Darek Salen

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Darek Salen
Darek Salen
DAR-ek SAY-len
Created by Christopher
Portrayed by Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat! manga)
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Jasrin Arendil
Nationality Mayener
Weapon Skills
  • Dagger ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦
  • Polearms ✦✦
  • Throwing Dagger ✦

Darek Salen is a Mayener Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Darek Salen is in one word, beautiful. He has thick black hair, sun kissed golden skin of someone that grew up near the ocean. His large dark eyes are framed by long lashes: dark eyes that can switch from cold to boyish innocence in a blink. He isaesthetically pleasing to behold: from his face to his chiseled body. And though he is a few years older than when he came to the Grey Tower, his smooth face makes those around him think he is younger than he really is: something that has begun to irritate him.

Darek was an arrogant boy when he came to the Grey Tower. His skills of seduction and manipulation could never be rivaled in his mind. He was an opportunist, every advantage was used to make a kill. Darek had no faith in prophecy. Each man made his own lot in life. He was sent by someone masked in the One Power with one task: attach himself to the Asha'man Jasrin Arendil. And Darek did so... but he found out that the union came with a price.

Darek trained with the Gaidin of the Grey Tower. He rose in the ranks quickly. He trained harder after the attempt on the M'hael's life. His natural fighting abilities were developed and honed by the Grey Tower. He is deadly with his daggers, andprefers them to any other type of weapon. He does however possess skills with other weapons.

Darek was one of four Warders Bonded to Jasrin Arendil. During the rebellion, Jasrin lost one of his Warders. Darek was newly claimed, and fell into grief. Jasrin and Darek's emotions, after that point, seemed to mirror each others. At times Darek finds it difficult to be around Jasrin, but he never seems to want to be away too long.

One of the most noticable changes have came from the M'hael's tutalage. Darek has learned that political maneuvering is a subtle art. He now thinks his actions through, and is careful in everything he does to gain an advantage for the M'hael. Confidence has now replaced arrogance. People still make a mistake in thinking that he is just a too pretty boy, but when Darek begins to speak they eventually realise that Darek guided them into doing the exact opposite they had wanted to do. And when they do realise they have been manipulated it is too late.

The most important thing to Darek is that Jasrin remains whole. That Jasrin remains safe. There is nothing that Darek would not do to ensure this, no sacrifice he is not willing to make.


Darek was born a commoner in Mayene. His father was a wealthy, most of his earnings were from the trade on the oilfish shoals. His mother was a prize that His father never expected. He spoiled her with everything he could think that would make her happy. They were superficially happy for the most part until Darek was born. The attention his father was used to getting from his mother turned toward Darek.

She marveled at her beautiful boy. She spent her entire day making sure Darek was pampered in the most speacial way. She turned a blind eye to her husbands jealousy - how could he be really jealous of his own son? As Darek grew older the jealousy turn into abuse. His father vented quite a bit, and during those times when he was bent on making Darek pay for taking his wife's attention, there were beatings that occurred. At first Darek would weep himself to sleep, but after a while he found he was excited by the thrill of the strike - he even began to provoke it. On one night that his father was incensed about the refusal to bed his mother he took it out on Darek. Darek was shoved into the wall, and his father announced to him that if he could not bed his mother he would have him. When Darek felt his father's lips pressing against his, and knowing that more would follow, he pulled his father's belt knife out striking his throat in one smooth slice. He watched his father bleed to death in horror.

He went to his mother covered in blood. She did her best to comfort her child. She washed the blood from him, and tucked him into bed. That night she hung herself.

When Darek woke the next day he was so guilt ridden that he ran into the streets of Mayene. He didn't seem to have any problems at first. Everyone that looked at his beautiful face were willing to help him. That was until he was spotted by Hespa Foreen spotted him.

Hespa Foreen was a high ranking member Friend of the Dark. Her web was spun nearly to every city in every nation. Hespa had an appetite for the young, and pretty. Darek was scooped up off the streets, and drawn into Hespa's web.

At first Darek was shown the finer things that a good bit of wealth could offer. Hespa wined, and dined him. She spoiled him with anything he could have wished for, but her deviant nature finally was shown when she bedded him. She showed him how to pleasure her. Darek having no where to turn did everything that was asked of him.

The molestation did not stop with her. Anytime there was a Friend of the Dark in her company he was offered for them to enjoy. He was passed around like a pretty doll to be used at leisure. Darek soon became desensitized to the acts he had to perform. It was always a job for him to complete.

After Hespa realized Darek could be put to use. She payed to have Darek trained by the best dagger fighters she could find. That was one of the things Darek excelled at. Every time he trained, he imagine the day when he would kill everyone that ever violated him. He especially wanted to kill the channelers that had molested him. They had harsh methods that left his will weak.

Several years past. He was working his forms with his daggers, and one of the servants approached giving him a sign with his hands. A note was past to him that read, "Hespa failed she is to die to night, and you will be given further instructions." He turned looking at Hespa drinking her wine, and telling her guest what a beautiful pet she had. He went back to working his forms. He had a greater determination now.

That night after pleasing one of Hespa's guests, he was called to her room. He performed for her making her smile. She delighted in his body. He pleased her like he was taught to do. At the moment of her greatest pleasure, her climax ended with her neck being snapped. Darek knew then he was filled with shadow.

He was used after that for his ability to seduce, and charm. Everything he was told to do ended in a kill.

A year had passed, and he was approached by a figure masked in darkness. His orders were placed into his mind. He couldn't say for sure what had been done to him, but he could say he had no choice in any other option other than to obey - not he would ever say no to his orders.

He eventually found himself walking the Grey Tower halls to evoke the next great darkness. He was there to ensure the path, even if he found more than he wanted to find.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin