Dai Marjan

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Dai Marjan
Dai Marjan
Dah-eye Marr-zhan
Created by Bella
Portrayed by Michael Greyeyes
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Unknown, but born of the Tuatha'an

Dai Marjan is a Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Dai is not a large man, but neither is he a small man. He has striking features, although is not classically handsome. His eyes can be soft or piercing, his features stern or gentle. The differences can be quite prominent, and even more so is the surprise of how quickly he can turn from one to the other.

He is a man who is adaptable. A lifetime of its necessity has allowed him to blend in pretty much wherever he goes. Unfortunately, it has also led to a man who is not always sure of his own thoughts and one who others have called insincere, since he tends to flow with those around him. To some, it gives him the appearance of being easygoing, but it stems less from an innate carefree nature as it does a need to be accepted. What elements of himself he believes unacceptable to others, that he cannot change, he suppresses. He’s able to ignore that most of the time, but it does cause internal strife at others.

Inwardly, he can be mercurial and indecisive, but these are traits that he tries hard to keep hidden from others. He’s quiet to allow for studying those around him, because he cannot know which way the tide is running without watching the water. This makes him seem rather sedate for a young man, particularly in the farming village he grew up in where most of the boys grew up big and broad and energetic. He is instinctively non-violent, and would prefer harmony to discord.

There is one trait that he has chosen for himself, whether acceptable or like others or not, which is his long hair. It’s one thing he maintains as a connection to the childhood he barely remembers.


Dai remembers only enough of his youth to know that he was born of the Tuatha’an, the traveling people, but a terrible night led to a young boy running for his life and ending up on the doorstep of a farmer’s household. The young husband and wife took the boy in, even though he would not speak of what had happened. They knew by the blood on him that it had been bad.

Having no children of their own at that time, they cared for him and he took to them. They were gentle people, and kind, with an appreciation for music. It was a connection that helped ease the three of them into a family. And so he took their family name, and he became a part of the non-descript little town in Andor that lived near the border with Murandy.

As a child of one ancestry having to grow up in a place of another, he learned early on that to adapt was to survive. It was impossible to miss that he looked different, but being both bright and observant let him pick up on the traits of others. Time taught him how to apply what he observed into ways to be, which let him blend in and be a part of things. And as his adoptive parents had children of their own, Dai adapted to the role of brother.

Despite a tragic beginning he worked to forget, he grew into a life of banality. He took lessons at the town center in the morning and helped on the farm in the afternoon. He'd watch his siblings while their mother made dinner. He would spend time with the other youths in town, though found himself more likely to make friends with the young women than wish to court them like the other boys.

Two things would happen to break apart the world as he knew it.

The first was that he realized he wanted to court boys rather than girls, and the second was that he could channel.

Of these, the former was perhaps the more shocking of the two. When he realized the feelings he was having, he knew that it wouldn’t be acceptable to anyone. Boys chased girls and that was that. He had to bury all that he felt, and vow to not let anyone know. This proved to be one of the harder tasks of his young life, and it seemed to grow harder every day.

So when an Asha’man and his warder were traveling through his village, it led to the shocking impulse of asking what might lead a young man to the Grey Tower. He did not like to fight, so the idea of becoming a trainee was an anathema. But the Asha’man “tested” him, and discovered that he could channel. And so he left home, even as loving as his family was and as safe as his banal existence had been, hoping that a new environment could bring him some harmony to his turmoil and that the challenges of a new life may let him forget these troublesome feelings.

Career History

  • Soldier (26 May 2016)