Dax Torellion

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Dax Torellion
Dax Torellion
Created by Sunny
Portrayed by Colin O'Donoghue
Full name Dakson Torellion
Gender Male
  • Gaidin
  • Blademaster
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Significant other Elia Darrow
Nationality Tairen
Weapon Skills
  • Unarmed ✧✧✧✧✧✧✧
  • Sword ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Dagger ✦✦

Dakson 'Dax' Torellion is a Tairen Blademaster and a Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Dax is of average height, in excellent physical shape and good health. His black hair varies in length from a messy cut to long enough to pull into a tail at the back of his neck, as he only cuts it occasionally. His shoulders are broad, and his face is exceptionally attractive despite his broken nose. He has no purposeful facial hair, but simply shaves when it occurs to him to do so. His clothing is both well-worn and well-cared for; he favors greens, browns, and grays.

As a stranger, he is typically well liked- a flash of a smile, a smooth word, and he can typically charm his way through any situation. He likes to play at dice and cards, flirt with any woman who looks his way, and is well known in nearly every tavern in Hama Valon for his tendency to drink to excess. He seems to have reached a respectable level of restraint with those vices at this time, but most believe it would take very little to send him tumbling down again.

In the closed quarters of the Grey Tower, things are a little different. Over the years of his residence there his lack of respect for authority, sarcastic turn of tongue, and ambiguous views on morality quickly became apparent. Many of his training partners find his mercenary tendencies to be distasteful, while still others are aghast at how easily he slips from partner to partner.

Despite his faults, Dax is a deadly opponent and a desirable ally, being a Blademaster at unarmed fighting and an expert swordsman. Once he starts fighting, however, he is not always able to stop himself. He also possesses a natural talent for instructing others in the fighting arts which seem at great odds to his irresponsible demeanor.


My Lord,

I have looked into this Dakson Torellion as you requested, and I was surprised by what I encountered. The man is uncannily well-liked by all he meets; it was exceptionally difficult to track down the more sordid details.

He was born the sixth of eight children in the Maule district of the city of Tear. His father Jem Torellion was a fisherman who dreamed of bigger seas, while his mother Ryanne Decara was a seamstress with ill health and eight too many children to properly care for. She died giving birth to his youngest sibling. The father left the children with a friend and disappeared abruptly. When he returned he had an abundance of wealth, though I could not determine where it came from.

Dax enjoyed his newfound status in life, but could not forgive his father. He left his family and Tear at the age of fifteen, and much like his father, vanished from all accounts. The next time I was able to find record of him was in a tavern in Tanchico five years later. He had clearly grown up a bit; the man I spoke to said he carried a sword like he knew how to use it, walked with a swagger, and talked with the confidence of a man who had seen more than most. It seems likely that his motivations for being in Tanchico were not entirely honest, but I have not been able to find any definite proof of that possibility.

He traveled to Amadicia a short time after that, and sought to join the Children of the Light. On the eve he was to begin his training fought and killed a man in a tavern brawl. Rather than wait for the inevitably brutal inquiry from his new captain, he fled the country.

He has since wandered from nation to nation, serving as a sword for hire to any who need protection. His patrons have included merchant trains, shipmasters, and even a number of taverns. The last I was able to discover about him he was asking questions about the Grey Tower in Whitebridge, and departed west the next day.

If I hear anything new, I shall contact you immediately.

Yours in the Light, Sorenia Janelle


  • Jemis Torellion, his father
  • Ryanne Decara, his mother
    • Jemis Torellion, his brother
    • Dominic Torellion, his brother
    • Joakam Torellion, his brother
    • Nikolas Torellion, his brother
    • Willam Torellion, his brother
    • Dax Torellion
    • Bennen Torellion, his brother
    • Linea Torellion, his sister

Career History

  • Drin (20 October 2014)
  • Ji'val (20 September 2015)
  • Gaidin (15 January 2016)
  • Blademaster