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Created by Lou
Portrayed by Jasmine Sanders
Gender Female
Occupation Ji'val
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Aiel
Weapon Skills
  • Dagger ✦✦
  • Polearm ✦✦✦
  • Bow ✦✦✦

Dianlinn of the Jagged Spire Sept of the Taardad Aiel is an Aiel Ji'val of the Grey Tower.


Dianlin stands at an impressive five feet and eleven inches tall, and has long strong legs and an athletic build that she works to keep in great shape. Her bosom is well rounded and she sometimes finds it an inconvenience that it can attract so much attention. Her skin is darkly tanned, and in comparison her pale blue eyes seem to stand out all the more. Her hair, which is cut in a rough bob just under her jaw line, with one long braided tail that hangs down past the middle of her back, is the pale gold with different hues of dark gold and honey streaked throughout it. She has a natural pout to her lips, which as a child she was teased about, being told that she looked more like a petulant Wetlander child than one of the Aiel.

When found wearing clothes that she had choice over, she still chooses to wear browns and tans, though she had adapted to wearing her clothes in the cut of the Wetlands, which are a little more formfitting and show off her fine legs and bosom to great effect. She still has her Cadin’sor, and will always done her black veil if she feels she is about to dance the spears. The only jewellery she wears is a silver chain which has a small ivory carving of an open rose, a gift from her "adoptive" Mother.

Personality Description:

Dianlin follows the code of ji’e’toh, she will hold any slight against her honour seriously. She is quiet, only speaking when she has something important to say, and is someone who used to laugh a lot, but after being sent to the Wetlands, she sometimes thinks she has forgotten how to find things amusing. She is prone to bouts of sullenness, feeling alone in the Wetlands, and though she jokes freely about sex with women and men, she would feel intimidated with a man tried to have his way with her if she had not initiated it first.


Dianlin was born to a Maiden, but that is knowledge that she has never known. She was the only child of Sephia and Veran, a pair widely renown as weapon and jewellery smiths of the clan. She did not grow up missing for anything, and loved both her parents as she was schooled and taught their trade. As a younger girl, she thought she would follow in her family’s trade, but in the end her heart called her to want to join Far Dareis Mai, to be a Maiden of the Spear. It shocked both her parents, as until the day she told them her news, she had been “friendly” with a goat herder from another hold, and Sephia secretly hoped of a Wedding Wreath and Grandchildren.

Joining the Maidens was a hard choice, choosing between what she felt was her duty and calling to the Spear, and to follow her Parents footsteps to become a weapon smith. After taking council with her Mother, and her friends, she finally made the choice on her thirteenth naming day, to join the Maidens, cutting her hair and taking up the Spear and Bow. Her parents did not forbid her to leave, and she lived in happiness until the time she left her Hold to join Far Dareis Mai.

Joining the Maidens was not what she thought it would be, to start with. She found that she disliked the menial tasks and chores they set for her, and the other younger girls, saying that they had not yet proved to be responsible enough to handle a Spear, so they were given brooms, cleaning cloths and boots instead. Here she made close friends with Rebika, a fellow trainee, and they soon decided they wanted to become Near Sisters. This treatment last well over sixteen months, until finally two of her Sisters came to her and handed her first spear, taking her out to teach and train. She lived breathed and trained with her spear for four months before being taken to a new camp, and that was where she had met the Wise Ones.

She had had little to do with the order up until then, though she knew to show them great respect. But one afternoon she had been sent, as one of the youngest members of the Maidens, with a message for the Wise Ones, and had not been allowed to leave their camp from then on. They explained little to her, though she was still allowed to trained as a Maiden, but she was not allowed far from the Camp.

After six months of training, she was summoned to the Wise Ones council and informed that they had made a choice with her in mind, and it was that she was to be sent to the Grey Tower in the Wetlands. She knew the Wise Ones had struck a bargain with the Wetlanders, but she had never expected to be made part of it. She had tried to argue, until her honour had been questioned, and then she knew it was time to give up. She packed her clothes, said goodbye to her Near-Sister, and left for her new home. They never explained why her, or what her purpose was, just that it was to be.

After only two weeks of travel in the Wetlands, she was ambushed my some Shaido who had disbelieved in the Car’a’carn. They were Brotherless and shamed. Dianlin fought them with everything she had, but they were many, and she was one, and as she waited for death she heard them joke that she was too pretty to give over to the Creator yet. Dianlin was left broken and damaged, raped and abused by those with no honour to speak of. She tried to take the White, to become gai’shain, but they would not let her, a final insult to her as if they refused to see that she had any honour to speak of.

She wondered for many moons in the strange land, lost and hating the fact that most people seemed to fear her. No one would help her when she approached, and she found it easier to stay away from towns and villages, finding food and water on her own, which was far easier on this side of the Dragonwall.

She finally stumbled across a small camp one night, and into the waiting arms of an Aes Sedai, Jacklyn of the Blue, who healed her. The woman helped wash her, fed her, and cared for her in a way none had since she had left home. The Aes Sedai also gave her some herbs to make sure she would not have a child from the shameless animals who had treated her so badly. The Aes Sedai took her towards the Grey Tower, and towards her new home. It is here she hopes she can get back her honour that she sees as being lost, and embracing the ways of the Drin and serving the Aes Sedai will help her get her honour back, it being as close as she would get to taking the white of the gai’shain.

Career History

  • Drin (1 October 2019)
  • Ji'val (1 February 2020)