyric is no expection in this area, as that is more often than not a deciding factor in how attractive a young man might be to a girl, so he has grown a beard, or at least tried to. It has so far been difficult for him to grow a full beard like his father has, so currently he has a mustache and a goatee that he tries to keep carefully groomed. He has gotten teased by the other members of his family for having such 'delicate' looking facial hair, something that has led to fistfights and as he got older, swordfights more than once. He stands two inches over six feet tall which is a fact he is proud of as he was one of the shorter ones in his family until recently. His shoulders have some broadness to them and his build is on the slim, sinewy side from having to help his father on his farm.

Dreyric grew up on a farm near in Saldaea in a close knit family. Traditionally, all the sons before him worked for their Father before they got married and took up a trade. He is used to working hard for what he has, and it isn't uncommon that he will wear clothes until they wear out. He really doesn't have a sense for fashion, though his favorite color is green, if he had to choose one. Dreyric has three uncles that became soldiers which has given him an interest in sword fighting over the years. While he isn't classically trained, he can use a rapier style of sword and would like to further his education on that, though he doesn't often have time as he is busy working on his father's farm most of the time. Dreyric enjoys showing those that will watch and listen what he does know with his rapier, and he tends to like to brag at times. He can be on the suspicious side, as Saldaea is one of the Borderlands and one never knows what might happen, so close to the Blight. He can be quick to anger and won't hesitate to yell at the target of his anger. That was how he was brought up and would be confused if the other individual didn't yell back however, as that is the most common reaction amongst his people. He is passionate about what he believes in and will be fiercely loyal for a cause and also to people he feels deserve it. A recent series of events has made Dreyric more paranoid about controlling his anger.


The day that Dreyric's life started leading in a direction he would have never expected was on the holiday of Tandar. This was the day that old fights and grudges were to be dissolved and it was supposed to help with solidarity in the community. Children were raised with the idea that that means apologizing or at the very least, just forgiving the individual for what happened and going on. This, however, was not always what went on, especially with some of the hot blooded Saldaean youths. The day started out and flowed just like any other Tandar, and Dreyic *had* made a few apologies to some of his friends whom he'd had minor arguments with in the past. The day went on and soon it was close to evening. Much to Dreyric's chagrin, he discovered the holiday had brought one of his friend of his Father's family into town. He had had a heated fistfight with one of that man's sons just last year when the young man had accused him of stealing a piece of farm equipment from his family. It was later explained that Dreyric's father had told him to take the item from them, as he had worked it out with the offending party's father that it was acceptable for them to borrow it. The father had never told his son that though and it had led to a misunderstanding that had grown largely out of proportion because Dreyric took offense to being called a thief. Even when the matter had been straightened out, Dreyric still harbored a dislike for that young man. When they came face to face again, Dreyric couldn't make himself conceal his disdain for the other young man, and sharp words were traded and the matter escalated until they had decided to settle their grudge with a duel instead of an apology. Dreyric drew his rapier and the duel got under way. The young men were mostly matched in their abilities and in their tendency to banter amongst one another. Dreyric had found himself growing angrier and angrier until something just snapped and he found himself reaching out and seemingly plucking a fireball out of the air to hurl at that very unpleasant youth. This stunned everyone, himself included, to the point where he actually did apologize and retreated back into his family's house. News of this spread quickly, as things tended to in the town Dreyric lived in, as while it wasn't unheard of to hear of male channeler no one here had ever seen one, and most did not wish to.

Life in the town after that for Dreyric was different. His friends didn't obviously shun him, but they would come up with a multitude of reasons for why they couldn't spend time with him and he started to wonder if they weren't telling him no outright because they were afraid of him. As for his family, his parents questioned him daily on what had happened, and it was frustrating when really he couldn't tell them, and couldn't replicate it either. He tried hard not to get so mad again, afraid he might be thrown out of the town if it happened again. He managed to do that for a month or so, and then one day his temper flared at one of his brothers and his brother in question ended up suspended in mid air. As soon as he realized what had happened his brother dropped out of the air, but not fast enough for a traveler not to witness it. This mysterious man had suggested that Dreyric should go to the Grey Tower, and proceeded to tell him more details about it and that he thought he had potential, that is, if he could beat his 'block', whatever that meant. He discussed it with his family, whom seemed more and more cautious around him every day that went by, and they agreed that it could be a good idea. He suspected that they just wanted to get rid of him, but it was a good chance for him and not a death sentence, so he started making plans to make his journey to the Grey Tower.

Dreyric left his town in Saldeea about a week later, when he'd been able to gather the things he needed for his journey. His Father gave him some money for the journey and along the way he'd do odd jobs here and there to earn a little extra. He was used to heavy farm work, so jobs like that didn't bother him. He met a lot of people along the way and would have made friends if he wouldn't have had to move on. He made sure not to mention his confusing abilities, as he still didn't know how people would react. Judging by how people in his home town reacted, he had decided to keep that information on the down low. That tactic worked for most of his travels, until one day he heard shouting just outside of the inn where he'd been staying for the last few days. What he came upon was two men yelling at another man that looked close to his age about money and not listening to what the other man, whom looked as though he was not native to here, and it made him angry enough at the way the two aggressive men were behaving that he was able to make that fight break up by pushing the participants away from one another without even lifting a finger. The ability fled him as soon as this happened, but it was enough to make the men back off, accept the offer he had made to make up the difference on what was stolen and run off. He stayed in this town for a few days and talked to this young man, whom he learned was named Zhenquan, though he called him Zhen. Zhen asked most of the questions and was otherwise quiet for the most part. He hadn't seemed the type that liked to talk, but that hadn't mattered, as Dreyic had done enough talking for both of them.

Then it came time for him to continue on his journey, so he got prepared and went on the road again, ready for anything that the world might throw at him. He was physically and emotionally prepared for the next chapter in his life, but he wasn't so sure about the mental aspect. Still, he was excited to get there. He'd imagined what it would be like.

Career History

  • Soldier (10 November 2019)
  • Dedicated