Daeric Osiellin Antian

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Daeric Osiellin Antian
deh-ric o-sah-ee-lin ant-ee-ahn
Created by Trent
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Hama Valoner
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦✦
Affinities Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit, Water

Daeric Osiellin Antian is a Hama Valoner Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Daeric is around 5'4" and weighs around 160 lbs. He is fairly muscular and built from all the sword lessons he took while growing up. He has a thick mop of dark curls atop his head, that hang no longer than his chin. His eyes are a rich blue. His skin is pale. He's really easy-going and overly optimistic. In general he's content, very sociable with everyone. While he has been taught to behave like a noble, he does not view himself as superior to others. He gets along with everyone and makes friends easily. He has a rather gentle spirit and is also extremely patient. Age upon entering the Tower: 24


Daeric's story, to be best understood, begins a few years before his birth. His mother is Kylara Davram Sedai, a retired Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Shortly before conceiving Daeric, she fell in love with two different men, Firredal Osiellin and Durent Antian. Through circumstances and events too complicated to be recounted in a history such as this, she became involved with both of them. Shortly thereafter she learned she was pregnant. Because the two different men in her life were close to each other in time, there was no way to determine who the baby's father was.

He was kidnapped as a baby by Zerenia Damodred, Leanna Damodred's unknown daughter, along with Kylara and a few other young people of the Tower. He was rescued in short with the aid of Leanna, Caden Ives and Revelin Alder along with others. He lived with Kylara in the Grey Tower until he was five years old. It was then that Leanna, his grandmother, took him under her wing. She never asked Kylara's permission, she simply told Kylara that she was doing it. Kylara did not fight it, in a way she felt relieved by it. Leanna took him traveling with her all over the world and through the Borderlands. He is well educated in various cultures. Leanna finally settled down in in Elman's Creek to teach him how to run her estate there. He learned so well that he completely took over managing the estate when he was thirteen years old. Ever since entering her care, he's learned how to ride a horse and wield a sword and throwing knives. He can read and write well, and knows quite a bit about the Daes Dae'mar, the Great Game.

Throughout the years, his relationship to both Durent and Firredal began slowly. As Daeric had been raised by his Grandmother, both men had minimal roles in his development. Firredal visited Daeric as often as he could and helped the boy with his combat training. Determined to make up lost time, Durent did the best he could to become part of Daeric's life. After their marriage, Durent and Kylara took Daeric with them on their 'honeymoon' into the Borderlands where they shared a few adventures. Over the years that have followed, his relationship to both has grown to the point where Daeric now considers both Durent and Firredal to be his fathers. He has even taken upon himself their last names and is now known as Daeric Osiellin Antian.

Daeric knew from a very early age that he could channel. Many, seeing his family legacy of it, had no doubt he would manifest the ability. He was born with the spark inborn, like Durent. Durent taught him to grasp saidin for the first time, and with Durent's encouragement he has decided to enter the Grey Tower as a soldier, to begin his training to become an Asha'man.

Career History

  • Soldier