Daimenin al'Donai

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Daimenin al'Donai
Day-men-in Al-dun-eye
Created by George Prochaska
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Indigo Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Ghealdanin
Weapon Skills
  • Polearms ✦✦✦✦
  • Unnamed ✦✦
OP Strength 4.3
Affinities Spirit, Fire, Air, Water, Earth

Daimenin al'Donai is a Ghealdanin Indigo Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Daimenin is a very tall man at 6'9" and with a broad shouldered frame, muscled from hard years of labor as a Master Carpenter. His height and stature often cause people to mistake him for an Ogier from a distance. Upon closer inspection most would simply realize him to be a very large human after all. His long black hair is usually tied back to expose his emerald green eyes and strangely average features for such an imposing figure.

The misconception that he is not as normal as his face makes him seem is not broken by meeting the man. In fact those who are treated to meeting him up close have often remarked that his emerald eyed gaze seems to hint at a much older soul than could possibly be contained behind such a young face. Though his age is even harder to place since his plain features seem one moment to be those of a youth barely yet of 20 years, and then the next moment could easily fit on the face of a man twice or thrice that age. Neither of which comes near to the truth that Daimenin has walked this life for well over one and a half centuries.

Contrary to his size, but somehow fitting with many people's first assessment of him, Daimenin is very Ogier-like in his behavior. Thoughtful and courteous, always mindful of how every choice he makes will effect all of those around him, Daimenin loves to help others and he pains to see anyone suffer if he can do something to stop it. While he might hurt someone who stands against him, he would do so with regret and he does not cause any harm which he believes is not deserved. He tries to live a peaceful life but when confronted he will not hesitate to finish any conflicts swiftly and efficiently.


Daimenin was born and raised in Ghealdan, in a small town/village called Aemonwood. Bordered on the north by the Manetherendrelle river, Garen's wall to the east, and the Mountains of Mist to the west, Aemonwood has only one resource to be proud of. Wood. Aemonwood provides Ghealdan with most of its fine woodcraft. It isn't so surprising then that Daimenin was born the son of a Carpenter. As a young boy Daimenin discovered that he had a real affinity for nature. He loved taking trips into the Whitewood with his father to gather materials. He rejoiced in the peace and serenity that could be found in the Forest. Daimenin began to spend more and more time in the Whitewood by himself in solitary retreat.

He would spend days in the forest with just the animals. Daimenin would spend a few days by himself working a particular woodcarving or statuette. Daimenin realized that holding those works he had created while on retreat would always raise his spirits and those of others who held them. Strange as it was he never realized he had channeled until one day his closest friend, and secret love, Stephyn was with him on a ride through the woods and they were set upon by brigands. They took all of the boys gold and belongings and their horses, and then one of them drove his knife through Stephyn's heart. Before he could even think, the carpenter lad lashed out at them screaming.

He still does not know what he did that day but he will never forget the screams of those six men. Worse still, he will never forget the silence of his Love, Stephyn. He cried there for nearly two days before pulling himself together and standing to leave the glade where so much pain had been visited upon him. Without thought, only need, he again caused something to happen simply with a thought. He couldn't bear to leave his Love for the animals of the forest. So he thought and the dirt nearby erupted in a fountain of dirt and stones, leaving behind a whole large enough for the bodies. He placed Stephyn's body in it's burial plot, and turned back to the other men. Shaking in anger, Daimenin channeled twice more unknowingly.

Unknowingly then, though now he knows what happened years later. He had burned the bodies of the men he had killed, and he had closed up the ground around his Love's corpse. Daimenin knew not what was happening but he began to make plans to leave his hometown and travel to somewhere where he would find a place to live anew. After another two years travelling from Aemonswood to Jehanna, through Amador and Tarabon he came upon the Grey Tower. Daimenin knew he had found his home and his new friends and family finally he had found peace... or maybe not. But at least he had found serenity.

Daimenin excelled quickly at his studies in the Grey Tower, rising to Dedicated and then Asha'man within three years of his arrival. Even more amazing was his rise to Sitter and then Head of the Indigo Ajah. Those channelers, male and female, who dedicate their lives to the study and discovery of Talents and Ter'angreal. After running the Indigo Ajah for decades, Daimenin left unannounced and unknown to the Tower. For years he was feared dead until one day reappearing from his journey.

Now since his return the Hall has appointed him Master of Soldiers and he has taken to his new position as quickly and efficiently as expected. Few among the learning ranks will ever forget the Huge man's tender but authoritarian nature, or his office if they have had the chance to visit it.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated (10 October 2001)
  • Asha'man of the Indigo Ajah (16 November 2001)
  • First Seeker of the Indigo Ajah (21 November 2001)
  • Master of Soldiers (14 March 2006)
  • M'Hael (20 December 2006)