Derren Jolstraer

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Derren Jolstraer
Dare-enn Johl-stray-er
Created by Bella
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Grey Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Hama Valoner
OP Strength 8.6
Affinities Air, Fire, Earth, Spirit, Water

Derren Jolstraer is a Hama Valoner Grey Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Derren Jolstraer inherited the icy blue eyes of his father as passed down from his grandfather, set into an angular face considered handsome by some and less so by others. No one, however, can deny the intensity of his every expression, even when the particular emotion of said expression is indefinable. He prefers to keep his dull brown hair shorn relatively close to his head in the style of no nation but strictly out of utilitarian need. With a slight underbite, his words come out with a slightly thick presentation but his diction never suffers and he is rarely misunderstood.

In personality, Derren is intense by nature, yet highly restrained after spending the majority of his life working to control it. The passions of his soul frighten him and always have, and he fears to let any out lest they all emerge and harmfully, so he keeps a tight rein on himself in practically all things. And his drive to find peace in his soul has led him to seek peace in the world surrounding him, on scales both small and large.

Having spent too much time focused on controlling himself too much, he has found himself with a dearth of sense of humor. In those rare times he does let himself have a little more emotional freedom, he can be warm and even jovial, but the rather literal nature he has accumulated in his mind leaves him with some difficulty in grasping sarcasm or comprehending jokes. (Something that his brother has rarely let him forget.)"


Derren Jolstraer was Tower Born.

Derren, along with his twin brother Kerren, were born to Tarvin and Giani Jolstraer; Tarvin being the youngest son of Miahala Sedai and Darien Asha'man. Tarvin, having no talent for channeling and no desire to become a Gaidin, left his Tower upbringing as a young man to forge his own path. The Borderlands sang to his blood, but unlike his twin sister who returned to the land of their mother's birth, he returned to the land of his father's: Shienar. Feeling the call of metal like his father, he became a blacksmith's apprentice.

Some years later, Tarvin and his pregnant wife would travel to the Tower to visit his mother--his father long gone by this time--and everyone would get quite the surprise when Giani went into labor early with their twins.

The early delivery was a scare, but the Wheel wove wisely because being in the hands of the Yellow Ajah saved both her life and that of their children. And so it was that Derren not only descended from the blood of the Tower, but was born to it like his father before him. He would of course return to Shienar with his parents and brother when they were all well enough to travel. But far more than his brother, stories of the Tower would fascinate him as a young boy.

His upbringing was, really, fairly banal. But that can be the best way. The difficult delivery caused his mother to no longer be able to bear children, so the twins grew up in a small family, but a loving and hardworking one. Tarvin was a successful blacksmith of a moderate city, and Giani a skilled seamstress.

Derren was a bright boy, fascinated by learning and the world around him, but he had inherited the Sha'hal temper from his grandmother's line. As he aged, it would cause him more troubles with other children as he struggled to learn how to control it. Unlike most children, Derren was acutely aware of the irrationality of his reactions but his inability to manage them only made it worse with frustration.

By the time he was fifteen, he had accumulated more marks against him in his small city school than his conscience could handle. Despite his love of knowledge and an innate (if conflicted) social ability, he chose to leave school and join his father in the smithy. He hoped the isolation would help his control, and that the work would teach him a sort of discipline and focus that school hadn't.

As it turned out, the smithy would give him his direction in life, but not in the way he expected. A thankfully minor incident involving his temper in his father's presence showed the presence of the One Power in Derren.

For the second time during his existence, Derren returned to the Tower to follow in the footsteps of his grandparents.

Career History

  • Soldier (29 June 2015)
  • Dedicated (13 July 2015)
  • Asha'man of the Grey Ajah