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Created by Ash Falcon
Gender Male
Occupation Dedicated
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Ikarolian (Portal Stone World)
Weapon Skills
  • Daggers ✦✦
  • Polearms ✦✦
  • Throwing Knives ✦
OP Strength 4.5
Affinities Fire/Spirit, Earth/Water, Air

Darthelien is a Dedicated of the Grey Tower.


Darthalien's most striking feature is that he's completely albino. (This is normal among his people.) His hair is white, his skin white with pink undertones, and and his eyes are very pink. He stands six feet tall, broad-shouldered but lean; at the time of his arrival at the Hama Valon, he is wearing a ragged cloak and trousers, with scuffed boots and a sort of skirted vest. In his former life he was alert and inquisitive, taking on new responsibilities as he prepared to become the Blade of a Weaver. Here in the Westlands he is overwhelmed and shell-shocked, a stranger in a strange land. He has picked up a few phrases in the common tongue of the Westlands, but his accent is terrible and his native language is an evolved form of the Old Tongue, different in much the same way that modern French differs from classical Latin.


The broad outlines of Darthalien's story would be recognizable to many Asha'man: he was moving into his adult life when everything was derailed by the discovery that he could channel, at which point he found himself outcast and hunted. Where it differs is that all this took place in one of the many alternate worlds, and in trying to escape he activated a Portal Stone and wound up in Andor. In his homeworld, the history is different: during the War of Power, the Dreadlord who created the Shadowspawn was actively trying to breed the ability to channel into his creations. The Pallid, Darthalien among them, were the result. Unlike other Shadowspawn, they were not bound to the Dark One; they turned on their creator, and fought on the side of the Light. In that world, in this Age, human channelers are rare; their Aes Sedai-equivalent, called Weavers, are almost all Pallid. Darthalien was training to become a Dagger, which is something like a Gaidin but with more emphasis on diplomacy, intelligence-gathering, and assassination. The Pallid are named for their albinism, and their origin is evident in the way that they can ingest blood to increase their physical abilities and/or their strength at channeling. Human blood is, of course, best for this; they were created by a Dreadlord, after all. Darthalien is a wilder; he can only make his channeling work in the dark, and even then the results are unreliable. It was the language barrier that brought him to the Grey Tower: he stumbled into a village after his escape through a portal stone, and when the villagers found that they couldn't understand him they arranged for someone to take him to Hama Valon and the Grey Tower in hopes of finding someone who could translate.

Career History

  • Soldier (17 November 2021)
  • Dedicated (11 January 2023)