Dakkon al'Majere

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Dakkon al'Majere
Dakkon al'Majere
Dah-kon al-mah-jere
Created by Dan
Portrayed by Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV)
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin
Weapon Skills
  • Mace ✦✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦
  • Polearms ✦✦

Dakkon al'Majere (formerly known as Kain Thresher) was a Cairhienin Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Dakkon is a man of average height, average weight, and appears to have once been fairly muscular. He has short, light brown hair, and bright, warm green eyes, which have reminded more than one lass of a young field in the height of spring. Dakkon has many scars due to battle and training, the scars physical, and emotional.

Dakkon was also once known as Kain Thresher, kinsman to a former Master of Arms named Dwillon and former Gaidin Captain Damon Thresher. But that is a tightly held secret.

Dakkon was once a charismatic man, who understood that true battle contained more than an attack for an attack, but in fact contained reason, passion, and a goal. He now appears somber, quiet, as if a part of his very life was forcefully torn from his soul.

Young men tend to respect him, even when not understanding why. Women tend to feel safe around him. Once, ages ago, young women often lusted for him.

Dakkon is often seen studying books on military warfare, or tomes on history. He also enjoys training, and playing strategic games to hone his mind.


Some days, all a man could want is to sit by the fire, listen to a gleeman, and enjoy the sight of two beautiful Aes Sedai. Other days, a man had to walk outside into the rain, and bloody his hands.

This day was not like other days; this day was a prelude.

It should have been an easy night, with Elijah spinning the tale of his newest project, the biography of the Order of the Dragon's Flame, in hopes of reducing the cost of warm housing for an evening. Zehn, as quiet as a shadow, he stalked the grounds, making sure all was safe from potential danger. Ever since he nearly lost his life, losing his voice in the process, he developed an obsession with safety.

The last member of the trio was a man who could one day become a legend, if he lived long enough, and displayed deeds of courage, justice, and honor. This last man was dressed humbly in a dark cloak, easily hiding his figure and features.

This man, who humbly brushed and cared for three specific horses with love and care was none other then Kain, the Dragon Knight, messenger of the Dragon’s Flame.

It should have been a quiet night, but Zehn the Quiet Archer heard a very strange sound. It was not every night that a wolf howled, and cut off suddenly with a strange gurgling sound.

When the sound echoed through the quiet night, even the wildlife ceased living, leaving all in a strange, uncomfortable silence. It was as if the night itself hid a predator, hunting for an unwary prey.

It was not only Zehn who heard the change, Kain did as well, followed by the two men sharing a look though the distant path between the inn and stables, agreeing to another night of cold, sleeplessness, and duty.

As Zehn entered the inn to find the third of their party, Kain saddled the three horses again. First saddling the silent one's black Palfrey, referred to as Nightmare, due to its skill at running in the night, helping the silent one slay runaway enemies.

The next was the bard's own white palfrey, known as Cloud, as a private joke towards his rider. Elijah often spends hours riding quietly, creating new songs and poems, often not hearing the small talk of his compatriots.

Lastly was a larger horse, which was nearly all black, exept a peculiar red pattern on its forehead, earning him the name of the Black Flame. The charger was Kain's own beloved warhorse, found while young, and nearly starved to death in an abandoned stable, in western Cairhien.

Once Kain had mounted Black Flame, Zehn had finally entered the stables, and was equipping his battle equipment. As Elijah strode towards his two companions, he was reminded of past battles, seeing Zehn equipping his black leather quiver, black longbow and rapier at his side, Kain though was a different story. Not long ago, he had left his exquisitely crafted half-plate armor and gilded shield safely stored away in a safe place, temporarily hiding his identity as the Dragon Knight.

Now he wore chain mail of decent quality, a featureless targe on his left arm, and a flange mace hanging on his right. The weapon was carefully maintained, and now was even clearly reflecting the candlelight of the stables, and when carefully angled, reflected the moonlight, when it shone from the cloudy, rainy night.

Within a few moments, Elijah had his harp safely packed away within a special case, and had equipped a short sword and a buckler.

Once all three were ready, they sped away towards the disturbance, taking care not to injure their prized horses. The night was murky enough that sight was fairly limited, and the rain made them wet and miserable fairly quickly.

After several minutes of hard riding, they found the carcass of a large wolf, cut deeply in the torso. A few feet away were two cubs, killed from repeated stomping. Mere moments later, Zehn finds strange tracks, and leads the party towards the truth of the situation.

As they follow the tracks, they find that the single set of tracks merged with several more even stranger tracks. After a moment of looking at each other in confusion, and each asking the same silent question, they decide to follow, and uncover the mystery.

But this was a mystery that would break them…

Not long after the decision to follow the tracks did they find a most disturbing site, something out of legend, and nightmares. As soon as they stepped out of the woods, and into a clearing they found the mystery.


The next few moments went quickly for the men, and not in a good way. First, the men knew they had to slay these creatures, or risk the lives of those in the nearby inn, so Zehn began by shooting the first of many arrows against the only creature with a long range weapon, that being a sling with a large bag of stones. Not many people knew how dangerous a sling could be, or how easily a skull could be broken by a carefully tossed stone.

After three arrows launched deep within the goat headed creatures chest, a stone flies deep within the night, missing its aim very severely.

As the first of the many creatures fell, Elijah and Kain were within their ranks, fighting from horseback. Kain swinging his flange mace, smashing open faces, and cutting through the brains with the sharp blades on the head of the weapon. Simultaneously, he blocked an attack from his other side with the targe, followed by Black Flame biting into the creature’s neck in retaliation for attacking his master.

A few feet away, Elijah struggled against his own enemies, being a lesser warrior then his two companions, his flank was saved by a well-shot arrow from Zehn, who had emptied half of his quiver, and was about ready to join the melee.

Once Elijah eliminated his enemy, he shot Zehn a thank you smile, but this moment showed how truly unprepared for battle the newly trained warrior was for battle. While his back was turned, an equalizer entered the fray, and impaled the gleeman through the spine, pulling the body off of Cloud, causing the horse to panic and run off into the woods.

And now the order was left to two men, and an Aes Sedai in training, far away within the walls of the White Tower.

If Zehn still had the ability to speak, he would tell Kain that they now not only faces the six remaining Trollocs, they also faced a Mydraal, and one that was infamous for slaying wolves.

They now faced Sickly Rictus, though neither knew this, nor his long list of atrocities.

Galloping at a full pace, Zehn guided Nightmare to Kain's side, silently pulling his hand, and motioning retreat. Unfortunately, Kain had never faced a fade before, nor knew not to meet its eyeless gaze. Knowing his companion was in a daze, Zehn grabbed Black Flame's bridle, and guided the horse, and his rider away from the shadowspawn, saving the shining light of the Order.

Not wishing to guide the enemy towards the inn, they ran towards another direction, luring the enemy away. After a few moment's, Kain regained his composure, and followed the silent ones path, knowing the veteran archer had some kind of plan. He had a feeling that they were heading away from the inn they were going to stay in, and that their pace was not as fast as these fine horses could go, so perhaps Zehn was guiding the shadowspawn away from civilization?

As soon as he figured it out, Kain said; "Let's split ways, old friend. Perhaps we can confuse them even further this way." In response, the silent archer nodded his approval. With that, Kain added; "We should meet where we spoke of visiting, at this so called Grey Tower near the Two Rivers. Perhaps from there we can find information about Malientah, and send her a message."

Nodding once again in approval, Zehn guides Nightmare in a different path, seeing his friends possibly for the very last time.

After several minutes, Zehn slows down Nightmare, and waits to see if the enemy was chasing. After several moments, a grin graces his usually somber face, four of the Trollocs had chosen to follow his, and meet their doom. Sadly, that meant that the Mydraal chose Kain, but Zehn thew the man would follow with the plan, and run. He was too honest a man to do anything other then an agreed upon plan.

Facing the enemy, Zehn nocked an arrow, and prepared to meet his fate.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin
  • Master of Training