Della Toren

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Della Toren
Dell La | Tor En
Created by Lynsey
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran
OP Strength 8.5
Affinities Fire/Air, Spirit/Water, Earth

Della Toren is an Andoran Novice of the Grey Tower.


One of the first things you'll notice about Della is her long black wavy hair that shines brown when the sun hits it. Then as you pay more attention you'll see that she's of average height, that being 5 foot 6. Next will be her lightly tanned skin. And when you look into her eyes you'll see they are a deep brown and oval shaped. And when she smiles, a twinkle in them will appear.

And if you ever get her to speak to you, you'll hear a voice that hides laughter. She is normally very light-hearted and looking for a good laugh. But she also empathic. She knows how to read people, and usually follows the vibes they give off. As that tells her how to react. However, if you catch Della on a rough day, she is known to have an annoyed and impatient tone to her voice.

If you ever wanna avoid her on a rough day, signs to watch for are; looking down, teary eyes, or unusually quiet.


When Della was first born to her mother; Elise, she was unwanted. As Elise had recently lost her husband and Della's father, to a fire only days before. Elise had resented Della and sent her to her grandmother's to be raised.

This was a blessing in disguise. It was here that Della learned much about herself and how to become a woman. Her grandmothers taught her all the basics of living on her own and how to keep a clean and happy home. Whereas her grandfather taught her how to hunt and fish. He figured that Della would need to know all this if she was ever to be left defenceless if he and his wife were to pass away.

Sadly, this became the case when Della was 12. Heartbroken and lost, she sought out her mother; Elise. She had always known Elise was her mother, as she visited often. Elise had never remarried. So when Della asked to move in, she was thrilled. She regretted how she acted when Della was born. And said it was never Della the problem, but her own selfishness and depression. This was hard for a 12-year-old to understand completely. But it was acceptable, as it gave Della a home.

The next four years went by uneventful. It wasn't til Della's best friend; Neria wanted to go to the Tower and be tested. Della was unwilling to lose another loved one. So, she spoke to her mother about going with Neria. Her mother understood, and reluctantly let Della go.

Once the girls reached the Tower, they were amazed by the appearance of the Tower. It was beautiful. And although the halls of the tower were confusing and twisted, they eventually found someone who could assist them. It was a young looking woman with curly blonde hair. She performed a simple weave and asked the girls if they could see it. Della simply nodded. Neria hadn't.

Career History

  • Novice (9 May 2014)