Dore Tsorovan

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Dore Tsorovan
Created by Jessie Vernham
Nickname(s) Stormdance
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Amadician

Dore Tsorovan is an Amadician Novice of the Grey Tower.


Dore is of generally average physical appearance; she is of average height and weight, has a relatively pale complexion, and has indeterminate light brown hair. However, she has on very distinguishing feature; due to a recent indicent, Dore is completly blind and has white, cataract covered eyes. Because she was only recently blinded, she is very nervous and shy, and tends to be lacking in self confidence.

However, alhough she can't remember what she was like before she was blinded, Dore used to be a very outspoken, confident person, and occasionally that shows through despite the recent trauma.


She woke slowly, in increments, adjusting to consciousness after her long absence from it. Sounds of quiet whispers from the darkness surrounding her seemed unintellegable to her; she knew they were speaking her language, but it didn't seem to connect to the words in her mind.

"She's awake!" came a surprised cry from somewhere to her left. She understood that; things were starting to make sense to her. If only it wasn't so dark....

"Do you know where you are?" asked the voice. From the gentle tone, she thought she was in a hospital of some sort; the tone was the sort they used to talk to the sick and injured as though infirmity somehow incurred simplicity.

"I..." she trailed off. She had no idea where she was. How did I get here? Something tickeled at the edge of her mind; flames, screaming, pain, so much pain... and darkness. She pushed the thoughts away as forcefully as she could.

The voice seemed to notice her hesitation, and supplied her with the answer. "You're at the Grey Tower, in the infirmary. You were brought here by some Aes Sedai from the White Tower. They wouldn't tell us who you were or where you came from, but now that you're awake we hope that you can give us the answers."

She opened her mouth to answer that she was.... But she couldn't finish the sentence. Who was she? She searched her mind, but the answer wasn't there.

"I... I don't know." She answered. She had no idea who she was, where she was from, or how she had got there. Panic began to nibble at the dark corners of her mind. She was in a strange, dark room, she couldn't remember who she was or how she had gotten there....

"Be calm," came the voice. She was glad of the soothing tone now, it seemed to hold back the panic somehow.

"There was a bracelet on your arm when you were left here, with Dore Tsorovan written on it. Is that your name? It's very pretty, I think it means Storm Dance in the old tongue."

"I don't know, I don't remember... I guess so. Why don't I remember?" The name Dore didn't mean anything to her, but she liked the sound of it so she thought it was as good of a name as any for herself.

"The White Tower Aes Sedai said they found you trapped in a burning house in Amadacia. You apparantly channelled to free yourself, but you were badly hurt by the time you did so."

"I... can channel?"

"Yes, Dore. You're going to become a novice."

Dore thought about that for a moment. Something tickeled the back of her mind at the thought of being a channeller, but she had no idea what her mind was trying to tell her.

"Why... why is it so dark in here?" she asked, fearing the answer.

"It's not dark, Dore. I'm afraid you lost your sight in the fire."

Career History

  • Novice