Coursen Castellan

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Coursen Castellan
Core-senn Cast-ell-ann
Created by Alex
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Ghealdanin
Weapon Skills
  • Dagger ✦✦
  • Sword ✦✦

Coursen Castellan is a Ghealdanin Drin of the Grey Tower.


Coursen Castellan is tall - his full height comes close to a respectable six and a third feet - and lithely muscular - not grossly over-muscled like some, but rather very well-defined and at the peak of their functionality. His hair is a dark brown like that of a healthy tree, and his eyes are a deep ocean blue. His skin is a bit more colored than pale, but not by much. He has a scar from the base of his neck, over his chin, through his right eye and up to the crown of his head. The scar could not be battle-earned (it would have split his head in two). He is also a eunuch.

Coursen Castellan is a solemn and elitist type of person, and he takes himself seriously. That being said, he is also open to criticism and, if the giver has proven his or herself to be skilled or at least worth listening to, he will, at the very least, give their suggestions his best shot. He enjoys reading, and writes in what little spare time he has- both prose and poetry. He has yet to attempt writing songs, but plans to someday. He does play the twelve string bittern, but only at a rudimentary level.

Coursen is constantly vigilant, his eyes always surveying his environs and their inhabitants for any sign of danger or any other pertinent bits of information to whatever his current purpose is. However, he does not read people very well, and tends to take what they say as what they mean, without reading in between the lines.


Coursen Castellan was born in Ghealdan to a male member of the Legion of the Wall named Georg Andemir- who was the second son of a couple who served in the Crown High Council- out of wedlock with a woman he met during one of his times serving on Garen’s Wall away from his home in Jehanna. Georg’s wife, Lucianne, despised Coursen, as Georg brought him home and he was flaunted in her face on a daily basis. Georg had little to do with the boy, leaving him to Lucianne and his teachers- which, although he was a bastard, were gotten with not a small amount of coin. He learned his letters- both to read them and to write them- and received training in the equestrian arts and courtly manners. However, he truly shone when he was studying the rapier and dagger, or when he sparred with them. Coursen took pride in this, and strived to learn as much as he could, and to learn it well. It was pretty much the only thing he could take pride in- his father’s wife wouldn’t allow him any joy when he was around her.

Coursen took interest in a girl, once. She was, all at once, wild and independent while being courteous and regal. She was the daughter of another one of the Crown High Councillors, although her father was deceased and her brother was one of Coursen’s sword fighting classmates. Coursen thought he loved this girl, but in truth, he loved the idea of her. Never the less, Coursen was intent on being with her. He talked to her brother the day of his eighteenth birthday, trying to get his permission to court her. He gave them his blessing, even though it meant they would have to hide it from the girl’s mother. One day, during a sparring match with the girl’s brother, Coursen was thrusting his rapier towards his opponent and failed to notice in time that he had lost his grounding. Coursen’s rapier slid straight into the boy’s right shoulder, coming clear out the other side. Coursen tried to apologize immediately, but the boy thought it was intentional, and told his mother of Coursen’s relationship with his sister.

Around his eighteenth birthday, fortunately for Coursen because of the situation with the girl he “loved”, the royalty of Ghealdan had a baby girl. Coursen was promptly made into a eunuch for a powerplay by his grandparents and his father, in which they offered him up to the Ghealdanian royalty as a bodyguard for the baby. This was also a satisfactory resolution to the family of the girl Coursen had been courting. His grandparents had been loyal Crown High Councillors for many years, and his father had served the Legion well, so Coursen was accepted to the position summarily. Coursen served the princess dutifully and with fervor.

In fact, one time, the Princess was attacked and Coursen fought long enough to allow her and her entourage to get to safety. The Princess, however, noticed on the attacker’s sleeves an identifying insignia before she fled. Coursen was, however, captured, having fought his hardest against a vastly superior force and eventually falling. His captors took him to a hideout, and tortured him there, giving him the scar he still has to this day on his face and over his right eye. Still, he refused to give, and would not give up any information on the Princess or her general whereabouts at specific times. After they had tortured him, Coursen was put into a cell. He slept a good long while in physical exhaustion, waking only to the sounds of fighting. Nervously, he waited close to the cell’s door, and soon spied a man of the Legion of the Wall. Calling out to him excitedly, Coursen was soon rescued.

He has served in this capacity for roughly twenty-two years, now, and the Ghealdanian princess had obtained a suitable suitor and was married to him before her parents deceased naturally of old age. She has taken the throne of Ghealdan and, as a favor to Coursen for his loyalty, released him from her service. Coursen was not sure what to do next- he knew only service, and he wanted to continue to serve. He also knew that he would never fare well in the Legion of the Wall, or anywhere in Ghealdan in fact, due to him being a bastard. Coursen was also a very awkward soul, and could not read other people very well. In short, he was, at forty years of age, just beginning to search for his identity. So, he decided to travel to the Grey Tower, and see if he could make an impact by serving there, and maybe even forge himself.

Career History

  • Drin (6 July 2017)